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As a business, it makes sense and it’s essential to offer an accessible website – one that provides equitable access to everyone regardless of their ability. To determine if your website currently meets level A and AA accessibility requirements, download our Ultimate Website ADA Compliance Checklist, review the WCAG guidelines, and check if your website meets the standard, if it does not, or if you are unsure.

What you will take away from the checklist:

Ultimate Website ADA Compliance Checklist

  • Help you determine where your website stands with ADA Compliance
  • Find out the most basic things you can do now to start meeting in compliancy
  • About the Americans with Disabilities act (1990) and how it relates to website design
  •  WCAG Success Criteria for levels 2.0 and 2.1
  • Principles and guidelines for levels A and AA success criteria
  • Tips that website owners/consumers should be aware of
  • Best practices for avoiding an ADA Website Compliance demand letter or lawsuit in 2020
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Success Criteria
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Success Criteria

When assessing if your website is compliant with WCAG guidelines, it’s important to understand the latest WCAG Success Criteria which are 2.0 and 2.1. The criteria are categorized according to three levels, providing sequentially greater degrees of accessibility:

  • Level A (Below Average) The Most Basic web accessibility features. Does not generally achieve broad accessibility for most situations.
  • Level AA (Average) Deals with the biggest and most common barriers for disabled users.
  • Level AAA (Highest) The highest level of web accessibility. Very difficult to satisfy all Level AAA success criteria for some content types.