Webinar Transcript - The New SEO Formula for Marine Construction Companies

Speaker: Harry Casimir

Hey everyone, thank you for tuning in for the new formula SEO formula for marine construction companies and businesses just about to get started.

Just about to get started just a minute. So thank you for tuning in.

We’ll give it a few more seconds here. Thank you so much for tuning in.

We have a lot to unpack today and I know some of you guys are going to take this and go home and take it to your team or yourself and apply to implement it where you should the best of luck and you need any help we always hear. So I’m about to get started. Thank you everyone for tuning in. If you can hear me, if you cannot hear me, do let me know. I know, Ken, you probably listen to me right now.

Do let me know if you can hear me. So I think we’re good again. Thank you so much, everyone, for tuning in. This is the new SEO formula for the marine construction business. My name is Harry Casimir and we’re going to get this started.

Thank you for tuning in.

My name is Harry Casimir again. I am the founder and CEO of Boot Marketing Pools. Marketing Pools is a span off of a company that’s been in business for 15 years. We’ve been doing a lot of marketing, digital marketing for different industries all over the world, actually, and about two years, three years ago we’ve been working with business in the marine industry, but we start focusing a lot on the marine industry. Hence why both marketing pores.

I am a US vet. I spent some time in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I am the author of the Ultimate Guide for Internet Marketing for both dealers and we are currently publishing just about to launch the new book for the marine business itself. So if you are in the construction part of the marine business or you’re in retail, the book is coming out very soon. Just stay tuned and you will know I published lots of different articles and different magazines throughout the marine industry, both boarding industry magazines and sounds only and a few different magazines throughout the marine industry.

Again, as I said, both marketing pools is a span of artillery. I have been in the digital marketing space for the last 20 plus years. My background is with the It network system and turn into digital marketing about 15 years ago and I’ve been turned back since again who we are, but marketing poor is again, we focus exclusively and work exclusively with marine business or vision. Our goal is to work with the next 100 150 marine businesses to help them reach the next seven figures or help them reach eight figures on their business.

So if you really to take your business to the next level, we really to help as well.

Some of the things that we do help with consulting, getting your plan, helping you from your website perspective to SEO, PPC Retargeting social media marketing, reputation management, lead management. We have our own CRM system that caters directly exclusively to two of the marine business that you have. We’ll be more than happy to show you how we can help you with that. So some of the quick things I want to mention that we’re going to do here is I’m going to try to answer questions as I go, and if I can’t, I would leave it to the end.

But please feel free to ask any questions you have, put them in the chat.

I believe there’s a little button that says ask questions, just dump them right there. And I’ll be more than happy to answer this question for you directly. This webinar has been recorded, so we will be providing a version to the people that stay to the end here. We also provide a free strategy session to the people that actually stay to the end that is free. We don’t charge you anything.

We do a complete assessment of your current online web presence, including your social media or SEO, how you perform in Google in general, those are the things that I would love to help with and pinpoint some of the things that you can improve on. All right, so here’s what we’re going to cover today. We’re going to talk about how to build authority for your website. Authority is everything, as you know, whether in life, personal life, or professional life, the authority that you build around you. And when people have that sense of credibility from you, they want to do business with you.

They think that you are the expert of your domain, they think that they know you know what you’re talking about. They want to deal with you. And the same goes for your website as well. In that case, though, you are the one that has to build your authority around the website. So that other websites, including search engine aggregators, can count your website as a credible source to actually send people when they’re looking for your services or products.

So we’re going to talk about that. We’re going to define some of the most important, keywords and profitable keywords for your business and actually how you can pin print them and find them, especially with the new changes that Google came out with a few months ago last month. And now almost every other month, Google come up with a slightly more improved search engine result that sometimes hurts or benefits you, depending on where you stand on the scale. So some of the stuff that we’re going to talk about, we’re going to go over how to get rid of bad links on your website and how those may be holding your company back.

And we’re going to also go over why duplicate content on your CD pages?

All your service pages might be killing your ranking because Google actually level those out a little bit. So those are the four key things we’re going to cover and then some also, how are you going to communicate two service areas to Google automatically? And we’re going to go over that in detail. We’re going to go over some of the important and some of the key website you can use for your online review, your reputation management as well.

And why this is all matters now. I know we’ve been seeing tremendous growth in the marine industry. Actually, last night I was at an event where one of the top of one of the top five CEO in the marine business. He was talking and he said he has never seen anything like this. He’s been in the marine business for about 50 years.

So this is new for a lot of us. But the thing is that marketing really don’t sleep. The search engine doesn’t really sleep. They continue to make improvements. So you might be in the top today, but tomorrow you have to be ready.

Hence why we do this webinar and hopefully we can help you get ready. So the first question that’s still been asked is, does SEO still matter for your company or for any company? And one of the reasons people actually ask this question is that SEO was extremely, extremely important and you could easily rank on search engines.

Back in the early 2000 and 2012, SEO really stands for search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that when people search for your services when people search for your product, search for your company, they can find you. And this process is really taking a lot of different forms and different steps that need to go into getting your website fully optimized. Whether it’s the directory submission that you have to take care of relevant content on your website and so forth and more. But what we’re going to go over today is why SEO is still so important and without any hesitation, I can guarantee you 100% SEO today is still is one of the most important part of your marketing.

If you think about SEO, if you do SEO right, the SEO changes will continue to come.

But when it’s done right, you will always be at the fourth one. And if you continue to make the little adjustment that needs to be made, because in lots of times those adjustments have to do with. So, for example, you may have a title tag. Back in the days, you could have as many words as you can, for example, on the title tag. Right.

And tile tag is when you go to your website, you see at the very top it says Homepage Marine Business, X, Y, and Z. Well, back in the days, you could actually staff this thing with as many words as you can. But if you understand and follow what are the changes that happened in SEO? You would know there is a limit on that title page, and that title page also needs to be relevant to what that page is. So, for example, and we’re going to go over that in detail.

But if you are a marine construction business or you only built, for example, both lifts. So this is very unique. And that page that describes that service that you offer within the city or the location that you’re providing it, that title has to be very specific as well. And we’re going to go over that in detail. But to showcase what I’m referring to here is because when you search for when you have a very good name and the title is very well suspect to this search that people make online the inquiries that people go to Google for.

So here’s what we look for this person. We are located. I’m in Fort Myers right now, Fort Myers, Florida, and we have our team members here in Naples as well. So you can see we search for marine construction companies, and part of it you can see the result is very close to Naples area, right? Because we were so close.

And this is what proximity does to you when you search for something. And that thing is geographically located very close to you. And Google really pays close attention to that. As you can see here. Nipples Marine Construction is the first one that shows up, and I’m going to show you how they get to show up here first.

So pay to advertise, as you may know, what they call PPC. Pay per click again, pay per click is not the only pay advertising. There’s a lot of different type of pay advertising around, but advertising is really especially with PPC is a way to instantly get what you need. But once you don’t want to bid anymore, when you don’t want to spend that money anymore, it’s going to dry up. And again, PPC is terrific and awesome.

It’s a great way to market, but it is not as effective as SEO. To be clear, because SEO is a long-term effect on your marketing piece, and as much as PPC can be very important. But it is not enough. When you really want to be in the game for the long term, SEO really can get you true exposure organically and continue to expose you to certain keywords and really build up from there. And really what you pay for from an SEO perspective, most of the time is really time to manage it.

So if you know SEO enough, obviously you have to write consistent content, relevant content. And also depending on what you want to accomplish from SEO perspective, you actually have to maintain your website rigorously because there’s going to be updates that need to be made backlinks that need to bring back to the website signal from different sources that need to be bounced back to the website. That’s what SEO is. And hence why I think SEO is even more important than PPC. If you are in this game for a long term.

I want to make sure that I’m not saying that PPC is not important, but I think SEO in the long term, if you really want to get ranked and outrank your competitors and even the big guys, sometimes if you want to outrank them, SEO should be one of those things that you focus on and making sure you have a good foundation from a website perspective to ensure that you get this traffic in on this. What we’re going to cover on this formula, the new formula that’s out now and we’re going to unpack this for you is figure out some of the most important keywords for your construction marine business that’s based on your area of service based on a geographic location.

And some of the things that you can actually use is Google Keyword tools. Those are three keyword tools that are available to anyone. So again, this is a webinar for you guys to actually take these Nuggets, take this information and go home and implement them yourself.

And my team and I are here to jump in and more than happy to help you. But again, this is for you to take this home and work on it if you want. So the first tools I would highly recommend to find some of the keywords and unpack how to look at those keywords. But Google Keyword Toolstream is a pretty good tool. Spy fool is a pretty good tool, and SpyFu is S-P-Y-F-U.

And then there’s Google AdWord and Keyword planner as well. So there’s plenty of different free tools out there that actually help you can figure out some of the keywords that you want to rank for the importance of setting up a proper and really well targeted keywords focus website and how to actually create individual pages based on the service, the services and the city, and ensure that duplicate content has nothing on your website because duplicate content actually can really hurt your website. So it’s important to figure out how to remove those duplicate content.

We’re going to talk about that in a second. Really optimize your website itself for SEO the whole point of having a website.

Actually, I usually take a website and give the analogy of a building. If you put a ton of money in the building today, it could be the best-looking building in town. But if it is in a very crowded city or there’s a lot to see. Yes, your family most likely going to know the construction company that bill is for. You will know.

But until you let people know, you send a PR out and you invite people to come see that building, no one will know where the building is and the same thing for your website. Keep in mind, there are billions of websites around the web today and you may not be a direct competitor to your company, but they might be ranking for that specific key. Were you looking for. So that’s why it’s so important to ensure that your website is fully optimized, especially on site, which you might hear was also on page optimization.

So on site and on page optimization are really kind of very similar.

On site is the whole site itself. That’s what they call kind of technical SEO. And then on page is the individual pages that need to be optimized as well. So building authority around outside your website. And that’s basically we’re going to go into detail what that really means.

And then we’re going to go over how to review some of the link profiles and the bad links and really making sure you remove them from corrupting your website as well as really setting up your website to properly get review. So let’s get right into the first one is defining some of the most important keywords for you. So how do you define the most important keywords for your business? The first thing you want to do, for example, in the marine construction business, you’re going to determine where you are, the location that you are in.

That’s the first thing.

And also what kind of volume do the keywords look at? And I’m showing this on the side here on the left side, I believe just going to show you. So if you look at this Miami Dog Builders, for example, the monthly search for this is about nightly Marine Construction Tampa is about ten. So sometimes the value where the volume is and you can see Nylee is very low is because the only reason it says is low is because there is another keyword that’s even ranking way way higher for that specific city for that servicepecific city.

So the whole keyword itself here is Dark Builders Miami.

So you see the service itself and the city that the surrounding. So the same thing for you. So if you are, for example, in Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans so you can actually use the city name and the service that you are providing. So both lift whatever the service that you provide, you can actually create search for those keywords within the Google AdWords or Google Keyword planner itself to actually create these, for example, Fort Myers Sea Wall Construction Seawall Construction. It’s very popular name, especially if you live in the coastal area.

You know very well people look for this. So what are some of the keywords that you can get ranking extremely well for? Well, Fort Morris is the city SeaWorld construction is the keyword that you want to rank for and hence why you have it. You have it set up that way. So again, you can use Google Keyword Planner to actually determine all of this without any problem.

So the other thing that you can actually use is also Woodstream, as I mentioned earlier, as well as Pyifu to determine the service that you have. So if we were to take this, we could actually reverse this where you can say Seawall Construction in Fort Myers Seal Wall Construction Company in Fort Myers. This is the keyword that you want to rank for. So when you’re writing content for your keywords and we’re going to talk about how to actually also claim your Google my business to ensure that those are the keywords key categories that you are ranked for.

I hope this makes sense.

Again, if you have any questions, make sure you type them. I will do my best to answer your questions as they come in. Right.

So the next thing is building your website authority. So what does that really mean when it comes to building a website authority that really kind of come with a few different things that you need to do to ensure you have authority for your website.

Good content.

Very important, extremely important actually. And Google really actually focus a lot now in Usability how friendly the website is as well, and also different type of content, various content. Meaning that is the text on the website. Makes sense. Are the videos are relevant to the service that you are talking about, the service that you are offering or product here that you are offering, and also how relevant is it to some keywords that you’re looking for?

Also, what makes sure your on site optimization is really up to. Bar is individual pages for these services that we talked about earlier, just a moment ago, I showed you how to determine and find some of the keywords that you are looking for based on the city, based on the services that you are creating. So each of those pages can be created so that when the user comes to your website when they search for your keywords if you are the one in town that is, well, optimized, there is a good chance for you to get up there.

But more importantly, the content in the website have to be relevant. So make sure this content for each of those pages is very unique.

So, for example, let’s take Florida, for example. All right, let’s see your company is headquartered in Fort Myers because Marco Island is not too far crazy. Right. You might be offering your services in Marco Island, then if you think of all these different areas that you’re going to bump into, so you might be trying to rank for Sea Wall Construction and Marco Sea Wall Construction, and Naples Sea Wall Construction Company in Bonita, Sea Wall Construction and Steroids Sea Wall Construction in South Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and all the obviously with all those different areas that you’re going to have to you get the point.

So there’s going to be a lot of different pages that you actually have to break down.

And it’s extremely important as well to ensure that each of those services have a different page that is really unique within itself. So just because you offer Sea Wall Construction in Steroid, the content had to be a little bit different, right? Because you cannot just say Silver Construction and still is the best construction company and so forth. And then you use the same language. You just change the name of the city for Fort Myers.

Google going to nail you for that. So that is very important to ensure that you give a variation on the content, even though the content is very similar. I hope that makes sense. Again, if you have questions on that, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you. So one of the key things that to help you really help terminate your content is sometimes it’s best to actually create an overview page that really service overview page where you have the different services that you offer.

And I’m sure you have seen a different website where the person says Here are all the services that they offer, and they break them down into like three, four, five different categories. And when you click on each one of them, they actually lead you to a different page that’s actually detailed out what’s important, what that service entails? What are the things that they get, how you do it, why you do it, why they need to do it and so forth. Google love content like that because it helps break it down for the user.

But also when someone search on Google for that specific keyword, Google knows that they know if they send that person to wherever they send that person to, they’re going to get the information he or she is looking for.

And part of the on site optimization as well is the keywords that you are using on the title tag. So when you’re looking at the website at the very top title. So for example, as I mentioned earlier, construction company Sea Wall. So they built Sea wall in Naples or Orlando, whatever that might be, you want to ensure the title tag is properly set up, but also inside the page, you actually have to make sure your website again, some of you guys may not build your website. Your agency might be building your website or a freelancer or whatever that may build it for you.

But make sure you check that your title Tags the HOA six those are different tag formats. Html tag format that not only Google use to comprehend the breakdown of your site and content structure, but it’s also what all of the search engines all of the search engines actually use to determine where the content is breaking down and what the content is about. So that is why it’s so important for you. When you have your website, the content is breaking down correctly based on the title, the header, title and so forth.

You are actually making sure all of that content is counted.

For me, the description that is very important. Again, you would find some SEO company that tells you meta tag is not that important. But if you think about what the meta tag is sometimes it gives both the search engine and the end user looking for our services, some guidance and what they’re looking at from the search result. For example, we search for Marine Construction Company in Miami. If you look at up here, the first blue section up there is the page title, which is the title tag.

So when you’re in the browser, the big thing that show up there, that’s the name of it.

And then inside the meta tag, that’s what they put the description for nearly four decades. Blah, blah, blah. So because of that, as a user, when you search for something like that, it’s very clear what you’re looking at, and it helps the user guide you. And if you did not have a title tag, proper title tag, if you did not have a proper metadata description, guess what happened. That user is looking at this, they probably wouldn’t know.

And there’s a good chance Google wouldn’t even show the result for you. Because what happened? Google wants Google is in the business to make money, and the way they make the money is to make sure they give the user the best user experience possible. And to do that, they don’t want to send someone to a page that doesn’t exist or content that is unrelevant of what they’re looking for. So if I’m looking for Marine Construction Company in Miami, well, that’s what I’m looking for.

I don’t want to see Marine Construction in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach or somewhere in New Orleans because I’m in Miami, that’s what I’m looking for. That is why it’s so important to ensure that your meta tag is intact. The other thing is, what you will hear some people talk about is Nap not really stand for name address, phone number. This is extremely, extremely important. If you don’t do anything or don’t take anything from this webinar today, make sure your Nap name address phone number is correct, both on your Google, My business and all of your different aggregators and listing that you have online.

If you are in the yellow Pages, even that you want to make sure the name of your company. So if you call your company, I don’t know. Maryland Construction, one, two, three LLC, and that’s what you spell it. You need to make sure that same name goes all over the board. If you do not include the LLC on it, there’s no one way of how to spell it.

By the way, it’s up to you, but you have to keep it consistent. So if you have Marine Construction 101 and Google, you might want to have that Marine Construction 101 on your website without the LLC, because remember, we removed that. And you also want to make sure that applies to all the different directories that you have. And you will see why that is so critical and important when it comes to ranking your website as well, because Google does pay lots of attention to the consistency of your content, including your nap.

So this is very important if you have two different phone numbers for your business beside some businesses operating back in the days, a lot of people used to have two, three, nine, for example, the local area code and a 1800 number.

Make sure you consistent of which one that you use, and if you use both of them and make sure both of them always been used everywhere. So that way they can identify with your company’s name and URL.

What are we looking at in terms of when you producing content for your company based on city pages and so forth? Well, most construction company, it’s not even just most construction company. Actually, most services run into a radius of anywhere from 25 to 50 miles, if with one location. So one or two locations. So if a business actually has two, three locations, that’s different, because now each of those individual based on how the algorithm and search engine really works.

Although this is the same business, but they almost treat them a little bit different because now you have the same company in Naples, you have another company in Fort Morris, the same company in Orlando. They don’t want to give you blanket umbrella over all those cities that have in between. So they actually make sure it’s almost like individual entity companies you operating within. But what you are able to do is if your company covers a lot of areas, you want to make sure that you determine what are some of the most important to you.

And it may even make sense to create content for certain pages.

If you live in southwest Florida, for example, you probably know what I’m talking about. So there is a little city and right in Esteero, there is Bonita, there’s Bonita Springs. But when between Bonita Springs and Steel, there’s the Sun Carlos Park estate, something like that. So you don’t need to be ranking for things like that. So those are the things that you have to eliminate.

And even still, you may not even need to rank for it, because most people that live in Esteel would look for a company in Fort Myers or Bonita or for that matter, some people would just look for a company in Fort Myers or Naples and Bonita and still would be kind of not even search for. I’m not saying they’re not searching for searchable, but they just depend on what you want to rank for, because you can only rank for so much because Google does want to give all their people priority.

So if you dominate the ranking on four Seawall Construction Company and Fort Myers, and then you’re trying to get ranking also right down the street, which is a steroid. And then for Bonita, and then you will have to give the system a little bit to do that. And usually when you give the system, it doesn’t last long.

So just want to put that out there.

But one of the things that you want to do also is people used to just have everything in one beach. For example, they put one city and they put all the different services they provide that city. That’s very important. You can do that. But keep in mind again, Google’s looking at, especially with the changes they put in July.

I believe they’re really looking at some of the content, how that content is structured and relevant to the specific location that they are in. So one of the other things that I have seen people done is multiple micro site to build the content production for the city, and they will just redirect this traffic to the main website. So for example, let’s say you are ConstructionCompany 101. Com and then you create a basic mini website called ConstructionCompany for seawall. Com.

And then you take that traffic that come to that little website micro website and push it there to bring it to the main site. This is not a violation, but Google would play that game very quick and catch you on and one of them going to get dropped. So a lot of them, I feel like it’s more important to actually focus in house, making sure your current website is up to par. The content is resigned there, so you can maximize your page ranking, because if you playing the long game, you want your website to be ranking for a very long time by adjusting as the changes are coming down.

Can I say that more enough? Every single one of the pages need to be unique, meaning that both the URL on the website. So for example, let’s go back again. Marineconstruction. 101.

Comservices seawallconstruction. That’s a very unique page if you’re going to create a different page. So for example, to address differentcity, you can actually seemarineconstruction 101 comfortmyerseworkonstructionfordmyers whichever way. But the URL needs to be unique for each scenario.

Continue moving forward.

So we talk about on site optimization.

Let’s go back. So on site optimization. Now we shift to off site optimization. So what’s the difference between the two of them? It’s really straightforward onsite is everything that you do on your website.

You have control over this. You know where the title Tags are. The code on the back of your website is properly coded and everything is good. What you want to do now is where you go off site to ensure your website information that can link back to your website or properly optimized as well. Some of that you may not even have control over it, but you want to make sure you keep an eye on what is possible and make sure you update what you have control over.

For example, with the latest changes that Google Penguin updates came out with, I believe in July June. Don’t quote me the specific date. See, it’s all about quality and relevancy of the link, meaning that the link that back to your website. That link back to your website is, how high of equality is it and how relevant is it to your industry? So for example, you can go to the local Chamber and get a link back to your website.

Local Chambers are very good actually, very important link to have back to your website because it helps a little bit. But if you’re in the marine construction business, you know what would be even more relevant because Google does know Association. Actually, they do know what Association different Association. So like from the marine industry website, it is the Orlando Marine Industry Association, San Diego Association, Palm Beach. It doesn’t matter where it’s at that might be even carrying more weight than what you link back to your website from a Chamber of commerce.

So make sure you go out your way to get those links many times, actually just being part of the Association. You already have that link back in the days there used to be no follow. All follow. You have to understand this now you don’t because Google determines now whether links they follow or not follow, they determine what needs to be connected. So they actually make their relevancy between the two pages.

So you don’t even have to do that on your own at all anymore. Right. So make sure you review your website, URL and your company’s profile to different aggregators to ensure that you look at if there is a place that your website is not supposed to be and ask that company to remove it. And what I mean by that? You guys know there’s a lot of different directories online right now.

Some of them are good. Some of them are very bad, the one that’s bad. Sometimes when they link back to your website, you actually get punished for it. Unfortunately, that’s the other thing that you have no control over, but you get punished for it. So what you do want to do and most of them would be more than happy to remove you once you ask them or you could actually use a different system to actually get Google to ignore or complain to Google to allow Google to just remove you from your connection with that site.

If the owner of the site don’t want you to get that for you, the other thing, as I mentioned earlier, you can get a backlink from the Chamber is very important because you diversified your backlinks from different sites. So the more backlinks you can build, the more important it is. But what’s more important even more is the different places that you get those back links, how relevant they are to your business. I hope that makes sense. So going back to continue to offsite.

One of the things that you want to do on offsite is claim and optimize your Google my business.

I did a webinar just on Google my business because that’s how important it is. So if you haven’t watched this, take a look at it. Actually, I cover a lot of detail how to claim your Google My business and make sure how to optimize it, how to work it, how to post, how often to post, when to post and those different type of content to post on your Google My business and Google My business has become so important. Guys, it’s not even funny anymore. So really, that’s where your business is.

Your website is extremely important. But Google My business is really where things happen because what happened? A lot of the stuff here, as you can see the map up here and the search result right below the map, which is part of the map. So typically when you search on something in Google, there’s the pack three. Right.

The first three results, usually the ads. And right below that is the map section. And the third thing is what do you call the organic search. So the map is really driven by a few different factors. One of them is Google My business that has to be set up properly.

The second one is the reviews that you are getting reviews is extremely important. You have to have that in there, but also the authority that you have built around different sectors. And one of the way you can also build off site ranking off site optimization is making sure you get reviews throughout different systems. And there are a lot of tools. Actually, we have a webinar and resources on my website that talk about how to actually get those reviews and the two and tools that you can actually use yourself.

Now, you can get an agency to do that for you or you can do it yourself. We do that as well for most of our clients. Actually, we do allow review monitoring management for them as well. But if you want to do this yourself, here are some of the tools. Again, this is not I create the webinar just for this, how to get good reviews.

But here are some of the tools that you can actually use to get review and use it yourself nearby. Now, bird Eye review board, customer lobby podium and there’s plenty of them. Some of them are going to be more relevant to you. For us here, we have our own system that we built for marine business itself, so we optimize it. And it does automatic drip campaign to ensure that you don’t have to follow up with the customer.

The system automatically does that for you once you service them. And once you trigger and you say I want to get review from that customer, obviously you don’t want some customer you don’t want review from. You don’t have to have that. So coming back to how optimized your Google My business again, we’re not going to go into detail how to do that, but it’s basically you log into your Google My business or update your account make sure your business name is optimized and get ready to go it’s in proper place.

And don’t add keywords in your company’s name.

Just make sure you put your company’s name how you want it to be known across the board. So, for example, board marketing post is what we want us to be known for and us. And that’s why we put exactly we don’t put LLC in there or a company by Add Tills. And none of that is just straightforward. But marketing force the same thing for your business.

If your business is Marine Construction 101, you put Marine Construction 101. Make sure you put your address. Remember we talked about the naps a moment ago, right? The Naps make sure you have your phone number, your name and address properly as well. So making sure the traffic bounced back to you.

So also, the address is extremely important. I know some of us especially kind of bring it home. We work our business from home, but having a PO box on your business website unless you are big enough, all the PO box is just for shipping is a big no, no. Both ups and PO box. You don’t get ranking for that if anything, actually, you may not even be found just for having those address in there because Google doesn’t like the address.

Those address are great to get mailed to, but you actually have to have a physical business address to ensure you get ranking there. Some people use their home address. There’s a way that way. Again, I create a video for this. You can actually look at how you can hide your business.

Your home address for your business that would help you rank for where you want to be. But it’s not ideal because there are times that because the address is not showing. You don’t get a rank for certain things that you want to upload photos to your Google My business. Google My business is technically a business. Social media, four business, but three times four times 100 times more powerful than the social media because it actually tells people this is my business is what we do.

This is how we do it. This is when we open. This is our address. This is where we located. Here’s the category of services that we offer, and we have some nice pictures as well.

So take pictures, post pictures of the work that you have done. I know you guys have some, especially the marine business. You guys have some of the best pictures. I don’t know why some marine businesses don’t take a lot of pictures because again, everything about Marine is very sexy. So there’s a bunch of pictures you can take and post them on your Google My business.

Make sure that staying relevant. At least your hours of operation is very important. I don’t know if you ever look for something on your phone as you’re driving. And Google tells you that they’re closing at 04:00 p.m. Or.

05:00 p.m.. That’s how Google pulls that information. So it’s important for you to put those hours in there as well as your holidays when you are closed. Some of the things you can actually post as well is if you go to events, book shows or anything that you attend, you can actually post events that you’re going to attend or you just attended recently and actually just going to show us things that activities within your account and that’s what give you credit as well. So some of the top website we talk about different things, but one of the key here is to ensure that your website is in the different citations and important places that very relevant to the marine business, marine construction that you’re looking for.

Customers are looking for your services or product. So we list this. This is not the full list, but it is very important to ensure that your business is listed on those key elements of directories. So Google is extremely important and most people that’s what they know. But Facebook, believe it or not, is extremely powerful as well.

Make sure you create your company’s profile there. Actually, I believe we have a webinar just about social media, how to climb your social media and making sure you post in there and how effective it can be for you. For square, Microsoft Bank business places, Yelp, mapcrest and keep in mind guys, some of those directories you may not even agree with how they even manage the things and the way they treat certain customer or they treat your business. But that’s not the point of this. Sometimes it’s business.

You need to get your business listed and make sure you get your spot on every one of these directories. Again, one of the other things that you can actually do is to make sure you run a full directory listing SEO local SEO to see where your website is ranking versus where it’s not ranking. And what are some of the leaks? A lot of time has to do with some of the directories where you are listed online. So it’s important to take a look at that.

So next slide we’re going to go into is keeping the momentum. As I mentioned earlier, I know 20, 20, 20, 21 has been tremendous to the marine industry.

I can only imagine what some of you guys going through. I don’t carry inventories, obviously, but I know it’s very interesting to watch some of our clients and people that we talk to in the marine business. How much is just crazy. But one of the things that’s important to keep in mind from an SEO perspective is that whether you market today, you market tomorrow. If you are playing the long game and you want to grow your business, customer will always look for what you are selling and what you are serving many times the decision to buy something, especially a big purchase, a big ticket item.

That decision doesn’t come that they search for you. It would be the second time, the fourth time they find you. That is why it’s so important to ensure that you have a good SEO game plan in place so that even you’re not paying money and PPC. But there are a few things that you can do, such as making sure your SEO is top notch. Make sure you have a good website that actually help convert people to either subscribe to your newsletter or make sure to follow back to you.

But also make sure you have social media, which is something we’re not talking about here today. But social media is extremely important as well, because people get bill that familiarity and get to know you to social media, your website and SEO every time they look for seawall construction. I want to do a sea wall. I want to build a wall around my canal. All of those different keywords they’ve been looking for a lot of times.

Those people don’t make that decision overnight. It takes a week, three weeks, four weeks, sometimes a year. Guess what if you are in the area that your website is, well, optimized it’s you that’s popping up every time and people get used to you to see your name and there’s a good chance you will be the one that they sell. It the most effective way to and that’s one of the most effective way as well to build trust, because when they see you and they hear you all the time, they get to know you and we’re not going to go into a lot of different details how to build that trust outside SEO, but part of it is SEO as well.

Website performance.

This is one of the things that I have seen people neglect all the time, but it’s a very important role, actually, Google actually look at this very keenly how fast your website is loaded. As you all know, you may heard the story in 2018. Google changed where if your website doesn’t have an SSL on it, it actually shows the website is not secure somewhere and that really hurt a lot of businesses. One of the things that Google never said actually, the SSL as much as it can hurt you, but actually a slow speed website can actually hurt you as much.

And a couple of things that make your website slow.

A lot of websites nowadays built either on Wix square space or WordPress. Most of those sites are very bloated with a lot of things that you don’t even need on this website. So you want your website to be as lean as possible, but also the way you host your website make a big, big difference. Many of those websites are hosted and really shared server. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at your website.

There’s a lot of different tools out there that you can actually test to see the speed of your website. And as I mentioned, part of free assessment we offer is to help you figure out where your website is ranking from a speed perspective and really making sure you put the time and the effort to see where the leaks are on your website.

All of that SEO helps you with all of those different areas. But it’s also important to note that the momentum is great right now for marine business. We have it on our side, but we also know that this is not forever. So the better you prepare yourself. You may have too many jobs today.

Maybe for another six months. You will SEO take time for those of us who may know a little bit about SEO, if you’re lucky, you get very well within a month or two or three months for good keywords. But most of the time it takes a little bit. And that is why it’s so important to start working on your SEO, make your website better, make your hosting better, make your content better, deliver more content, and really bring it all home so that you can get ranking very well up there.

So that way, when the current projects that you have right now, you start finish them up, wrapping them up.

You have new leads that are able to come in and you’ll be able to tackle them because of your SEO effort. So I know we cover a lot a lot of information in this webinar. I have to answer some of your questions, guys, but some of the recap I know we went over what a great website. Set up a great website with pages for each of the service and the city that you want to rank for your company. We show you how to modify and look for some of the keywords based on the city and the area that you are serving.

And the uniqueness of each page is extremely important. How to leverage multimedia so that you can really make sure that both your website when you have your website up there, how to ensure the hosting and the pages is not too heavy so that people can get the information they’re looking for. We talk about how to get some reviews and you can automate most of this review. I quickly share with you some of the tools that you can use to actually get those reviews done. We talk about citations, making sure your website is listed on those directories and ensure that the consistency of the nap.

Remember name, address, phone number is consistent across the board no matter where it’s at, because that’s very important, but also put updated content on a consistent and be consistent about it. And this is why a lot of companies decide to actually hire someone to take care of it because we all know, guys, we are all busy. If you do owner of your business, you are director of marketing, the general manager of a business. You have your hands for most of the days, most of the time. So the last thing you are going to take time to do is update a piece of content on the website.

But this is extremely important as well for the business. You have to decide. That’s why it’s so important. If you don’t have the time, make sure you get someone to do that. Building Link authority.

Find links and relevant links relevant website that you can link back to your website so that you can build your link authority throughout the web for your website, because that helps you rank really high as well. And we will look up to you for that.

Some of the things that I want to share that with you before I go, though, I want to answer a couple of questions. I know I have a couple of them coming. So one of the first question we got here is how can I review the bad link printing to my website? And what tools do you recommend to do that? So there are a few tools actually you can use, and some of them are a little bit technical.

So I mentioned earlier is actually one of them. You can actually look for SEM wash. You probably heard of it. It’s s e. Mwash R-U-S-H.

Com. You can actually use a few other tools to actually look at some of the bad links linking back to your website. You can actually trace your bad links. There’s another site as what we call a Href. So a as Alpha H Hotel R as Robert E as Ed F as in Frank.

So A-H-F. You can actually use that site.

Both of them are competitors, but both of them are pretty good. I personally like Href better because it gives you some of the more detail, but we also use our own internal tools as well. We do this a lot for our clients, so we have expert people that just that’s all they do. But you can do that with those tools to find out. Another question we got is what would be the best way to get or the website linked to mine.

So this is very important. You do have to actually create a plan. So what I would highly recommend is SEO is part of a bigger marketing plan. But if you start to break SEO down, it’s almost like it lives in its own little world. One of the things that I would suggest to go out to get links.

I would put a list of relevant businesses, relevant Association that I want to get a link for, and sometimes you can actually use the SIM tool. As I mentioned earlier, Href to see all the relevant business and how they would rank for certain keywords how well you could do with them. So for example, on Href, you actually can go there and see you can actually look at one of their videos and they would tell you how to actually create filter based on your location based on your services.

And it will show you some of the site that you should be linking to. And then all you have to do is I will create an email template, and then I will reach out to businesses Association that I need to be linked on their website or link from their website.

So that’s what I would do. The other thing is how many city pages would you recommend to have minimum? So again, depending on how far you want to reach. Right. So if you live in Miami, for example, well, there’s a lot of ground to cover.

It depends on where you want to go. You might want to just stay around downtown Miami. The same thing. If you live in the southwest Florida region, you might want to just deal with only clients that located only in Cape Coral, so you don’t want to cross across the river, come to Fort Myers, you don’t want to deal with anybody in Naples. So again, it’s all depend on what you want to cover.

But if you’re going to cover all of the southwest Florida, for example, from Borshaw to Marco, you might want to start thinking, what is the most relevant to you because that’s a lot of pages. And a lot of times most businesses cannot create that much content themselves because you’re looking at 50 to 100 pages of content. So a lot of times, that’s why most of them hire an agency to help them write those content, making sure they don’t have duplicate content and they can push them out.

So another question we got is if I have multiple offices in different cities, how can I differentiate them on Google my business, actually, that’s very straightforward because it’s based on location. So when you create the business, you actually have to enter the city, the States.

So each of them is very unique. And what Google does, it actually helps you. Google knows this. There’s an instruction and a walk through a wizard to help you create multiple locations for the same business. Again, as I mentioned earlier, the Google look at this is almost like almost individual entity, almost not.

But that’s how they look at it from a search engine perspective, because they say, well, if you enable Florida and you are in Port Charlotte, Florida, two different cities, you might be serving Egg White and Charlotte, but you only do plain egg and nipples. So they look at this differently. But also they look at different people would be looking at your services from different times. So they always try to differentiate these two locations based on where you at. But there is a clear path on how to set that up when you create your location within Google my business.

I know we’ve been going at this for a little bit about to wrap it up, guys. So one of the things that you can do if you need more resources. We have a lot of resources on our website, bootmarketingpoors. Comresources. You can really find.

As I mentioned, I write a book. It’s available. If you want a free copy, just let fill out the information. I’ll be more than happy to get that over to you. Otherwise, we are about to publish the next book.

It’s going to be covered in marine industry in general, not just book dealers. We have a magazine that we push out. We provide lots of information on PPC, social media, marketing and SEO. We allow blog posts relevant to the marine industry itself and how to market your business. We have some white papers.

I host a webinar once a month here, so whatever the tips you want, let me know as well as I also host a podcast. We talk about where we just unpack a lot of hard issues, hard details that you can actually implement right away for your website or your business as well. So feel free to head to our website and get that information for those who stay to the end with me. Feel free to go to my website to get a free strategy session. And what that entail is, we do a full report on your current web presence to show you where you at.

From a web online visibility perspective, we actually create a keyword list for you based on your business and your services that you are at and we give you your ranking report to show you where you are the actual listing and tell you how you’re doing there, as well as your online review and your reputation. We do a full 360 analysis for you and I personally would do that phone call to show you and there’s no obligation whatsoever. I’ll be more than happy to do that with you guys.

I do have a limit and there’s a drive to do it for just ten people because it takes a little bit of time. But first come, first serve.

If you are interested, feel free to sign up. You can go to our website. You can reach out to me anytime for a free strategy session. Just go to woodmarketingpost. Com schedulecall and then put your information in there and get that.

So again, thank you so much for spending this afternoon with me. I know you guys are very busy. I appreciate you all coming in, and especially for those who still always with me. I really appreciate it. My name is Harry Casimir.

It’s been a pleasure. This webinar is brought to you by book marketing and looking forward to see you again. Guys. I see you. Bye until next time.

Take care and thank you again for staying with me. Have a good day. Bye bye.