FORT MYERS, June 12, 2024 – Boat Marketing Pros, a leading provider of digital solutions for marine dealerships, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Boat Dealer Inventory WordPress Plugin. This powerful plugin streamlines the entire boat inventory management process by seamlessly connecting a dealership’s website with its dealer management software (DMS) and inventory systems.

“We are thrilled to introduce this game-changing plugin that can help dealerships across the country modernize their online inventory management operations,” said Harry Casimir, CEO of Boat Marketing Pros. “By tapping into the power of WordPress and integrating with major industry DMS platforms, we have developed a feature-rich solution that can drive higher productivity, boost lead conversion, and unlock growth for our clients’ dealerships.”

The Boat Dealer Inventory WordPress Plugin is its most innovative product yet, integrating valuable capabilities like real-time inventory sync, accurate and up-to-date listings, lead capture tools, integrated boat loan calculator, location-based inventory filtering, and more.

“Managing boat inventory across multiple systems is tedious, error-prone and hampers productivity for most boat dealerships. This WordPress plugin eliminates the hassle by enabling real-time synchronization and giving dealers unified command over their inventory data,” added Casimir. “The location-based display allows dealerships to show customers the inventory that is in their region, while the built-in lead capture and loan calculator boost engagement and conversion.”

Key Benefits and Features of the Boat Dealer Inventory WordPress Plugin:

Simplified Inventory Management

  • Real-time sync pulls inventory from DMS platforms like CDK Lightspeed, BoatWizard and Salesforce automatically
  • Up-to-date listings across systems with automated background sync
  • Eliminates double data entry, mistakes and wasted time
  • Wide integration with all major dealer management software
  • Effective lead capture to get buyer information directly into a CRM or DMS
  • Real-time sync to push inventory to BoatTrader

Complete Inventory Control

  • Flexibility to sync inventory in real-time from DMS or manually control listings
  • Bulk upload hundreds of listings via CSV files
  • User-friendly interface to add and edit individual boats
  • Native WordPress CMS empowers easy manual updates

Location-Based Display

  • Show website visitors local, in-stock boat options
  • Configure visibility by region to follow territory guidelines
  • Multi-location coordination with unified or custom branding
  • Manage customer access based on manufacturer relationships

Built-in Boat Loan Calculator

  • Let visitors calculate financing terms on boats they like
  • Increased engagement and higher conversion rates
  • Helps pre-qualify and guides visitors to affordable options
  • No need for external loan calculator tools

SEO Optimized

  • Maximizes search engine visibility from the ground up
  • Fast interface for better user experience

“From small dealerships to the biggest boat retailers, our plugin can scale to meet diverse needs and streamline inventory management like never before,” said Casimir. “We look forward to helping our clients establish a stronger digital foothold and achieve their growth objectives through The Boat Dealer Inventory WordPress Plugin.”

These kinds of innovative solutions customized to meet clients in the marine industry make Boat Marketing Pros the best in digital marketing services for the marine and boat marketing industry. Businesses interested in learning more about the Boat Dealer Inventory Plugin can visit or call 888-928-4587 for details.

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