Making brand new content isn’t the only way to give your audience what they need. If you have a lot of content on your website that’s already gaining traction, being indexed by search engines, and ranking well in search results (in the top 30-50 positions), it might be best to expand on your content or repurpose it!

A variety of data sources can help you uncover insights on user intent and make informed decisions when it comes to content on your boat dealership’s website and social media pages – Google Search Console (GSC) is one of them.

Using GSC is a great way to:

  • Uncover what queries your site (or a particular page you want to rank) are getting impressions and clicks for.
  • Decide if your page actually does a good job of answering those user’s needs.

Segmenting your Google Search Console data to be question-focused will help you see what questions your users are searching for that may be tied to your business in the boating industry.

If you want to better rank in the future, you should aim to provide a clear, concise answer to those questions that potential customers are searching.

Looking at Google Analytics can also tell you a lot about whether your page is meeting people’s intent.

Does your page have a low time-on-page and a high bounce rate? This is another area you should investigate. You may be ranking for something but when users get to your page they leave immediately because they are not getting the information they had expected to find.

This is a red flag telling you that you need to make updates on your content!

A lot of companies trying to rank for terms related to selling boats, boat repairs, boat rentals, etc., tend to lean too heavily on the call to action “Call us today” instead of educating users.

Here are some simple examples of ways you can educate users instead of relying on a simple CTA:

  • Selling boats? – Educate users on your boat inventory or the difference between brands.
  • Looking for customers who want to rent boats? – Educate users on your boating safety rules or explain what the rental process looks like.
  • Running a boat repair shop? – Share a tutorial on how you fix a certain feature or install a new part.

Going against the norm, you can put together content that discusses multiple different things with the aim to address everyone’s concerns.

By using data to understand what your target audience is looking for, you’re not only building brand awareness and increasing web traffic, but you’re also building authority and showing users that you know what you’re talking about!

Analyze what content is performing well, know what your customers are searching for when looking for a marine business to work with, and update your content accordingly. Need help in the content optimization process? That’s why we’re here.

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