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Generating leads for boat and yacht clubs from search engines and social media.

Depending on if you are open to the public or only members determines our approach.

As a web design and marketing company, it’s no surprise we use the Internet to generate leads for boat and yacht clubs. However, the strategy is adjusted based on if you are open to the public or only to members. We provide organic search engine optimization (SEO) services for both business types. However, paid marketing and social media strategies are very different for public and member-only boat clubs.

Organic SEO, paid advertisements, and Facebook creates new business for public boat clubs.

For boat clubs that are open to the public, there are many sources for lead generation. The most effective methods we’ve found are both Google and Facebook. With Google, we target organic rankings, local map rankings, and paid advertisements. On Facebook, we do paid ads, but a solid content marketing strategy is more effective.

To build organic Google rankings for a public boat club, it all starts with the initial web design services. We create pages dedicated to what terms people search for. For example, if you offer boater safety training, we’ll create a page dedicated to your training services. We also create pages dedicated reservation information, restaurants within your club, etc. We create pages like these because that is how people search. Of course, we also have pages that cover the boat club in general, as well as any additional products you may supply, such as shirts, lifejackets, and tools. We also utilize Google AdWords (paid ads) to ensure new customers can always find you.

To generate leads from Facebook, we do promotional advertisements, but content marketing is what really shines. By building an audience, we can reach your followers and their friends. We’ll create engaging content on your website, share it on your Facebook Page, then promote it to a targeted audience, which is very effective in generating new business. A great example would be when it’s boating season or when you have special deals.

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Content marketing on Facebook generates results for public boat clubs.

For member-only boat and yacht clubs, we help bring new members and interests.

For member only boat clubs, we help your biggest customer bases—affluent families, boat owners, and retirees—find you. There are 2 strategies we use, which include organic SEO for local customers and paid advertisements for non-local.

We use SEO for local customers because Google is very strict about their organic rankings. Unless your online presence is already very strong, it is difficult to rank your website in areas that are not local to you. For this reason, we use a paid marketing strategy on Google to reach customers outside of your local area.

Social media advertising is an avenue that is often overlooked by boat clubs. What makes social media a great source of leads for boat clubs is we can create advertisements that put you in front of boat owners and dealers.

Review Building for SEO and Conversions

Review building is a service we offer with our website design and marketing services. We take a specific approach to get your customers to leave online reviews on the platforms that matter. Search engines like Google place a high priority on reviews for organic rankings. Also, potential customers trust online reviews as much as they do a referral. When combining consistent positive reviews with the website and marketing approach mentioned above, we create a lead generation machine for boat clubs. Don’t worry, we also handle getting your members/customers to leave you a review and make it easy for them.

We help businesses in the boating industry grow every day.

Working with a web design and online marketing agency that knows your business is key. When you hire us, you don’t need to educate us about your services or how to market your business. Since we only work in the boating and marine industry, we have tons of experience, data, and insights from working with companies just like yours.

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