Becoming a trusted source for boating information through non-promotional content is a valuable tool in finding new customers and keeping current customers engaged. Here are boat dealer marketing strategies we suggest for creating valuable social media content:

Know The Right Questions

To engage potential customers, you’ll first need to find out what questions they are interested in knowing the answers to. You may have some ideas based on frequently asked questions you receive at the boat dealership, or you can take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.

What should they know about this boat? What information might surprise them about your industry, your inventory, or your boat dealership? How about the difference between the boats you carry and other brands? These are some questions you should ask yourself as a starting point. 

It can be helpful to use search optimization software like SEMRush. It will help you determine what questions potential customers are searching for online. Another popular tool is Answer The Public. Here you can get raw search insights directly for web users.

Have Stand-Out Answers

Once you know the questions, it’s time to think not only about your answer but how to phrase it. Having someone with a communications background write your content can help you provide pertinent information, in an easily digestible way. 

You’ll want your content to be engaging and offer actionable advice. For example, if someone wants to know how to flush their outboard engine, it doesn’t help to tell them it’s possible, they most likely want to know the steps to do it. 

Beautify It, Brand It and Engage the Audience with It

Now you have some content in mind it’s time to spruce it up and post it. Let’s say you want to create a social media post comparing two different types of boats. Hire a graphic designer to make an infographic comparing the two boats and make sure your logo is on the graphic. Then, post it to social media with a question to engage your audience, like: “Have you ever wondered what makes X boat and Y boat different? Check out our comparison and let us know which one you prefer!” 

Establish Your Online Authority 

Answering questions your customers commonly have will make them more likely to follow your content and view you as an authority in the industry. Having your graphics and content planned out will help you keep your customers and prospects engage and generate more conversation about the product you carry and your brand.

At Boat Marketing Pros, we specialize in social media management. From content planning to graphic design, our team will put together a plan to best engage your audience and establish your authority in the industry. 

Learn more about our social media management services today! Schedule a strategy call to go over your current social media efforts. 








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