The CEO of Boat Marketing Pros, Harry Casimir, was recently featured in Boating Industry magazine. The magazine is a leading trade publication for the boating industry.

The article titled “Reaching Customers During – and After – Covid-19” was featured in the June/July 2020 issue. Now that social distancing is making it difficult to interact face-to-face, it’s important to let people know your business is still up and running. Harry discusses how you can use various medias to communicate with customers and marine prospects.


Using Video to Communicate in the Boating Industry

This gives potential and return customers the feeling that your business is “human.” People like to see faces behind the brands they’re following or buying from – especially today. Video is also one of the most popular forms of content on social media. Any marine prospect would appreciate watching a video tour of

Using Text to Communicate in the Boating Industry

Most people carry a cellphone with them 24/7. As a business in the boating industry, you can use this to your advantage by directly sending business updates to customers and clients. Email marketing is a powerful tool, but before diving in, you should consider a few important things. Harry shared some of these important things in this article.

Updating your business information

Having updated business information online makes it easier for customers to find you. They are more likely to reach out if they know you have readily available information that will benefit them.

Being proactive

Adapting to a rapidly changing world can be difficult, especially if your business has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Adjust as much as you can, keep an open line of communication, and get innovative. Customers will appreciate when your business stays proactive during a difficult time.

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