Since 2020, the marine industry has seen much growth in sales and awareness as the pandemic has shifted many people’s lifestyles. With plenty of new boaters, boat dealers are reaching an all-time high in sales. However, how can you use this momentum to keep flourishing in the upcoming years? Here we have some answers:

Advertise Well, Advertise Often

Great boat dealer marketing is key to reaching the sales numbers you are looking for year-round. It’s important that you not only increase brand awareness but also convert those who see your inventory into customers who buy your boats!

Stay on potential customers’ minds with digital marketing campaigns that drive more traffic to your website and lead to more page likes and engagements on your social media accounts. If you need help with your boat dealer marketing campaigns, hire a professional!

At Boat Marketing Pros we provide digital marketing strategies tailor-made to the marine industry that can help you dominate your local market and effectively showcase your boat inventory to drive sales.

Promote Forward Thinking

We don’t truly know how consumer behavior will change in the next couple of years, so is ideal to keep your boat dealer in front of customers. A strong digital marketing strategy will help you keep your authority in the market and remind your customers of the services you offer and the boats you carry.

Boat dealer marketing will also help you capture new boaters that are recently introduced to the boating life due to lifestyle changes from the recent pandemic. Show them the benefits of owning a boat and the endless adventure that come with them.

Focus On Relationships

When business is busy, you might not have much time to reconnect with previous clients but this is key to repeated business in the future. Reach out and ask customers about how everything is going with their boat. Send them monthly or quarterly emails to keep them updated with any news and to remind them you are still there if they decide to upgrade.

Positive relationships drive repeat sales, lead to positive reviews and get your business referrals. If you call a past customer to ask them about how they are liking their boat, you might end up hearing about their friend who is looking to buy a boat too. You could also end up upselling an accessory the customer was just thinking about adding to their boat.

Keep Your Boat Dealer Flourishing

Help your boat dealer keep the momentum it has now for the upcoming years. Contact Boat Marketing Pros to learn how we can help you keep your authority in the marine business and generate new leads for your boat dealer, so you don’t lose your momentum. Schedule a call now or contact us with any inquiries.

Not ready to jump on a call? Browse our resources to learn more about digital marketing tools that could help you promote your business today!

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