The Anatomy of a Boat Dealer Brand


A business’s brand is the backbone of its operations. If it’s not effectively and neatly translated into every aspect of your business and marketing, your brand and boat dealership may struggle to stand out.

Everything we know about everything we buy is because of branding. If you think you should spend time and money on your brand – you are absolutely right. We’ve laid out the key components that go into the anatomy of a brand so that you can start defining the brand of your business and watch your dealership soar.

Brand Purpose

Brand purpose is ultimately a boat dealership’s reason for existing beyond just making money. It shows your customers that you’re not just your boat inventory, services, and other products. For example, your purpose might be creating memories for families who love being on the water or creating a comfortable fishing trip for fishermen. Buyers want brands to embody an inspiring ethos, bring a strong point of view, and take action to make a positive impact in the world.

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Brand Promise

A brand promise is a value or experience a boat dealership’s customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company. The more your dealership team can deliver that promise, the stronger that value will be in the mind of potential boat clients. An example of a company with a great brand promise is Nike. “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” This promise shows that they aren’t just here to sell athletic wear and sporting equipment. They want to bring inspiration to their community.

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The conceptual place you want to own in your target consumer’s mind is your brand position. Think of the benefits you want boat buyers to think of when they think of your dealership. Your brand position also plays into how customers differentiate your dealership from competitors. What does your dealership provide that others don’t? Where does your dealership rank in marine industry prospect’s minds compared to others?

Brand Essence

The core characteristic that defines a brand is an intangible attribute that sets your brand apart called brand essence. It is the heart and soul of your dealership’s brand, usually stated in two to three words. It is one constant across product and service categories. For example, your brand essence may be “seaworthy”.

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Value Proposition

The value proposition is an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers. To write a value proposition, you first must identify all the benefits your product offers and describe what makes those benefits valuable. Then determine your customer’s main problem and connect the problem to the value. Finally, differentiate your boat dealership as a preferred provider of this value.


Human characteristics associated with a brand make up your brand personality. They’re expressed as adjectives that convey how people will perceive your dealership (e.g. youthful, dependable, relaxed, outdoorsy, successful, exciting). Your brand personality will also influence how you speak as a business both in-person and in the digital landscape.

Brand Values

Many people tend to work with businesses that have similar values as them. Your brand values are the core beliefs that you as a dealership stand for. These values influence your actions, behaviors, and decision-making process. For example, Boat Marketing Pros is a veteran-owned business, so one of our values is supporting the United States Armed Forces.

Hopefully, this article has broadened your scope of what a successful brand looks like. Use these tips to start defining your brand. If you already have an established brand, it’s always a great idea to revisit it over time and make any necessary updates as your dealership grows.

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Published: March 26,2021
Category: Misc.
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