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BoatVantage Program

BoatVantage is a digital marketing blueprint program developed by Boat Marketing Pros for marine and boating businesses. The program uses customized omnipresence strategies across key channels like search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, content creation, and email marketing to help companies generate more leads, increase sales, and elevate brand visibility online.

Tailored to leverage unique marine industry opportunities, the BoatVantage Program framework reaches potential customers during their boat-buying journey’s research and planning phases. It drives targeted website traffic, captures prospect information, nurtures leads, and converts sales.

Delivering improved website traffic, higher lead capture rates, increased lead-to-customer conversion, bigger average order values, extended customer lifetime value, and ultimately enhanced profitability from digital marketing efforts. BoatVantage is designed to provide boating businesses with an optimized online framework for connecting with more customers and seeing better returns from their digital sales and marketing initiatives.

This is the advantage every boat dealer, boat club, boat rental company, and boat manufacturer has been looking for. The BoatVantage Program gives marine companies the edge they need to succeed online.