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Lead Generation Services for Boat Lift and Dock Companies

After providing web design and marketing services for many marine industry companies, we can tell you from experience that the Internet can generate ample leads. To get in front of customers, we’ll utilize paid marketing/advertisements on search engines and social media websites, as well as organic rankings on search engines like Google. To convert website visitors to leads, we show you’re the best option by creating a professional image, writing content that demonstrates knowledge, using imagery from past work, highlighting customer reviews, and communicating proper licensing and insurance coverage.

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The key to generating leads for boat lift and dock companies is driving potential customers to your website, then convincing them you’re the best choice.

Reaching Customers Through Marketing and SEO

When talking about the best source for boat lift and dock leads, Google is king. If you add all the leads together that you can get from the other search engines and social media websites, it won’t be half of what Google can deliver.

Our team will create innovative, customer focused content that will increase your website’s search ranking. We go after both organic (free) rankings and paid advertisements on Google. We target keywords such as boat dock builders in [your city], and customized boat lifts in [your city], to name a few. Starting off, it all begins with the initial web design process. To properly structure your website, we build pages dedicated to those services. Simply put, if someone is looking for something specific like composite decking, and you have a page dedicated to composite decking, then you’ll have a better chance of ranking.

Facebook marketing is also another avenue we use. Though it does not deliver as many leads as Google, Facebook can deliver a decent amount of business for not a lot of money. Facebook also has tracking that allows us to target users with advertisements that are interested in boat docks and lifts, as well as by demographics.

Converting Website Visitors to Leads

If you are a properly licensed and insured boat dock company, then convincing your website visitors to convert to leads isn’t hard. The main thing customers look for is professionalism, experience, and insurance. Put another way, if you’re going to build someone a boat dock, they want to make sure you know what you’re doing and that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. We show your website visitors that you’re the best choice by using the following methods:

  • We create detailed services pages that communicate your knowledge and professionalism
  • Embed imagery and video showing you doing the type of service they are paying you for
  • Highlight your proper licensing and insurance coverage
  • Showcase any customer reviews that can vouch for your business

When done right, your website will generate leads.

Review Building for SEO and Conversions

Review building is a service we offer with our website design and marketing services. We take a specific approach to get your customers to leave online reviews on the platforms that matter. Search engines like Google place a high priority on reviews for organic rankings which will boost conversions and company sales. Also, potential customers trust online reviews as much as they do a referral. When combining consistent positive reviews with the website and marketing approach mentioned above, we create a lead generation machine for boat dock and lift companies. Don’t worry, we also handle getting your customers to leave you a review and make it easy for them.

Reviews are what boat lift and dock companies should strive for. Potential leads see real people vouching for your business, along with a few photos of the work you performed.

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