Webinar Transcript - Boats & Bots – Harnessing AI for Marine Business Success

Speaker: Harry Casimir

Thanks everyone for turning in. Really looking forward to share with you some of the knowledge and AI and ChatGPT, the talk in town these days and see how we can help you get ready, create better content, ask better questions for your company, and maybe to the people that actually even help your company from a digital marketing perspective. Ai is not just digital marketing perspective. We will dive into some use cases where it can be used for your business. Really looking forward to do this deep dive with you guys. We’re about to get started. People can join us as they’re coming in. Again, really looking forward to chat with you all guys. All right, people can join us in the Let’s get started. Thank you so much for joining me. We officially underway and started with Boats and Bat, the way to harness AI for your marine business success. Ai has been the talk in town for the last two years, especially this year, just really took off. We’re going to do some deep dive what is it? The history of it, the history of it, and so on forth. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Here are the things that we will cover today. What is AI? The history of AI? How some of the AI tools are reshaping different industries? How integrating AI? How can you integrate AI in your marine business? Some of the opportunities that AI is presenting to all of us, actually, not just marine business, but this webinar is for you guys, so focusing on that. At the end here, we do have a bonus section for you. Let’s dive right in. During this webinar, you take the time to connect. What all I’m asking is turn off the phone, put the social media away for a second, let’s focus, get some Nuggets. Make this one hour of time you will be spending with me worth it, because I know if you focus on this, you will have questions at the end, and those questions will not only help you, but help other businesses that might be looking at AI to help streamline level up their business. That’s all I’m asking. And also questions. At the end, I will try to answer all the questions, but along the way, if you do have questions, do not wait. Just push them over.

You can see what the Q&A at the bottom and Zoom. Just ask your questions and I’ll be more than happy to jump in and answer this question for you. A little bit about me. My name is Harry Casary. I am the founder of Book Marketing Pools and Artilis. I’m a US vet, a member of the MRA, M-I-C-C, and most of the other organizations, including the Marine Marketers of America. I host the podcast, the Marine Marketing Podcast, as well as I’m a publisher and some of these magazines that you guys were aware of, Trade Only, Boating Industry, and I am also the author of the Boat Marketing Mastermind group on Facebook. If you haven’t joined that, DM me or make your request on Facebook to join that group. I’m also a published author. I published two books. One is The ultimate guide to book dealers’ marketing, and the other one is Marine marketing made easy. This one is very straightforward and can be digest for almost any vertical that you are in. My education background is I do have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information System, and I do have a Master, an MBA from Norwich University, a concentration on project management and business processes.

What do we do here? Boat Marketing Pros is a subdivision of Artilis. We are a digital marketing agency. We offer full service from planning, website, PPC, SEO, the whole online marketing. What differentiated us though, we create all of our programs are full, complete solution we put together for you, tailored to you, to your business. Because every business, no matter where you are, what vertical you are in, within the marine industry, we know your business is different. Your demographic is different, that your target audience is different. So we target a program that works for you when you work with us. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. What is AI? Interestingly, we decided to get it directly from an AI itself, which is ChatGPT, the talk of town, so AI stands for artificial intelligence. It’s referred to simulation of human intelligence and machine or computer system. As you guys probably watched some very old movies that depicted AI, what this would look like from even from a robot to computer talking to you. But at the end of the day, AI is part of it is the creation of a computer program and algorithm that performs specific tasks or apply to perform specific tasks similar to human intelligence, such as learning from experience, reasoning, and problem-solving.

We’re going to run into and provide some of the example here for you as we go along on this journey. What are some type of AI that we all probably heard of? And how do you break this down? A few of them, and I will go into a bigger list than this, but is cognitive computing, computer vision, machine learning, neutral networks, deep learning, natural language progressing. All of those are very scary and complex. But those are some of the stuff that we all are using at the moment. We just happen to not aware of it. Very similar to when emails came out back in the days. If someone tried to explain to you how email works, you would get lost. But now email is like a secondary. Everybody has one and know how to use one, as most people know how to use one. The same thing, I think, that will happen with AI as it evolves. Everybody will end up using it. I love the history of AI. As you can see, a breakdown of the timeline from 1950 to 2000, when Alan Turing test happened, where it tricks the machine to think like a human.

And obviously John McAfee, that’s really all introduced the father, grandfather of artificial intelligence that we know today. And so it’s Joseph. And you can go over that list here. So really when AI start to pop in the ’90s was 1997 when DeepBlue… I don’t know how many of you guys remember DeepBlue by IBM. But DeepBlue defeat Gary. That was a very big shock for many people, especially in the chess world. Then Sony offer different robots and vacuum like vacuum, like Roomba came out. All of those different pieces of element that are driven by AI that learn certain thing as they go along. What are some of the intelligent choices that they have to make? Come 2011, Apple introduced a series actually a pretty good, decent virtual assistant, and that it’s actually learned from what you are telling it and answering question for you. But more intriguing is the 2011 Japanese show that happened where Watson from IBM that also basically answering all the questions from that team almost all the questions from that TV show because it was able to calculate, analyze, and answering way more faster than the average human. Then came in 2014, Alexa came launched by Amazon and really take over, start changing the game slowly.

Now, ChatGPT in 2020 was not really ChatGPT most people know today. I personally started using OpenAI as soon as it was available to the public, and many people were using it, but it was through an API. You actually had to log into their platform and you have to do a lot of comment. That option is still available in many, many agencies and people that need to write a lot of heavy content actually prefer that method versus ChatGPT itself. Although ChatGPT is available to the public and it’s much simpler and easier to use, which we’re going to do somewhere around in today. We stop at ChatGPT history today, and as you can tell, this is just the beginning. After ChatGPT came out, you guys know Google went crazy. So it’s Microsoft. Everybody tried to get on the bandwagon of AI. What does that look like now? These are some of the ways that AI have been used, what the landscape look like. From autonomous system, you guys have seen US government have been using autonomous system for a very, very, very long time, including unmanned aircraft that basically can do almost everything on their own without a human intervention.

There’s machine learning, deep learning. Again, we’re not going to go into specific all the detail about this, except that the one that we need to care about. But you can see where artificial intelligence from the technology perspective and human involvement and evolution perspective, where that’s going. Once you start, you don’t really stop from evolving and additional information that get added. The more companies involve, the more the human race understand what’s happening with AI, and the more you will see more information, better AI, better scripted information will be coming out, and hopefully, artificial intelligence will be able to help us as a race, as a society, even more because it’s been helping already. Obviously, I mentioned where is Kutana? Where is some of the voice assistant we chat about a second ago? You’re looking at Kutana when Microsoft introduced Cortana and they just recently announced they’re going to remove Cortana from Windows 11 as a pre-embedded operating system. I think it’s going to be a standalone. I believe you still can get it, but it will be a standalone system. Obviously, Alexa, I personally use Alexa. It’s actually pretty decent system for what it does. It doesn’t do everything, but what it does sometimes is pretty good.

Series as well. If you have an Apple Watch, you know very well on an Apple phone, you have series available to you and depending on how you use this. So when series first came out, actually, a lot of people were blown away by how much you could assist them. And even today, when I’m driving, looking at my text, I usually just pull up my phone and just tell Sirius what it needs to send out for me as a text message, and that’s done. And obviously, that’s very low level now, knowing what we know, what artificial intelligence is capable of. From a Sirius level, it’s very complex on the backend, but from what we know now, it’s very straightforward in terms of talking to a series, convert that to a text or send that message or process an email for you. Now, obviously, Google is another player in that game, although Google taking a back seat, especially when it comes to voice assistant like this, it’s still available, but not as prevalent as it used to be when it first came out. What are some of the use of AI in the real world? We’re going to go over what we know and what this looks like in the long run.

Today, according to a research from exploring topics, early 8% of marketers believe that automation and AI can help them stay competitive. Fifty % of those people believe that the adoption of AI is not adequate enough. We try to hold them back, but they will continue. And when you see that, and where 88 % of them believe that consumers AI will help them reach their customer base, talk to them better, as well as be more productive, is very enlightening to see. And the same thing, you can say in the same report, you will find that based on the Influencer Marketing Hub in 2023, a research they run, it pulled it to 55% of them say that AI will most likely enhance their marketing effort, which means they will create more content, they would create better content because AI helps them. How companies at the moment are using AI and machine learning software? According to Caterra, survey in late 2022, here’s what the landscape look like. Email marketing are being used right now with AI 62% of the time. Most advertising you see now, 58% of that have some AI integration to it. Data analysis, right? If you ever sit in a room and trying to depick different pieces of data to create different charts and making decisions, it can be very, very hard.

Imagine having an AI that can actually analyze those type of data and give you the answer. It may not be perfect, but if 80% of your work can be done, 90% of your work can be done, you are way ahead of the game. From personalization perspective, we looked at how they’ve been used for audience targeting because AI probably can do a better job at individual human trying to figure out what the target market is and where they are, what they are doing, how to target them in the right time. So it’s media buying. You can see if you go down that list, AI is driving a lot of the things that we are doing already, especially the bigger companies. The little guys that cost, where can we take advantage of this revolution? How can we use it to our own advantage? Here are some of the example of companies that are using this. You guys probably heard of Kemva. Kemva is a very popular online platform where you can basically design anything that you want. But in the last six months, they went overdrive with AI and creating fully integrating AI ChatGPT and other system to help their user create different content.

So if you look at this guy, this information, the sunglasses and this guy’s eyes is he did not take that picture with that sunglasses. As you can see, you can use the AI to generate a sunglasses around someone’s eyes and sometimes even the shape that you want that sunglasses to take. Now, again, it’s not going to be perfect, but who would tell you? Would you be able to tell if this was not someone’s real picture that took it with his own sunglasses on? Very, very hard to tell. Those are some real-time application. Again, as we’re diving deep into this, we’ll show you, we’re going to run some real live example of what AI looks like. Another example is Microsoft tools. Microsoft has been around for a very long time from an AI perspective. They’re really implementing this slowly, slowly. From a productivity perspective, this can really be a game-changer for many, many of us in the business world. So if you could have something that helps you determine what your schedule looks like, help you write this email, prepare a draft answer for you ahead of time, imagine how much you can get done in a day.

Actually, last night, Microsoft officially released their public copilot software that would be basically integrated with everything Microsoft has. That copilot will be integrated with your Outlook calendar. It will be integrated with words, with pop, with presentation, you name it, it will be integrated. So this thing can actually run almost anything for you in terms of giving you what your schedule looks like for the day, what some of the email you need to answer, where you need to prioritize your time, and from a reporting perspective. Now, from a writing perspective, there’s tons of return tools. Again, we’re looking at some of the most used one out there and the one that you probably heard of or will be using if you were to attempt to write content and create images. So that’s why we’re showing those. Simwash is very popular among most marketing agencies and all the in-house team that want to write content, see how their online visibility is performing. It’s become very, very critical for them. And this is one of the ways that they are using AI to help customers write content. Those content will be very relevant and the content that can actually perform better from a search engine perspective.

Because SemWash, S-E-M-Wash, what it does is really help you analyze what’s working, what’s not working on your online presence and tell you what you need to do to fix. But now, from a content perspective, the ticket is the further to tell you, Hey, here are all the issues on your website, and here are some suggestions, articles that you can write. By the way, here’s a button to click so that you can start writing that article. Those articles don’t come out perfect. Don’t just take it, copy it, and paste it, but it’s give you at least 70, 80% of heads up. All you have to do is come back and make the adjustment that’s needed, and then you probably will have an article where instead of spending three weeks, four weeks to write one. I’m exaggerating, but I know writing is probably the hardest piece for many, many business owners, especially long-form writing. Analytics software. So Google Analytics, if you have not changed your Google Analytics yet, this is where you put the notes down so that you change that Googleremove Google Analytics. They don’t track Google Analytics anymore. They only track Google Analytics for. So this is very, very important.

And what this does is really a game-changer for many, many business and for a marketing perspective. Now you can really do a deep dive from an insight perspective to see even better traffic source and where they’re coming from, who they are, what they are doing, when they are doing it, why they are doing it. And that software intelligently determined or even give you suggestions on what the consumer is thinking next. What are the things that you should be aware of on your website that you can predict. Now, most analytics at the moment, as we speak today, that do not use AI like this, you have a more of proactive approach to what they are doing, right? They tell you, Oops, I think this is what happened last month or two months, six months ago. Well, it’s already too late, right? So when you get that analytics system information, it doesn’t really give youWell, it gives you what happened, but now you get to apply what happened, but it’s going to take another month for you to know what happened to the changes that you made. With the newer analytics tools that are coming out nowadays, it gives you a forecast on what the path looks like.

Now, you know what happened in the last three months. You know what’s happening right now in real time, and you also have an idea of what the next three months would look like. Imagine that crystal ball in your hand, and so that you know the next three months, you need to write at least two, three blog posts. You need to create more social media. You need to create more videos. You need to do X, Y, and Z so you can meet that specific goal you want to reach. Well, imagine what the difference this can make for you from the business perspective. So this is why it’s so critical to have tools like this and AI is really changing the game. This is what we’ve been waiting for, where and how marine business can use AI. If we could title this, as you see, AI for marine businesses, how can we use that? The first approach, as people are probably thinking is maybe the first way you can look at it is automated customer support. I thought of this before I put it up there. The reason I put automated customer service is that this is an issue over and over that we have seen with marine businesses.

Customer service sometimes is very tough in that business. So there are a lot of different ways you can automate that process to help alleviate, sometimes even remove the human interaction. That doesn’t mean that you don’t make that phone call, you don’t talk to people, but the basic element of it that can be automated. From answering basic inquiries on the website, it’s not just a basic chat, but an automated chat. Or when the customer comes in and help you do analysis of their data to determine how you can support them better, that information can become very crucial on your business. That’s why I thought it would make sense for automated customer support. The second piece is the easiest, I guess, and maybe it should be the first, is content creation. And content, I think, continue to be one of the most challenging piece in marketing. So you can have the perfect target audience. You can determine how to speak with them and you know where they are to deliver that message to them. But the continuation of content creation is the trickiest and hardest piece. And AI is here to the rescue, to be honest. So you can use this, and we’re going to do a live test here where you can use AI to create all of many, many blog posts, many, many content that you would take a decent amount of time.

All of us would take the same amount of time to write, but with an AI in our hands, we can do much more and be more productive. You can use AI actually to create all those different social media posts for you as well. So what does that look like for me? For me, forecasting and decision-making process. As I mentioned earlier, it’s very, very hard to actually sit and sniff through all those different data points and try to figure out what’s coming next or how the next three months, six months, a year from now looks like. But imagine if there are a system that could help you automate that process to look at that far ahead but also sometimes even help you make decisions based on your past decision and the past performance. And this is where AI will continue to shy. Now, design, creativity, I showed you a second ago, but this is just the beginning of AI. As you guys see it, I don’t know if you heard of Midjourney. Midjourney started as just a basic image creation, but now Midjourney is really taking the world by storm. You can create almost any piece of art you can think about.

All you need is some creativity to write the perfect clump or comment, and they will spit out the best graphics for you. Imagine what this would look like a few years from now. I think that’s game-changer. But also, even for those of us that’s not super creative, AI can help solve a lot of those issues for us. Compliance. Compliance will continue to be part of almost every business. One way we can reduce that is to sometimes we automate that process, but you still have human involved. Most AI, if you tell them to do something and there are good comment in place and they are safeguard in place, you know there would be less error than if humans were involved. Now, I’m not saying that can replace human, but we know AI can really help streamline that process. Customization of product and services. Many of us know we want our services, we want our product, we know they’re good enough, but how do we know they’re good enough for the customer? How do we know? Imagine you have a system that can integrate with your CRM at the moment, that integrate with your website, look at all the different marketing piece that you have, and take a look at what the customers are demanding and what they are not asking for, and be able to customize each of your product and services to that customer-specific needs.

Imagine if you could do that. Now, obviously, another one is how you can streamline HR processes. So I know onboarding is probably one of the first thing I think AI just solved for all of us. Unboarding is the necessary evil in all businesses and especially for smaller companies, we dread it because now I got to stop for the next two, three weeks to get this person onboarded. And a lot of it is things that you will repeat overand over and over. Now imagine if there are ways that you can streamline that process by really capture maybe then those information, converting them, and we process them, create videos and information from SOPs to play books for your company so that when that person come, man, obviously you don’t just say, Hey, here’s videos to watch or things to read, but more of a combination of training and the automated process that’s already in place, that would really help your team feel more confident. I believe AI would be a game-changer for that. Innovation and innovative product development. R&d, no matter where you are in your business, lifecycle, whatever that you do, there’s always somehow a little bit R&D involved.

So whether you are introducing a new product or you’re trying to think of what is the best way to increase the price for X, Y, and Z, you got to think about the effect that will have on your team, on the company bottom line, and possibly even the customer. Are people going to buy this? And if they do, will they will they be satisfied with it? All of that got to be done and AI can actually solve and help with some of it. So this is why it’s so critical to have this type of system in place. So talk about AI, AI, and now the moment that we’ve been waiting for is ChatGPT. How do we use ChatGPT? So a lot of what we have right now really tie in to coming in with ChatGPT in place that changed the game for many, many talking points that we had. We know AI has been used for general dynamic, for example, the robot system to US government using that for unmanned aerial vehicle. But now for us as a normal consumer of this product, ChatGPT opened the door for us and show us what’s possible and what are some of the things that we can do and allow us to reduce the time that we spend on certain things that can be done and even automated.

So if we do this, basically, almost anything. This is the beauty of why ChatGPT has changed again. Again, I’m probably not preaching to the choir here, guys. You heard of ChatGPT. I don’t really have to explain it. But if you’re not aware what is ChatGPT by any means is ChatGPT started as a project back, I believe, in 2017, ’18, I think, by OpenAI. Openai started as a nonprofit company and slowly shift into the grid, that arm of the business to generate revenue. And now ChatGPT really launched last year, but did not really hit the public until early this year, where everyone knows what ChatGPT is capable of. And I will be listing a few of the things that you can use ChatGPT for. But for those of you that have not used it yet, from writing content to even ask ChatGPT to write a full blown piece of code to fix a code for you, ChatGPT can even analyze your computer programming code to tell you what’s wrong with it to some degree. Okay. This is another example of ChatGPT itself, the speed of it, the way it can write a sentence or 100 sentences, it’s insane.

This is why we’re going to go over a few prompts. How can you use ChatGPT to take advantage of ChatGPT and creating more content and sometimes even help you think through issues and problems that you would like to solve for the company. Now, before I go to a live example, I do want to answer a few questions that I see coming in. Can AI suggest personalized ideas? Absolutely. If you ever have some thinking and some things that you want to flesh out and don’t have someone to run them by or maybe a significant order don’t want to listen to you, just pull up ChatGPT. Don’t tell them I say that, but pull up ChatGPT and you can ask ChatGPT any questions and it will answer that for you. Now we’re going to go to a quick live example of what this looks like. Now, this is a poor account that I have. So you will see a little bit different in that I do use ChatGPT 4.0 and 3.5. And the big difference between the two of them is that ChatGPT-3 was the first one, and then 0.35 was the second one that came out.

4 is available in some market and in some POS account. Not everybody has it. Some people do have it. And what you can do with POS, you can actually customize some of the plugin, adding plugins to do some things for you. Whereas 3.1 is very straightforward in terms of what things that you can do. Now, when you first open this, it tells you here are a few options that you can do. But we are marine businesses, so we’re going to go into some specific one that we would like to go over and talk about in terms of creating real live information that we need. Let’s say, for example, you want to create a weekly social media calendar for content that you want to create. So there are tons of different ways, and they call this prompt, right? And then everything that the prompt gives you, it’s a chat. And then within that chat is all the information that may be suggested to you. So what I would suggest you do is try to be as specific as you can when you write your comment for ChatGPT. Because again, the system doesn’t have the latest information.

It trend up to the end of 2021. This is why ChatGPT-4 is so powerful because with ChatGPT-4, you can make ChatGPT-4 go outside the web. Although they restrict that little bit, but they bring it back, they restrict it. But you can actually tell ChatGPT-4 to go outside the web to bring you newer information about that specific subject that you ask. Let’s say, for example, we want to create a weekly social media blog post ideas for a specific audience. Well, I purposely copied this prompt, so you can see the adjustment you need to make. So here it says, suggest ideas for a weekly series on boarding season for my social media audience. What I would suggest that you do, I would begin giving ChatGPT context. I would say I am a boat rental company in Miami, Florida, and so on. So that’s context all along. It’s starting to basically start getting your content to be unique because now they know you’re a rental company, you are in Miami, Florida. And the other thing that you can do with this is giving it even more context. So you can tell ChatGPT, My target audience is family with three to five people, and they usually travel from outside Florida area that when they come in, they book online.

So all that information you provide to ChatGPT, the more information you can provide it, the more precise, the more clarity that would come out on your post. But for this one, we’re just going to run it and you will see. So it’s really that straightforward. You just said, Hey, give me some suggestion on a few topics. And just look at that. Some of you guys might be super fast writer, thinker. Maybe you probably would be able to write this faster than ChatGPT. But remember, we just got this in less than five seconds. This thing writes all the different posts that we should talk about and tell us exactly how to do that. Now, here’s a cool trick about ChatGPT. As you’re writing content and comment for it, you can actually restructure some of those comments. You could say something like, based on the information provided, based on the output, come on, please create a full calendar with due date and with possibility. So you will see… Boom. So as you can see, this is just an example. Obviously, you would know who’s responsible for this and who would do X, Y, and Z, but that’s just to show you the power of this.

And obviously, there are things, there are limitations to this, but you can even ask it to create a table where it tabulate the information for you with different roles and columns. So that’s the power of ChatGPT. We’re going to take another example of… For example, as I mentioned to you, this is not just to write content. As you can see, clearly we can get a whole social media post content full out. Now, this is not perfect, and I should have given this disclaimer early on is that ChatGPT information that ChatGPT give you will never be 100%. Very rare. What you do have to do is go into it and say, Okay, this doesn’t make sense. I’m going to eliminate that, or Let me rewrite this, or you can even ask ChatGPT to rewrite it for you. But those are very, very important things that you need to be aware of because not everything ChatGPT give you is something that you just want to run home with. You want to look at the content that provide to you and make sure you make the adjustment. So now, I show you how that social media post can be created.

Now we’re going to go to real business information, maybe something like very, very generic. Very generic. Let’s say, for example, a business proposal. This is going to be, I know this is going to sound like very corny, but we’re going to say write us a very polite email declining a business proposal or collaboration for another… This is where you can customize this. Because if you tell ChatGPT, let me show you, for example, if you tell ChatGPT, Hey, write me something, an email declining a business proposal. It’s just going to just spit things just because it doesn’t have any context, doesn’t have any information. Imagine if you take the same information, the same text, you just copy it and paste it here, and then you update that information. Write a polite e-mail declining a business proposal or collaboration from another competitor. You will see that another competitor. We are in the boat rental. Actually, we are in the boat dealership vertical. We do not sell… I don’t know, something like we do not sell new boats, let’s put it that, whereas the order where they want to use to sell, want us to sell this new board.

This is just an example of what… You see the difference here. We tell ChatGPT, write or something, and now we go very specific, tell them what we need. I’m going to answer a question in a second, Greg. So that’s just to give you an example of what you’re able to do with ChatGPT. You see the email is very… Is now very, very specific. And again, this is not going to be perfect, but based on this information alone, you can see how you will be able to craft. It probably would take you a good 20 minutes, 30 minutes to sit there, try to work your brand, where you basically write the command and you can see I’m expelling errors and that comment is still recognized what I was trying to say. So this is where ChatGPT can help you. Okay, so to add to answer your question regarding, is there a program that’s available to help analyze catalog? Absolutely, there are programs that are able to analyze the catalog depending on how the catalog is set up and then match it up to parking slip. I’m pretty sure because obviously if they’re able to analyze it, and then if both content are coming from anywhere, there are ways to do that.

Now, uploading it to a website, that would be what we call more of a workflow instead of a specific AI. Now, again, there are tons of ways you can do that based on… Again, without knowing the specific detail, the programs, and what the catalog looks like, and where it’s located, I won’t be able to answer definitely yes, but what you’re referring to right now in terms of programs that can analyze a catalog, match it up with a shipping, packing, and then upload that catalog into a different website or product website, yes, that’s possible. And this is more of a workflow. Now there might be other integrated pieces and even plugin that’s built-in to AI, even ChatGPT itself that can help analyze that. And those are the things that problems like this come all the time. And what you can do with a system like ChatGPT, even if you just sit there and you don’t have anyone to ask that question, you can ask ChatGPT to help you solve that problem. And as you can see, guys, like live, it takes us just a few minutes to write this long email. If you were to receive this from someone, it would look very long and it takes us almost no time.

Those are the information that you should be aware of. We’re going to do one last one, and then we flip back to the presentation. There are a few things that you can do in so many ways. Here’s an example. Again, none of these are just copy and paste back to your website because this is very important. I will share with you some things that when you write content for any content that you get from a system like ChatGPT, it needs to be looked at, reviewed, and updates accordingly. Don’t just copy and paste it and put it on your website. Don’t ever do that because there’s always going to be something that you would see differently that look weird or that may not make sense to some users. Here’s an example, write a video script that highlight… I usually would go, and I show you as an example, write a video script that highlight ABC boardingCenter. I don’t know. If you say ABC Boarding Center, it means nothing to ChatGPT. It’s another boarding center. But what you could say is for context, featuring our boards, safety measure, and customer reviews. Describe the booking process, maintenance, eco-friendly, and with a clear call to action.

This is a very good prompt, but what you will have to do on this specific prompt is giving ChatGPT some additional information to say, We are a boat dealership. We are located in Miami, and here are the different services that we offer. We sell new and used boat, we sell trailer, we sell maybe peers, and you name it. And then we even do mobile services and we do maintenance, we take insurance and so forth. So all of that information you provide at GPT, the more you can provide that information that’s unique to you, the more that content you will get back will be unique to you, and the more you can take that home. I’m just going to run this very quick. Not going to go into this specific, but you get the points, right? This is what ChatGPT does give you. What I would suggest that you do, sometimes you want to put the limit on that video how long you want it to be. I would say, Hey, write me a video outline for five minutes, video outline for X, Y, and Z. Here’s what we do for context. Here’s what I want you to include on it.

You will have to do those little work, like what we call prompt. But at the end of the day, it probably would take you longer if you were to start this from scratch. That’s the point of ChatGPT. I hope this help you see what’s possible. As I mentioned, please, if you have any questions, drop them here. But we’re going to shift back to the presentation here. So there are a few ways. All of you guys that attend this webinar will be receiving this, but there are 30 ways to use ChatGPT to help streamline some of the work that you are doing and information that you are passing along. So content creation, learning page, even translation. And ChatGPT translation is actually pretty good. I don’t know if you noticed my accent, but I’m pretty sure you do have. English was my fifth language that I learned. I tested ChatGPT with Haitian Creole. I’m originally from Haiti. I came here when I was much younger than I am now. But there are some part of the country that speak very, very, very hard Creole. Some people in the country don’t understand that part of the country is Creole.

I take the hardest piece of Creole, get ChatGPT and translate it for me in perfect English, not word-by-word, but actually taking the full sentence and translate the whole sentence as if. This is the power of a system like this that can change your business in so many different ways. And this is why, again, we don’t get paid for ChatGPT here, but I know how much it can help you, your business to grow, help taking your business to the next level, and I want to share that with you. What are some what the future of AI looks like? So if you look at globally, this is the impact it has so far and productivity in 2022, but this is a forecast 2022 to 20 fully and what that looks like. And you can see the countries that leading AI right now, you’re looking at the top blueprint, the US is a very early adopter and most of those stuff, and then really driving the force here. But obviously Germany, so is France, and Japan is not a surprise because Japanese users are very, most are Japanese, electronics, slash, even software are very advanced in terms of what they have or the app-push technology itself.

The question is, will AI replace us or take over your job? I would say absolutely not. If anything, AI make us more efficient. Increase our productivity, be better. Imagine we sit here trying to write an email declining someone or writing a blog post that would take us 20, 30 minutes or an hour or two. Imagine you write good prompts that reduce that time and half or a fraction of what it would be you have more time now to go spend with your kids, with your family. So I see AI more of a complement of what we already been doing. It’s more of helping us can drive business growth and be informed and be more creative and really help us make faster decision, better decision and be more innovative than we have in. Okay. As you guys know, again, we don’t cover a lot of things here. We went over the history of AI. We talk about why is AI, history of AI, how the company is using it. What are some of the ways that you as a marine business, whether you’re boat dealer, boat went to boat club, boat manufacturers, or a consultant for the industry, or wherever you might feel in between, we went over a few different ways you can see how you can use AI, more specifically, how you can use ChatGPT to help level up, take your business to the next level.

But there are more resources than just that. Take a look at our resource section on our website. It’s full of information from different blog posts. We write a lot of content, all of that for free. Webinars that we conduct once every other month or so, podcasts. We have a lot of white papers that go into deep information overload sometimes. We have books available, and then more. So check this out. Take a look at some of the stuff. Now, here’s the bonus for you. We have a very specific ChatGPT prompts list that we want to share with only people that actually provide information. And the reason we want information from… We want to give that chat, those chat prompts to people that actually are in business in the marine space so they can take this home and execute on it. So the URL is boatmarketingpost. Com/chatgptpomps. One word, chatgptpomps, slash… Sorry, www. Wordmarketingpost. Com/chatgptpomps. And we will make sure you get a copy of those prompts so you can start playing with ChatGPT. There’s always a free strategy session here at the company. So if you’re interested in seeing how we can work together, you can schedule a strategy session here.

I know we went over a lot. There are two more questions. We just on the top of the hours here we’re about to wrap up, but I want to make sure I answer a couple more questions. Is using AI more cost effective than traditional customer service for boarding business? Not necessarily, but I think it is. Ai can really help you streamline how you provide information to the end customer and also really be available 24/7. As I mentioned, you probably heard on my previous webinar, I truly believe your website is probably the most important team member in your company. You may not realize it yet, but it is. Imagine you have a team member that doesn’t sleep and answer all the questions on time whenever it needs to be. All it asks for is take care of it. That’s where an AI can come and be available on your website, possibly even sometimes answer the question. But from a customer perspective, AI can help you really do a deep dive on your data and really help you make better decisions for your customers. The other question was the difference between ChatGPT versions. I think I went over that very briefly, but 3.3 is more for general public, it’s faster, but sometimes create more errors, whereas ChatGPT-4 is better for analytics and very deep analysis of information, so depending on what you need to accomplish, and ChatGPT-4 is not available for all users.

If you have a paid plus account, you have that most likely. But if not, then you have only the lower version. Again, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out. There is one last question I want to address. Should we be concerned about privacy and security when using AI like ChatGPT? Absolutely, yes. Now, I use ChatGPT very frequently, but I make sure I don’t provide ChatGPT more than what he needs to know from me about me. Because again, that information is not saved directly on your computer, it’s saved on the cloud there. So you want to be careful how you use it. But as long as that information is very generic enough, I think you’d be good. With that, I really appreciate you guys being here today with us. If you have any questions, comment, other topics that you would love to see us cover and upcoming webinar, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Please feel free to head to our website, bothmarketingpost. Com, submit a contact form, or if you would like to see how we can help or work together with you, feel free to go to bothmarketingpost.

Com/schedule to schedule a strategy session with me personally, and I’ll be more than happy to take a look at what you have. As you know, as I mentioned to you from the beginning here, we are a full digital marketing agency, so we help from building your website to integrating your website with different DMS. We have our own system here, so we connect to all the major DMS. So your inventory can be managed from Lightspeed to Salesforce to Botrainer, wherever you have it. And then we will display it on your website and make sure you have all the SEO, text, and text that you need for your website. Those are the things that we do, and we not only from an SEO perspective, but we help market your website to Google or retargeting and social media as well. So with all that. This is all I have for you today. Thank you so much again for reaching out for those of you guys that are interested and want to get the free ChatGPT prompts. This is the URL again, is chatbookmarketimposed. Com/chatgptpups. Once we get your information, we will be sending that over your way. Again, thank you so much.

My name is Harry Casamey. This has been a great pleasure. Let’s go. Thank you so much. Have a good day.