All boat dealers face the struggle of getting more sales. Of course, closing a sale is the goal, but you don’t want to do so by being overwhelming or manipulative.

So, you have a new thrilling boat model to announce at your dealership. We want you to structure a launch that makes your customers crazy excited, gets them to show up and talk about it, and ultimately gets them to buy. You haven’t been pushy, and that’s important because a boat is a big investment.

Having a product is one thing, but building excitement for that exciting boat is the most important part of the equation.

Hint at What’s Coming

The first way you can get people excited about a new bot model is to hint at what’s coming. Use the principle of curiosity to hook their interest, and let them know that there’s a secret you’re working on.

  • Share photos of the boat’s special features, making sure to hide any info that will give away the surprise
  • Share some behind the scenes
  •  Add a P.S. message at the bottom of your email or newsletter letting your audience know to be on the lookout for exciting news.
  • Ask customers on social media what they think the boat model might be.

Get Your Audience Involved

You can actually get your customers involved in the process before even know what new boat model you’re launching, which goes a long way towards building excitement. Customers will feel like they’ve had a part in the process which gives them a sense of pride and ownership.

  • Use a free survey tool like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to see what kinds of boats they’d like to see at your dealership
  • Use polls on Instagram stories, Twitter, etc. to see what features they’d most appreciate on a boat model, whether it be engineering or interior related

Give Sneak Peaks or Offer Discounts to Loyal Customers Ahead of Time

Giving an early look at the new boat model to people who love your dealership is a great idea. They may tell their friends, share about it on social media, or even just show excitement on your public messages about it!

You can also give special sneak peeks to people on your email list. Let your audience know that they can get more info about the boat by signing up for your newsletter or email list. (This will also help you get more leads!)

Know Your Boat Model Debut Date Early

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make your debut date solid and mentioning it several weeks in advance if you can. Saying things like “Coming soon!” or “Coming next month!” is less powerful than giving your audience an exact date. You want people to be so excited about this new boat model that they put the debut date on their calendar.

Debuting the New Boat Model

By the time comes for the new boat debut, make you’re you’ve prepared any graphics, photos, copywriting, or whatever other assets you plan to use in your marketing.

If you have a new launch to announce in the coming months, we would love to work with you to build excitement around the debut! Reach out to us at or on social media @BoatMarketingPros. Happy debuting!

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