Webinar Transcript - Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Social Media

Speaker: Harry Casimir

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us. W e going to get started in just a minute or two? Just waiting for people to come in. And yes, I’m looking forward to this tonight.

Thank you this afternoon. A great session for you today. We have a lot to cover to unpack for social media. Thank you for joining us.

Alright. So we’re about to get started. Thank you so much for joining us today. So.

Alright. So today we’re going to talk about how the mistake you are currently making on your social media or your team are making. Are you making these mistakes with your social media so we can dive into an unpack? So if you have any questions, do let me know if you cannot hear me. Very well.

So are we going to get started?

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All right again, thank you so much for joining us. Hi. My name is Harry Casimir. I am the founder and CEO, boat marketingpros.com . I am a US vet, 15 years veteran on the digital marketing space.

I alter the ultimate guide to enter marketing for both dealers and we have a couple of books coming out actually for the industry vehicle within the industry. We have published. I have published many multiple articles on the boating industry magazine. And again I have been in the space for a very long time. US vet who turn digital marketing expert really help trying to help and grow marine industry.

Our mission here is to help as many marine business to grow to 7,8,9 figures as much as we can. So who we are, what we do, boatmarketingpros.com. We are a full digital marketing company. We specialize in planning website SEO .

PayPerClick, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, E-in-houseare industries, Ada Compliance for website. So we are a full in house agency. We located here in southwest Florida Fort Myers, to be exact. But we work with clients all of the kind. Our sister company.

We’ve been in business for 15 years so we have worked with many, many different industries. But onwith boatmarketingpros.com , we focus exclusively on the marine industry. And I’m so happy you are able to join us today. So if you cannot hear me, please do let me know. Very quick some housekeeping items before we get started. So I will try to answer questions throughout.

But if questions that I have not been able to answer, I will also make sure I get the time at the end of this webinar to answer them for you. If you have questions the way you submit questions, is there a chat section? I’m sorry, next yo the chatbot there is a Q and A section icon. Just click on the Q and A and submit your questions there.

You can also chat with me if you have additional things that you want to mention or say, feel free to do so. And I will try my best to answer this question as I go or answer your question of the in this webinar is also being recorded. We will provide a link at the end there, but we would love for you to stay on and ask any questions that you may have at the end of this as well. For those who stay at the end of the session, I will also provide a free strategy session to show you to actually do a full audit and analysis on your current social media, including possibly web presence as well.

So I just wanted to that as a bonus for those who stay.

So let’s get started. So what we got to cover today is why social media is important for your business, how your customers use and engage with companies. Social media, especially with the marine industry, and some of the things that you can do. The most common mistake you, your team, your marketing agency, and you’re probably making at the moment as we speak. And we’re going to talk about some action items that you can take home with you and implement now either by yourself or send them to your agency company that you’re working with that handle your social media, or you can actually get your in house team to do those for you as well.

So we’re going to go over this actionable item you can see. So why is social media so important, right? That’s the was the multi million dollar question. But really, when you break it down, it is not that difficult to see why social media has become such a powerful tool. And you also know for when you come to marketing, especially if you are in the market and the marine industry.

So according to global States of digital, they are on average, 2 hours, 25 minutes are spent on social media for each individual on Earth. Let’s break this down for a moment. Yes, there are plenty of people that still not using the Internet, but you take it on average to 2 hours and 25 minutes per day per person on average. That’s a lot of time that people spend online on social media, specifically each day. So your brand, it’s very critical for your brand to be there when those people are online, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

But we’re going to talk about that in a moment. There are 200 million user right now that visit business profiles on Instagram daily. Now, this is something that if you think of how Instagram gets started, if you know the story of Instagram, who would have taught, right!? But just like everything else on the Internet nowadays, it is just like Facebook. No one thought Facebook would become a powerhouse and marketing, right.

And they have become. So this is what what this really looks like. Every single social media does come out, is slowly equipped on us to become a really forced to be working with when it comes to marketing. And Instagram is present case here. 68% of the American adults in this country who use Facebook. Think about it.

A country with well over 300 million people, 68 of the people use Facebook to a business. It makes sense, logical sense for you to be there. So what does the social media space and the marine industry have in common, or how do they get connected? Well, today we’re going to go deep. We can unpack how and when you use social media.

Right. Depending on the market, you’re going to use why social media is critical for B to C companies, such as if you are a boot dealer, obviously, you sell to one business to consumer, if you both rental boat club, both services or manufacturers and Marina. All of these depend on how we’re going to break down the different ways that you interact with those type of users. Right.

Because you are from B to C perspective, you are selling a lifestyle to customers, and we’re going to go into that detail, B to B companies like manufacturers to the dealers, manufacturers to re pair shop, how that relationship looks like. And what are some of the things that you need to pay attention to when using social media? Because there is a different way to interact with B to B. So let’s write. We’re going to dive right into the mistakes that we have seen.

Again, we’re going to cover the five top five key mistakes that we have seen. People mix. Right. So we’re going to go number one, we have seen this a lot of time is that some people just post too many times, obviously not people but businesses, but people that’s posting on the behalf of the business. So posting too frequently.

So what you want to do is to ensure that you have a decent amount of engagement, but not too much. Right. So you want to have a presence very thoughtfully. Right. You want very, very good quality.

This is where quantity doesn’t count when it comes to social media, especially if you have a good brand. You really don’t want to just overreach and try to get too much attention because customers and social media users will see right through you. So you want to be kind of very thoughtfull when it comes to social media posting. So don’t post too often and then also really pay attention to how and when your users are active online and slowly test the water to see what are they saying, but what time and what day do they engage with your post or when they do comment on your post?

And keep in mind, there are times there are different type of activities and engagement.

Right. Because there are people that will comment on your post. There are people that would like your post all the time, and those are two different type of engagement. And pay attention to those when that happens. And you don’t have to have a big audience to actually measure that at.

If you have even five, six to ten people that actually start to engage with you as your building your momentum, you actually have to pay attention to make sure that you post at the right amount of information at the right time.

What happened is also we find it sometimes actually less is more. So depending on the industry where you are in the industry, because a book rental company will have a different set of posting versus a Marina or a boat with repair shop will have a different set of criteria and posting versus a manufacturer. So depending on where you are, but sometimes the posting less actually can be more. And we have some tips on how often you should post. So mistake number one is posting to often too frequently.

So our recommendation is the following, so when you are using Facebook one to two posts per week, it’s more than enough. You do not want to go too high. Just that Instagram two to four posts per week. And while you’re in there, it would be nice if you can post maybe one live video. So especially if you are an almost like almost every business can actually post a quick live video.

For example, if you I don’t know both rental, one of the team members from your rental business can actually go under water and quickly said, hey, stop by today. Do X, Y, and Z or the water is super nice just to I was going to take this boat out today for a quick ride. Don’t forget to book your next rental with us or something like that. Take those out. And so that not only you’re promoting obviously your business, but also give the user a way to see how beautiful areas as well.

So for twitter, once a week is more than enough because the way how Twitter is , it’s more of a breaking news type, but this is where you also want to make sure you not missing out. You are in front. Linkedin, once a week would be more than enough. So obviously you might be like, Man, that’s the glass social media to manage. How do I manage all of these?

Well, there are tools out there to our manage those, and we have some recommendation for you and some quick tips on how to do that. So again, make sure you are just the posting time again, depending on your busy season. Obviously, if you are in Florida, for example, you are a rental business or you’re in the river of Michigan, you are a rental business. There is really a very, very seasonal kind of business. Florida is a little bit different because if there is no Hurricane, people are going to be in the water because it’s almost year round, whereas in lake of Michigan it’s very seasonal because once the ice is hit the ground, it’s very hard for people to rent boats and do the things that they want to do.

So there are different ways you can adjust those posting, but making sure you front and center, and that’s a recommendation in terms of posting too frequently. Now we’re going to move a number mystic number two not using hashtag and Instagram. This is something that we have seen over and over. And this is one of the secret source to Instagram. How you get ranked, how you get your content to be properly populated is using the proper hashtag keywords and the hashtag so that you can gain more because a hashtag is a component that helps you associate you, or we lead you to a specific industry, a different group of people that follow a specific hashtag.

So for example, if people love boat rental and the hashtag boat rental or if they love Robalo , the hashtag will be Robalo. There’s a good chance for you to be seeing if you are pushing to so related to the specific item. One of the things that you want to do is making sure you do your research before you just add add a hashtag in there. A lot of we’re not going to go deep into marketing here, but a lot of time your hashtag has to do with what you want to accomplish with combination with your current marketing strategy.


So if you are, for example, you’re trying to get ranked for both Rental and Fort Lauderda, Florida, or both rental for San Diego, California. Those are some very, very specific keywords that you’re not going to have a broad, broad search for, but the people that search for them or people that indeed or those specific services. And those are things that you will have to work through with your current marketing plan. But do your research, making sure that your hashtag is part of your overall strategy from a content production and content delivery perspective.

Also, you do not want to just kill it on hashtag.

This is where less is more quality over quantity. And that’s why we here. We said one of the thing that you should do is making sure your hashtag are not more than ten. And if possible, keep it right in between the market four to eight, because once it’s too much too much and you might have seen some of them. And Instagram and Facebook, where people just go crazy with hashtag, you want to kind of reduce that and making sure you use the most impactful one.

So how you do your research for hashtag? Well, here’s a perfect example. So when you’re on Instagram, so we’re going to take Instagram as the perfect example. Again, hashtag can be used for almost all social media at the moment. So we’re just going to use this one specifically.

So we’re going to use Instagram specifically. Right. When you are on Instagram, click on the search button down below and let me make sure I got my pen here so you can see where I’m at. Right. So you have this here and you have see there search and you come up here, this little thing pop up.

You, for example, fishing and right below the key what you looking for because it’s a cloud search, meaning that it’s instantly showing the result right below the keyword you’re looking for. There is the multiple how many people that actually have posts under keywords. This is very, very critical and very important. As you can see, just the word fishing itself. It has a lot of results and different combinations.

So fishing life, fishing addict, fishing PNG, PNW I’m sorry. All of them have different amount of people that follow them. So making sure you use the correct one, the most popular one. And again, depending on what you want to accomplish the same thing for the word boarding as you can see, it’s very similar search and the different aspect.

So it is very important that you use hashtag, but making sure you use it strategically, do your research. And a lot of those search are not things that you have to go outside your social media to actually do. You can do that right in there as well. And again, this is for Instagram. You can do the same thing for Facebook Twitter and Linkedin as well.

Alright. So now mystic number three, sharing your content only. So the whole point of social media, as you know, is to be social, to share, to be connected with other people, is the same thing, not just people or another person, but also brand companies connect with other companies as well. So that’s the whole point of it. So making sure that here are the three things that you want to make sure you do.

When you come to social media, make sure you monitor your social media religiously and not only monitor that, but follow all their profiles and share the content not all the time, but every now and then. You do want to do that so that it shows activities between you and most likely they will also share your content as well.

Follow the manufacturer. So if you’re in a boat dealer, right. If you are a boat dealer or even a boat rental or we both club for that matter, making sure you follow the manufacturers. Because a lot of both owners do have an attachment, just like cars. A lot of both owners do have attachment to their manufacturers.

So the same thing as you as the boat renter, the boat club owner, the dealer, general manager or marketing director, or the repair shop that if let’s say you repair shop only. So only repair those three brands or work on the four five brands. Make sure you tag them as well and share their content. Right. And really also making sure you help each other, help people share your profile and share their profile as well.

Because the thing is when you share content across the board as I mentioned earlier, social media was met and is still the case to share and to be connected, not just you create an account and share content just for yourself and people are going to find you. The broader you open your space, your content, meaning the more you share it, the more people will find you and the more people going to come back to see your information. So that’s very critical. Mistake. Number four, not replying fast enough.

This is where I get very, very interesting in glory for many of us. We have a lot of stuff to do, things to do who stay in social media to just answer people instantly. This is why it’s important to give the social media management to one of your team members in house or get someone an agency to actually manage that for you people that actually specialize. Just on making sure that your social media has been monitored and respond to, okay, making sure every content has been seen.

The other thing that you also want to do is also look at what your customers are saying.

Keep in mind some customers when they are mad, they’re going to come to your to your social media. And sometimes when they’re happy, sometimes they do, but sometimes more often not, they are saying things that’s not nice and sometimes has nothing to do with you. But what you do want to do is jump right in front of it and making sure you respond. And our suggestion is to make sure you respond within minutes or within the hours, if possible. If you can seriously within nanoseconds, you get that message.

You want to drop everything and making sure you respond to that customer, especially if they are not happy or if they’re just dropping a comment. Or those people are nice, great people. Or maybe you can take your time on this. But the second, if this is something that is not too positive and sometimes the positive things as well, you want to respond, but the negative one, you definitely you want to jump on it because that makes a big difference and you show your commitment as well to social media.

And the thing is that a lot of these people when they come to your website and they look at how fast you respond to a social media post that either negative or positive.

They cannot look at you differently in social media. Actually, many of the network, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, they actually reward you to. Often, if you look at Facebook content, the way they generate the content, and how often people reply to your company new page, you can see them actually measure that as well. So that’s part of of your actually marketing insights within Facebook. And I believe most business have those our agency.

We do have back end report for this where you can see how often people answer questions and how fast as a company. Number five, what we have seen is not including captions and videos. I know this is extremely, extremely critical. A lot of people actually visit your website, your social media post anywhere. A lot of those people actually view your videos and not turning on the volume.

The other piece is that both Instagram and Facebook actually mute all of your videos instantly. So when the user just come in, which is most of the users actually opt out to have opt out from volume, which means all videos or muted automatically. So when someone come to your website, come to your social media page, the video you post up there is not. There is no volume. So making sure you add captions to your video and part of that adding caption as well has to do with accessibility.

Right? So they are 1 in 5 American, according to CDC, has some type of disability right now in the United States, which means like really one fourth of the population has some kind of disability that prevent them either seeing, hearing or touching or activating certain things on your website, your social media pages, or even seeing your video in a video. This is why a caption on the video is very, very highly recommend and all the social media have that. What you can also do to ensure that you have all your video with captions is to use a tool called Rev, com.

Where is REV. Com, which you can use actually to to transcribe your video audio and to text.

Now some of you guys might say, well, Facebook already done this, so it’s an Instagram. Why should I use them? We find that most of the time actually the recommendation, the automated generated transcription doesn’t translate correctly or do only transcribe the information properly. So making sure that you go in to tools like Rev. Com or the auto .io. There are a few other tools out there that done this that can actually take your audio and transcribe it into text for you.

And you can use that textbook option instead of using the actual Google, Facebook or Instagram, which most of the time the text is not correct. So I know we went over a lot of things here, right? We went over all the different mistakes that you make and the five key mistakes who are going over this very quick just to remind you what they are. Alright, so mystic number one, posting too frequently, right? Mistake number two, not using hashtag,mistake number three, sharing your content only not sharing other people’s content you need to do that, not replying fast enough to customers requests or other people comment on your comment on your post, making sure you do that.

Also making sure you have captions on every video that you have online. Right? So what are the key things that you can take away that your team can just make sure you use today? So action item for you and your team, making sure that you use a social media tool to schedule all of your posts. So you do not really need to do all of those social media individually by yourself.

There are tools out there that there are so many of them that you can use. Right. So Hood Suite is one of them very well known as H-O-O-T suite. Com. They are very, very well known in the industry when it comes to social media post. You can use a tool like that to actually schedule every one of your posts and ensure that it’s automatically send those posts for you in a regular basis based on your needs.

That would streamline your posting and regularly making sure you don’t miss those opportunities. And I believe you can schedule those up to 3,4,5,6 months so you can actually create all your content ahead of time and schedule them to get posted. And obviously, there will be a time where you need to post something very quick because of an event that going on or something happen. You definitely can log in and do that, but highly recommend that you use the tools to help you manage your social media schedule. Second thing is follow all your related competitions and manufacturer.

So again, if you’re in the marine industry, you most likely fall under the umbrella of the manufacturers. Right. So whether you are you both dealer, a boat rental, boat club, boat service repair, boat detailing or Marina, wherever you fall under that category. So you most likely have different manufacturers and publication that you fall under. You work with or you prefer to work with or you connect with, or you get most of your customer from, you want to make sure you follow all of these different publications and categories.

And also when you are when you can share those content with those different publication manufacturers and also interact with other people content. So you can comment on the both manufacturers. Both manufacturers come up with new models all the time. There’s a good opportunity for you to comment and be seen out there also so that they can follow you and so forth of those action items that you can take. Right.

So use Instagram to reset your hashtag. So Instagram is becoming extremely, extremely powerful, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Instagram is fairly open, actually. Even more open than Facebook is because Facebook you actually log in. And this there is a ton to do by the time you get there too much.

Instagram actually streamline their design so that people can get to where they want to get very fast so that they can follow brand and follow a company, a celebrity, or follow whoever they need to follow. It’s fairly simple, actually, to do so hashtag to use Instagram to do your research. Use Instagram to do to explore, to search, create the Tags. And basically you can actually do all of this different research. What you could do also with Instagram based on the search is marrying your current marketing plan, your current marketing strategy with some of the keywords that you can find within Instagram as well, within that action item that your team can actually also do is considering hiring or outsourcing your market or social media duties.

I have found a lot of time when we come to companies and try to help. They usually have one person or two people trying to kind of tag team the social media aspect of the company. And some of those companies really have a good presence, or they should have a good presence, but they don’t because of the lack of witness and the social media account. That’s something that you cannot neglect if you don’t. If you are not in that space, someone else will.

Your competitor is most likely in that space. So I was just that duly. So that someone is responsible and making sure that you can inspect what you expect. So that way you can assigned it duly, get them to do what they need to do and making sure the report. And so that way you can see the result.

Right. So really, you might want maybe kind of a quick bonus. It out there for you guys, the type of content that do extremely well on the marine industry itself. Sunset, sunrise. I’m gonna show you.

So a few of them. Right. Water is the oceans is just breath away, especially if you if you if you’re in the southwest Florida, you come from up north and you have customer down here. Nature pets always get everyone. Right.

The lifestyle action. Just think of the water lifestyle, ski, fishing and so forth. So, for example, here’s an example of a great piece of content. Now you see how this is well placed, if you take a look at, like, the different aspect of this. So if you look at you see the branding right here.

Right. And obviously a dog who doesn’t like music at this, there’s no way you cannot not liking this door. Right. So again, those are two different pieces of content. But if you combine those two of them, how beautiful is this?

These are very impactful image. And the whole purpose of this is that when you do those things right, your customer, you building a following. And by building a following is basically building your your funnels and your potential customers seeing you, and eventually they will become your customer. The customer that’s already customer of yours following you, and all the additional people that want your service product all want to do business with your company will see you as well. Another one, right.

Is a great content. You can see. This is beautiful, very, very specific to maybe this is kind of a Southwest Florida look as well as it could be actually somewhere South Carolina as well. Sunset, the beach is just beautiful. This is sometimes sometimes that’s perfect for a boat that’s actually that picture can fit for almost many, many different aspects.

Right. If you both want it could be two people that just wanted both to hit the street today. If you are a boat club, that might be two members from your boat club, if you are both dealer, that maybe you just deliver this boat to the couple that they’re about to take their boots out. That picture has so many different ways you can use that in so many different things. Right.

So again, I wanted to share with you some of the examples of those content. And so two week app. I know we’ve been going through a lot here. We went through the five different mistakes that we have seen people make. Right.

We show you some examples on how to do your search and Instagram to come up with the property with a hashtag? And we went to some of the different type of contents. That what it looks like. Right.

And now I’m going to just dive right into that. We have. So we went over the importance of social media and why you should do it. Right. We talk about how you can tweak your strategy, even taking a look at your marketing strategy to incorporate making sure your social media hashtag and keywords or part of that strategy as well.

Right. And again, we talk about the five key mistakes that you want to avoid posting too often, not using hashtag sharing on your content, not blind fast enough, and not least not including captions within your videos. These are Super Super important to have. So within the action plan of the recap, what we ask that you do is making sure you sign up for a scheduling tool to help you manage your social media posting, making sure you have a clear editorial calendar to know. What are the posts that you’re going to post for the next month or two or three, and making sure that tools help you push them out.

Making sure you follow related vendors and publications within the industry. Right. Very popular people in the industry, popular brand in the industry. Make sure you follow them. So that way we can crisscross share and also their followers gonna follow your brain as well.

Right. Make sure you use Instagram to do your research for the hashtag that you need, and we’ll show you how to do that earlier. And consider outsourcing your social media if that’s something that’s too heavy for you, that’s something that you don’t want to do or something that sometime you neglect. Most of us do that every now and then when not doing our own things. So maybe if someone is doing it for you and that person is getting paid for it, most likely will do it right.

Or should do it. Right. And I always heard people say that it’s better to inspect what you expect and to do so it’s best if possible. You assign it to someone. So that way you can come back inspect it because it’s really hard to be the doer and then come back inspect.

So that’s what my suggestion to you, and really some of the bonus post content that you can add. As I mentioned earlier, Sunset Sunrise Pets are some of the easiest for people to follow and getting more followers. So with that, I know we’ve been going for a little bit. As I mentioned, what to kind of give you some of the element that we have on our current website. Head over.

I’m going to show you the link here. Head over. Take a look at some of the stuff that we have to offer. We have. We actually if we guide to Instagram for boat dealers, check that out.

So you can if you if you’re in the marine industry and boat dealer, that might be something of interest to you. Also a guide to Facebook for boat dealers. So it’s the same two different guides because Facebook and Instagram, they handle post differently a little bit. So you might want to take a look at both of them and just help to our website and take a look at it. And the way you can get this is to go to our Boatmarketingpros.com/ resources, and we have a vast resources in there.

And as I mentioned at the beginning of the webinar, ai wrote the book. We have a magazine that we publish on a monthly basis. So if you want to have a copy of it, just grab a copy to read to see what’s going on in the industry from a marketing perspective, which called Boat Marketing Insider. That’s all publication. We have a blog here.

We post regularly. We have a lot of good tips and gems that’s always coming out. So make sure you check those out as well. We also have the blog, The Whitep apers, where we have a lot of white papers that have been written for. You have a better understanding of the marine industry business and what it takes to get to the next level that you want to get to with within the industry.

As you know, it’s me that hosting the current webinar. We do this with the webinar once a month or sometime every other month. Would love to have you come on to see some of the webinar that’s coming up. But we already have plenty of webinar past webinar within our website. So check them out.

Take a look at some of this webinar. We also have a podcast as well. So we do have a weekly podcast that we host and talk about what’s going on in the current industry from a marketing perspective for the marine business. So if you want to get more on there, just subscribe to our podcast. We syndicate to Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts Spotify.

So wherever there is a podcast, we most likely the podcast is there. So you just subscribe and a lot of them are very short, so it’s very easy to digest on a short drive home or something like that with that being said that I mentioned as I promise I would do this is we have for those who attend this today, this is my promise to you, I will do a complete report on your web presence that’s going to include your current online visibility. We would send you actually a full custom.

You do have to request that though, but we will send you a full custom create a full custom keyword list for some of the most important serach term within the industry for your specific business. So if you’re boat dealer, you’re going to get the ranking for boot dealers some of the keywords that’s most impactful to you based on your geographic location as well.

And that ranking. We also show you where you are in comparison to most of their peers and the business, depending on what sector your business serve, whether it’s geographically located business, which means you only serve one or two cities or it’s a statewide or nationwide or international business. We’re going to do a full analysis of your online directory submission and consistency around that. And again, this is a full report that would include all of that, including our online with your social presence and your current website conversion effectiveness.

So if you are interested in this, feel free to go to our website under the schedule a call to schedule a strategy session with me or one of my colleagues here, and then we will create those reports and share them with you ASAP.

So with that, I I’m going to open the floor for questions and comments that you and other people might have. Let me pull up here to see if you guys have any questions. Let me see here. Alright. So again, as I mentioned, I wanted to leave this until the end because I got a couple of questions that were coming in, but I thought some of them would make most is just set them at the end here.

Okay, so the first question we got is what social media scheduling software do you recommend? So as I mentioned, you are my session. hootsuuite is probably one of the most popular one. But again, there are many, many ones. So here are the three key top most popular one, right?

Today is Hood Suite. We spell H-O-O-T-S-U-I-T-E , there’s Buffer B- U-F-F-E-R and there’s Social Pilot, social Pilot. So you can actually use Facebook and Instagram itself themselves within Facebook. There is social media scheduling tools, right? Within Facebook that’s fully integrated within Instagram as well.

So you can actually use that if you don’t want to spend the money to use one of those other professional tools.

Another question we get is, do you recommend posting Instagram and Facebook stories?

Absolutely, yes. Especially if you want an event. So if you are in The Boat Shop, for example, that’s a perfect timing for you to actually put your stories within Instagram and Facebook. If you are doing a live demo, actually, for if you a boat club owner, for example, if you have potential new members that you want to take on trial, actually, that’s a perfect time. If they are okay with it.

Obviously, that’s a good time to actually do stories as well. So another question we got and this one is a little bit interesting is, C an my phone take good pictures for social media? Absolutely, yes.

Because what happens is most social media now really are not. Most actually social media is fully integrated within Big ten within phones now, and they are very, very well used within the social media sphere. So it is okay. And for many times, what I would highly recommend, though, is making sure you get the pictures in the right angle. So take some medical pictures, take some horizontal pictures.

Okay. And making sure some of the really, really polish a little bit if possible. Again, unless you have a feature phone for the most part, you should be good. And also those photos that you actually take with your phone, you can actually use those to get your photo to get all those photos to be added to your website as well. And it all depends.

Again, coming back to is it okay to take a photo with your phone? It’s all depend on the phone that you have, but most smartphone nowadays are more than capable of taking these pictures. So I hope that answers the question. I hope that helps. And I hope that really answer all your questions that you got have if you guys have any other questions, I would love to answer those for you, but if not, I think we’re going to wrap it up here again.

Thank you so much for tuning in for joining me today on this webinar. Are you making this mistake with your social media? And if you have any questions, things that I did not answer, thing that you would like to see. Feel free to reach out to us one 800 numbers here, or just go to our website Boatmarketingpros.com , to schedule a call to chat with me or one of my colleagues. It has been a great pleasure to speak to all of you guys and to go over some of the mistakes that we have seen people making online with the social media.

And hopefully you learned a thing or two. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out again. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day. Thank you.