Webinar Transcript - SEO Formula for Marine Businesses in 2023

Speaker: Harry Casimir

Awesome. Welcome, everyone, to the 2023 Digital Marketing plan for boating business. If you are in the marine business, whether you’re a boat dealer, boat renter, boat club, boat charter, you’re in the right place. And if you’re here to just capture some nuggets, get some good tips on how to implement some of the marketing plan for 2023. This is the right place. You don’t even have to be in the marine space if you’re not, but that’s fine because we have a lot to unpack today. So welcome and thank you for joining us. I’m going to dive right in. We have a lot to unpack here. This webinar is usually about 90 minutes and there will be a lot to unpack. Here are the things that we will be covering today. We’re going to talk about how to set goals for the 2023 and to bring in the goals of the total leads, the sales that you want to bring in. We’re going to touch on the three fundamentals of marketing success. We’re going to dive into how to optimize your website for conversion. The whole game of how website works has changed over the years and especially with the changes with Google algorithm in the last few years, even in the last few months, really changed the game.

So we’re going to talk about these changes and we’re going to look at the big picture and how to maximize your lead flow. We will talk about the latest trends for 2023 and the one that you need to focus on because there is so much time and there’s so much you can focus. You can only focus on. We will talk about how we will go over the specific action plan where you are now and how you can implement some of those elements to get you going. Today I would love to get all of your attention to this because there’s so much to go over. In these 90 minutes we’re going to be together here. If you could just turn off your phone for a moment, turn off social media, remove some of the distractions, so we can dive right into this. For questions, please just send them as they come in. If you have questions about anything I’m going over, or if you need me to pause for a moment or clarify something, if you even want to come on stage, you can raise your hand to do so. The raising hand icon is right below the screen you’re looking at.

Or you can hover over the Zoom menu and you will see there is a place to raise your hand as well as you can ask a question where it says Q&A. If you have any questions, shoot them and I will answer them along the way or I will answer them at the end. A little bit about me. My name is Harry Casimir, founder and owner of both Marketing pools and Atilus. I’m a US vet and then it used to be in the Navy. That’s how I get my mark in the Marine space. We are, as a digital marketing agency, we are members of all those different association, the MRA, and a few local organization as well. We are part of the Marine marketers of America group. I am the host for the Marine Marketing podcast. We are syndicating in Apple podcast, Spotify. Anywhere you can listen to something, we are broadcasting there, so you can download some of our episodes and listen to some of the nuggets we drop. I am a published author, both on magazine, such as Trade Only, Building Industries, as well as we have a group on Facebook called Boat Marketing Mastermind.

If you ever want to join other people that like my date and share different content, feel free to join us. As well as we have two books in Amazon, both of them published exclusively for the marine industry, one of them specific for boat dealers in the marine space, and then the other one is for marine in general. So whether you’re a charter business, rental, club, feel free to grab a copy. It’s very cheap. All, thank me and I will send you a free copy with my signature on it. A little bit about my education. I own a bachelor degree in computer information system from Florida Gulf Coast University. My MBA is from Norwich University. It’s in Vermont, one of the oldest private military school in United States. One thing that we are very well known for is we have the most Medal of Honor recipient of all institution in United States. About half of the Honor recipients come from Norwich University in Vermont. A little bit about that. Gonna dive right in. Who we are? Bored Marketing Pros is a sister company of Atilus. Atilus has been in business for 15 years. We are a digital marketing agency.

We help business grow online from planning to website, social media, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, which is SEO, as well as ADA compliance. This is where we really put a big mark on the market. We Excel at this where we help website meet the ADA compliance, which is section 508 on the American Disability Act for Electronics Record. To get started, if you have not done so, please… That’s the first time you’re going to go to your… That’s the only time you will need to go to your web browser to download the workbook that we will be working from. This workbook, there are a few empty spot pages in there, so you can map out your work plan as well as we go through this. Let’s dive right in. 2023 Digital Marketing Plan for Building Business. Again, as I said, whether you’re in the book dealer space, club, marena, this is a plan that you can take home and implement yourself, or you can get the knowledge today you need, so that way you can ask your team the right questions. Or we here, if you need any help, feel free to jump in and shoot us an email, ask any questions that you have.

If you guys have any questions, again, feel free to put them on the chat and we’re going to put them in the questions Q&A. We will go through them as we progress. How do you get started? The number one thing that I have seen over and over. And to some degree, almost all of us guilty of this because sometimes we are so good at what we do, or we have done it so many times, we don’t think that we need to go. But at the end of the day, when you set clear goal, you set the expectations, it really helps you focus. Because if you know where you’re going, no matter how many obstacle that come your way, there’s always a little other ways that you can turn around and keep on moving because you know where you’re going. But if you do not know where you’re going, it’s very, very hard to keep up. So set very clear goal so that way you can make sure you meet that. Brian Tracy, one of the very famous author, you guys probably heard of him in business. He has thousands of books. He said success is goals and all hours is commentary.

If you think about this, that’s true. We all can basically try to navigate and go through, especially in the marine space. In the last two to three years, it was awesome to some degree because inventory couldn’t really stay on the lot and everybody wanted to get out. Whether you run a boat rental space to a full-service dealer, you were busy. But things are changed. 2023, I think this is a year of change and inventory coming back, consumer behavior changed forever. So things will change. That is why it’s so important. And this is why you don’t want to go through 2023 without certain goals. As I mentioned earlier, pulling without clear goal is almost like sitting in the ocean and no one want to find yourself in that space at some point because you know it’s bad. But if you have a clear goal, clear vision, things that you know you want to accomplish, things that you will, you set your mind, your team, your company are set for, it’s almost like having a clear path. You have the navigation and the wind is pushing you away to your destination. That’s what clear goal really means.

Here’s a more of a quick screenshot of what some of the goals that you can set. This marketing plan we’re talking about here today will help you map this out. But just to give you a quick snapshot of what is the total monthly revenue, yearly revenue you want to accomplish this year? What are some of the key metrics that you want to keep track of? If you’re a boat dealer that do repair, what is your average ticket item? What is your what your average conversion, if you have 100 people coming in, how many of them that convert into customers? And really, how many of those you can work with. You can do repair for, you can do service for, you can sell a boat to, or even rent a boat too. So this is not just for one type of business, but you can see you can run the numbers, what that looks like. And really, just a quick snapshot. But really, you can also map this out for long-term vision, long-term goals in terms of in two years from now, I cannot believe it’s 2023, but two years from now, I want to have a $10 million business, $20 million business, $50 million, and what this looks like, and why do I want all that.

This is for almost anyone, whether you’re responsible for marketing or you are the owner of the business, general manager, you’re responsible for sales. Those are the numbers that you have to start looking at and how you’re going to meet those numbers. This is why setting goals are so, so important. My question to you, what are your goals for 2023? How many leads will you need to get to your goals for 2023? We’re going to go over this in more detail within the worksheet, but start thinking of those numbers. What are some of the goals that you have for 2023? I heard this all the time where people was like, Well, I want to double my number of this year. I want to triple my numbers. But they don’t really have a plan to do that. It’s not impossible to triple, even quadruple your numbers year over year, as long as you have a plan for it. Hope is not really a plan. You actually have to plan that out, and this is why it’s so important. So if you can, right now, write down some of the goals that you have for 2023, and we’re going to dive right into it.

The other thing is your marketing strategy. As I mentioned, the landscape changed a lot. What a true, well-planned, well-thought-out marketing strategy looks like, and what are some of the key elements, especially when you come to online, what are some of the key elements you want to incorporate? Well, you want to really look at some of the key things that you are doing from syndication, your inventory that if you are a boat dealer, to different marketplaces, how your website interact with those different marketplaces, and how do you get your SEO for both technical SEO, local SEO, and organic SEO? Is your social media on par to all of that? Is your pay-per-click in place? Are you getting the right reviews on the correct time after you service a customer or after customer use your services? Are you taking advantage of newsletter? Is your website ADA compliance? Especially last year, there was so many demand letter for marine businesses. If you haven’t got a demand letter yet for ADA compliance for your website, that’s something that you have to think about. And sometimes you might even win the case in court. But by the time that thing hits you, the amount of money you have to spend to get your lawyer to shoo the other lawyer away, sometimes it’s way cheaper to even get your website ADA compliance from the get-go, or you’re in part with all that.

Is your lead conversion optimized where you’re making sure that every single lead accounted for and follow up with. So we’re going to go over all of that to see why it’s so important to plan this out and map something that you, your team, can be responsible for and execute on on a day in, day out very easily. So here are the nine steps, clear steps that we mapped out here that will help you accelerate your growth for this year. Take a look at every one of this really from the organic higher SEO. Seo stands for search and optimization. How this play a big impact on your website, pay per click. How does that play an important piece of your marketing overall? Take a look at the certain leads that you’re bringing in. Are they qualified leads? And if they’re not, where can you place them within your database, your CRM, whatever that might be you are using? And if you’re not using a CRM at the moment and you’re running any business nowadays, it’s almost impossible. I don’t know how people do that. I’ve been to many businesses, they don’t have a CRM. I’m not being judgmental, but this is something that’s critical to run any business.

How do you know all of your customers? There’s no way to get those in papers. At least for me, we live in Florida, we can lose everything overnight if the hurricanes stop by. So we always want to keep those things and systems that help you grow. But also, most importantly is your website. Your website is almost like… I always look at a website as one of the hardest working employee you can have at a company. Even harder work than you if you take care of it, if you think about it, your website doesn’t ask for much. It’s open 24-7, provide information all the time. This is why it’s so critical. When someone tell a friend about you, about your product or services, they go to your website. When they find out about you on social media, they go to your website. You talk to them on the network event, they go to your website. The association you are part of, the chamber you are part of, they link to your website. This is why it’s so critical to have a website that represent what you stand for, what you are selling, and why you convince people why they should do business with you.

A lot of it has nothing to do with you talking with them now. As I mentioned earlier, customer behavior change, they don’t want to talk to you most of the time now. They would prefer to go online, do their research, find the information, feed them the information they need, and then they come to talk to you. This is why it’s so critical. Reputation is the other thing. Reputation can be more of a vague word, but reputation here we’re talking about is more reviews. Making sure everyone that you do business with has a way to come back and giving you positive review and sometimes negative review, but at least you have those reviews. There are ways you can automate that process. Automate everything in your business for 2023 and you will see a lot of difference. Those are the nine key things. Every one of you guys who wants one of that quick sheet, we would be more than happy to send that over to you. Also having a clear, what we call the CEO dashboard that helps you looked at… And this is not the name is CEO dashboard, but you can use that whether you’re the intern at the company or you are the marketing director, you can use that dashboard to use different key index matrix, KPI, to help you understand where are we spending the money, what’s the average cost we’re spending, are we getting the return on investment?

Then we can send that sheet for you. Again, if you look at how we break this down is how do you drive leads to your business? How do you convert those leads or convince them you are the one so that they can come back to you? And how do you optimize the result to make sure that every penny you spend is worth the time and the money? And all of this we’re talking about here, it may not even be you that’s involved in this on a day in, day out. It might be someone from your team, or it might be a freelancer you work with. It might be an agency like us you work with. But every one of this can be accounted for if you ask the right questions. Today I hope in this session that we can go over some of the questions that you can ask your agency, your freelancer, to ensure that you understand what’s going on and they can explain that to you as well. Where should you spend most of your time focused on this coming up year for you to meet your numbers? Every one of us have different numbers, different goals.

Some of us, we’re killing it in numbers. We just need to get our brand out there more. Some of us, we need to get the numbers up. Some of us, we just need to maintain the current numbers we have. Some of us, we just need to convert more people. How do you do that? The first thing, as I mentioned to you, is the first thing you want to do is ensure your website is the first place to get optimized. It’s 2023, there is almost no reason now to have a website that is not fully optimized. When we talk about optimized, it has to do with a lot of the little bit detail in terms of the different content, the header, the image we use on your website, how authentic is your image, and search engine optimization. Search engine like Google and Microsoft Bank, but Google is the 700, 800 pound gorilla in the room here. Google actually looked at all those different detail. Googlebot, how well your content written on your web page, how old is the image, and how long was the last time you updated this website. All of that becomes very, very critical.

As you know, Google has lots of options. Your competitors, if you’re not up there, your competitors are up there. That is why it’s so critical to have your website optimized. When you optimize your website, it’s become the in place because not only you get ranking very well on search engine, but also when someone finds you through any of those social media places, guess what? When they come to your website, you impress them. You give them more information, you educate them, and you walk them through the funnel. When you walk them through the funnel with a well-optimized flow, this is what you get in terms of how do you convert those people, how do you bring them in and then show them what certain things look like. When you see call, it’s usually meanings that it could be a lead as well directly from the website. On a typical website that’s very well optimized for conversion, I usually say that website should have at least five call-to-actions on the homepage. Reserve now, buy now, review our inventory now, book us now, make your reservation now, or join your club now. This is an example of a typical scenario where 1,500 people visit the website every month.

You have a 5% conversion because, well, it just button everywhere and a bunch of text. It doesn’t really help the user see the flow of things. And so typically on an average, you end up with some 1,500 people that’s coming in, you have about 75 of them that submit the form. That’s a big high number, but that’s just an example. And you have 30% of that convert. And when you book roughly about 22 jobs off that and at $450 an average transaction, again, this is just for show and example purposes. You can see clearly what that person can make, what the company can make from that 1,500 visitors. When the website is not optimized and when you cannot convert, that’s what happened. But when you can convert, when the website is fully is well optimized, instead of having 5% conversion, you can have 15% conversion. Then instead of having just 75 phone calls or leads, you get 225. At the same rate of conversion, 30%, you book 67 job versus 22, and you can see why it’s so critical to make sure your website is optimized both for the search engine and the end user so that the user can find the information they’re looking for and you guide them through the process, but also making sure your website is indexed properly for Google.

We’re going to talk about the website over and over by going through this because website becomes so critical. Here’s a good example of a good website that really clearly want the user, what they want the user to do. Here there is a clear phone number and there is a button that says join now. You cannot miss it. Then here, learn more. in this particular website, if that person wanted to have a form on the homepage, that’s where we would put the homepage or a form there. But they don’t want a form there. They prefer to get people to learn more, learn the process, get them educated. Besides, every boat club right now in the country, almost every one of them is full of anyways, they don’t have enough space. They’re not encouraging everybody to submit information. They prefer someone to get educated and boat club it first and then get submission. But those are what we’re talking about when it comes to call-to-action, optimize their homepage. When the website is very well optimized, what that looks like from a lead perspective, you can actually really make a big difference in terms of the amount of leads that you’re bringing in and the amount of leads that you can convert for each of those pages.

We’re going to go over every one of those in a little bit as we go to the process. How do you go about… You see when the website is optimized, what it looks like, what’s the result can be, how do you go about maximize conversion, optimize your website for maximum conversion. Here are the five steps that you can take right now. This sheet is available to all of you guys. These are the five steps that you can take home and really start implementing, looking at the things that right now you do not have on your website to start implementing them or thinking of how you can implement them. Some of those are much easier than others, but I’m not going to stay on that page forever. All of you guys have a copy of it and we have a lot to cover as well. Here are the 12 criteria to enhance your website conversion. Again, as I said, if you have questions, please feel free to drop them in the Q&A and I will answer them as I go. We’re going to continue. Here’s a good example of a website that is the difference on how you optimize a website.

This website was already well optimized, actually. It was a website that very well built, but a website that was built like four or five years ago. When we restructured this website, there were a few information that we had to change a little bit. Here’s an example of the navigation. When someone comes to your website, they care less now about you. It’s almost like having kids. No one care about you. Everybody wants to know how your kids are doing and how cute your kids are. It’s the same thing when people come to your website. They don’t really care about your homepage and all the pretty pictures sometimes. They care about what is it that you have to offer, the service, product, and your company, what is it that you have to offer, you can show me. This is why it’s so important to change your navigation a little bit in terms of, instead of having home. Sometimes your navigation might be inventory, services or product, whatever that might be, because this is where you want the user to learn first. Everything else is secondary. The thing that you sell, the thing that you want people to come to, the thing that make the transactioning happen, that’s where you want it to be.

Make sure you get that. When you optimize a site like that, it’s actually help you and help your team understand where things are coming from, how you get your leads, where you get your leads from, and how much do you invest, and how much money can you actually bring for each of the different channels that you’re going to work from. What can you do to optimize your website? Very similar to some of those website? Here are a few things in addition to the 12 criteria we talked about earlier. We’re going to go do a deep dive into the messaging and persona in a second. But the first thing you want to do on your website is people want to do business with people that they feel like they trust. Your message resonates with them, and we’re going to talk about message in the moment. But be really straightforward on your website. Tell people what you do. You guarantee you offer the best, you offer X, Y, and Z. Depending on what brand you carry, what you do, tell people they can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the booking time. If you were a boat rental, for example, a boat club, you can tell them when they bring their family and then you give them the key, they are set and they don’t have to worry about anything.

You have technician that certify whatever that might be, whether it’s Suzuki, Yamaha, or any of the other one that you bring on board. But make sure you put those messages that resonate with your target audience. We’re going to talk about that in a moment in terms of the target audience and how each of them really bring in when you bring the right customer in, when you understand your clientel how you speak with them, you will see how they can convert very quickly. This is a map out an example of what your message could be, some of the different messages that you can have on your website. Book your boat or charter. You are here 24 7. If you are a charter business we don’t compromise in quality, or every call is answered by a live person, you always find us. Our technician is always ready to talk to you. You can speak with the technician directly without a third poly. You can put all of that. All of our work are guaranteed. We take all the manufacturer’s coupons or something like that. All of that help people. Also, make sure your website show authenticity. Real people picture of people that you deal with on a day in, day out.

Also, make sure some of your workers, if you are a boat dealer, make sure some of your workers are right up front and center. Picture of them so that when people come in, they know they’re going to talk to Bob, they know they’re going to talk with Julia, whatever that might be. In addition to that, take advantage of the video and multi-media that we talk about. your website is already built, most website already built for this. Take pictures, making sure someone in your team is able to put content out there to help you and your website convert more of those people that ended up visiting your website. Also, take advantage of social proof. Remember, everything you associate with, as long as it’s positive, then it’s a social proof for you. The reviews you get from Google, the reviews you get from Yelp are your association with the MRAA. Your association with the local marine association is big thing for you because typically when you think about association, the average consumer think that an association is a good thing. Sometimes they’re overseen by a board. Also Google actually regard association higher than your normal web page.

Therefore, it is important to get the social proof in there. Also get the link back to them, which we’re going to talk about in a moment. Making sure all those reviews that you get, some of them are coming from Google. We put them on your website, but there are some of them you want to put on your website manually as well. The reason you do that is because the one that you put manually also can answer questions and help people see those reviews are authentically part of your website. This is very critical in terms of bringing in reviews to your website. Also, again, get the basic stuff right on your website. From a basic navigation, make your navigation so easy, so simple that someone comes to your website, it doesn’t matter what color your website is, it’s very easy for them to know what you do and how they can navigate to the information they need. Because of the way, especially in the Marine space, a lot of people get used to putting phone numbers out there. But nowadays, a lot of people actually very comfortable to get text messages. That’s something that you can also do based on the current audience that you’re dealing with.

Get those information right on your website so that the call to action, the flow for the end user, how they contact you, the information you need from them are front and center. Also, what you want to do is make sure within your website, create incentive and promotion that are available. Especially both dealers, all of you guys have incentive. I don’t know how much incentive nowadays, but I know inventory is coming back. A lot of manufacturers start pushing inventory promotion again. But if you are a boat club, boat rental, or charter business, this is a good time now to start drumming up more business. Even if you cannot take these people now, but making sure they are part of your list. Give them incentive to get them in your list. The other big thing is that you want to make sure your website is also responsive. Mobile responsiveness account for three out of five consumer at the moment. Go check your website on a mobile device. There is no way around it. Back in 2018, when Google changed mobile-first, don’t quote me on that specific time or date, but Google changed the algorithm where instead of desktop-first, it become mobile-first.

Meaning is that every time someone visits your website, Google actually check the website for mobile responsiveness. Meaning is that if your website is not mobile responsiveness, even if you are number one in Google at that time, Google actually shift you to give your competitors an edge if your competitors meet the basic requirement of responsiveness for mobile device. It is very, very critical for you and to have your website mobile-friendly. Not only mobile-friendly, but making sure it’s up to speed as well, because if your website is mobile-friendly, but it’s very slow, remember, especially in the United States, we are still in a very slow connection when it comes to cell service. It is very, very critical to ensure that your website speed is there and it’s also mobile optimized so that the information that you see on the desktop is very similar to the information you see on the mobile device. The other thing that you want to do is increase your interaction with the consumer via web chat. Web chat is probably one of the easiest things to implement, but I have seen over and over that web business don’t take advantage of that.

The beauty of web chat actually, you can automate a lot of that process because you can put your web chat into auto mode that can respond to people where, We’re not available now, please leave your name and phone number and email. That, my friend, is one lead that you wouldn’t have if you did not have that chat. Take advantage of chat system, put down your website to communicate with customers, and that can help you convert. This is part of our website checklist that we have. If you haven’t downloaded that, just check it out at some point. You can take a look at some of the key things that you should look at how to optimize your website. We have this on our website, our resource section within the Marketing post website to download. But making sure how your website is optimized, you can look at all those checkbox and you don’t even have to be super technical to do this. You can just download this, have your sheet with your coffee, and then go over it at list piece by piece. What are some of the takeaways and how to optimize your website? Some of the things that you can do.

What did you learn? What did you notice? You did not know? What would you like to share with us? If you have questions, please feel free to drop them. Again, as I said, I will do my best to answer them as I go. Or if I don’t answer them, I will definitely do that by the end. Do you comment any software or plugin for live chat? Yes, no. There are tons of different chat out there, chat services. I think there is one specifically on the Marine Space call… Okay, I’m not going to get the name right, so I cannot remember now. But they’re very well known in the Marine Space. They are the one that’s very good. We do a lot of the compliance website, so we only use a system that can help us be ADA compliance. Olark is O-L-A-R-K. It’s the chat that we use on our system for most of our clients because it’s already about 80 % ADA compliance. That really helped us meet ADA compliance, so we stay with that as well. Depending on the system that you use, that automation I talk about how you can auto response to the customer to the customer, whoever make the request.

It’s really depending on the system that you use. We have our own chat internally as well. In addition to Olark, we have our own chat as well that we use primarily and we have automated message that can popped out so that we can get basic information from the end user. What you’re looking for or you’re looking for a website or something like that and we can walk through that process. For most chat system out there right now, you can actually do that yourself, automate that process. Let’s move on and I will continue to check in the FAQs, the Q&A, and I will address them as I go. The next big thing on this how you prepare for this is, does your website come up when you search for your business? When you search for your business name, does it go up the first thing on Google? If you haven’t searched that yet, try to do this yourself. Go to Google when you have a moment and type in your company’s name and try to space it out. Not exactly the way it’s spelled, but maybe something like, if you ABC Boating put that and to see if you’re going to show up.

The way typically how that works is when you search for a specific keyword. For example, we search for Grayly White in Fort Myers, you can see here the intent of the user is that Google Assign assume that this user is looking for Grayly White Boats, in Fort Myers. It’s going to show all the dealers that are associated with that. Based on that result, you can see here there’s always what we call the tweet pack in Google. There are the ads. You see where the ads are. It’s always that little ads icon in front of it. Then there’s the map as well where sometimes Google put the map right in between the ads and organic. Then there is the organic piece. The organic piece starts from here in the bottom, and the organic piece has to do with the SEO work that you put in. This is what you pay for when someone clicks on this. This is where your reputation, your Google business profile come to play inside the map. We’re going to go over this piece by piece. Our question here, does SEO still matter? Seo will continue to be one of the most dominant and very cost-effective marketing piece out there, period.

The reason for that, and I use this analogy all the time, if you think about SEO, which is search engine optimization, and SEO has break down into those three pieces which we’re going to go over in a moment, but it’s really there is the technical SEO that has to do with how your website is built, or the structure of the website, the speed of the website, is it optimized? Then there is the local SEO that has to do with the Google Maps and where you are showing on the maps, the different reviews that you have, and the different citation you have coming back to your website, that has to do with the local. Then you get the organic SEO itself, which has to do with the backlinks, meaning the different links that you get from other people that make Google think that you are relevant, you “it”. In addition to that, you also have different type of content you’re trying to rank for. For example, if you are a boat dealer that carries, I don’t know, let’s say, Grady White as an example, you carry Grady White Freedom 375. Well, you could have a page on your website, not the inventory page itself, but a page that dedicated to talk about just that model, Grady White Freedom 375, and then you just talk about that.

You answer questions within that page, and this is what they call, sometimes you might hear people refer to the anchor page or the pillar page for that specific piece of content. Usually, this is a longer piece of content than anything. It’s not a 400 words page. It’s usually a 1,000 words page. Detail out that specific product. That is organic SEO where you’re trying to work on that page to get rank for. Typically, what you want to do for that page is to categorize that page within your website so that Google can separate that page from a pillar page versus the inventory page, because you’re going to have an inventory page that has that same information. What happened when you have duplicate information on your website, Google doesn’t like that. You can get bumped down, get punished for that. The best way to avoid it is to make sure you use what they call a schema within the page. You can tell Google, Hey, this page here is an inventory page. And sometimes it change. Sometimes this thing is not even available anymore. Sometimes it is. But it’s just an inventory product that’s been available for sale.

Whereas this page here, the pillar page, the corner page, the detail page is just a page that I want user to come to so I can answer the question for that specific product, if that makes sense. And that is how you create a good organic SEO framework. But to do that, here are some of the things that you need. You need proper keywords, proper planning to actually create good content. Here’s an example of some of the keywords if you are in the building business. No matter what business you are in, you can actually use some of those basic keywords to start writing some of the content and writing, breaking down some of the content that you have. You can take the word your city, which, for example, if you’re in Miami, Miami Boat for Sales, or you can shift that as well as you can see Boat for Sale in Miami, Best Boot Dealer in Miami. Those are some of the keywords that you can get ranking for as well. But this is a list of basic information that you can use to start thinking of different information, different ways to create content.

For those who stay at the end here, what we will do at the end, we will send you this checklist here as well as different ways, different some of the tools that you can use to generate additional content so you can write content for your website. Come back for website optimization. How do you optimize your website for SEO purposes? Remember, we talked about earlier, the first piece of this was purely about technical SEO. How to optimize your website for the user to get information. Now we get into the technical piece of this in terms of how do you optimize your website to make sure the search engine love what you are providing? Okay, so in the abbreviation UXO, which stands for user experience optimization, versus SEO. They are two different user experience optimization is fairly new. They always use SEO, but now because of how Google really pushing the way content looks on your website, actually the search engine now they bought that scan your website, that quality of your website, actually read the very detail of every page now to understand the flow of the content if it doesn’t make sense. This is why Google encouraged everyone to write your content on the third to fifth grade level so that even if third grade, they could understand what you’re trying to say on your website.

This is why it’s so critical. How do you optimize your website? Making sure the content is really easy to follow, easy to read. A few things that you can do to help Google and yourself is create a page for every single service that you provide. I know some of you guys provide thousands of different services. Well, you don’t have to create all these pages at once. You can actually map it out and create a plan. Say every month we’re going to write maybe four service pages. Those service pages, again, don’t have to be a ton of words. It can be 500-600 words. They’re not pillar pages. But make sure you detail out the different services that you have. But also create pages for the city that you serve, the geographic location that you serve with your services or your product. And there are restriction to this. I’m well aware because I know some wood dealers, you cannot really put certain information in the city that’s too close to you because someone else carry the brand that you are carrying. But it is important to do that. Making sure your content are unique. I have a question here that says, How do you do an assessment of your SEO?

And we’re going to talk about how you go about getting an assessment done for your website so that you can see all those different information. Making sure the information on your website is the keyword, what we call the meta tag. You’ve probably heard of that. But the meta tag include the title of the page, very, very critical. The description of the page, the keywords. Google used to use keywords like magic to do everything happen. Google doesn’t really go crazy for keywords nowadays if they even care. But there are tons of other search engine, tons of other system that actually use keywords to determine what your website is about. So it’s important to actually consider to use keywords. So make sure your keywords is up to par. Make sure the content on your site is breaking down into a full formation, what we call the there’s the header, there’s the subheader, there’s the summary, there’s the paragraphs, and the bullet points. And there are questions within your content so you can answer those questions. Those are very, very critical to ensure those information are there. The other thing that you want to check out on your website is making sure the name of your business spell correctly.

So if you spell your business, for example, ABC Boating with LLC, well, everywhere you add it, it should have ABC Boathing LLC. If you just have ABC Boating, that’s the only name you have, then you should address that everywhere the same way. And making sure your address is correct. So suite 101 and the pound sign, which is number sign 101 or two different numbers. So make sure if you have suite, one place always have suite and you have a pound number, you have pound number everywhere. Making sure all that information, if you can, make sure that information go on the footer. Now, this is a question I get often and I’m going to answer it as I’m here because what COVID had done, a lot of businesses operating from the house and they don’t feel confident to put the address within their website. That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with that. Google actually okay with not having your address. As long as you provide Google the address and say it’s a private home and they will be okay and they will publish you in the proximity and the geographic location that you need to be on. The next thing is really focus on the plan that you’re going to create for the different keywords you want to rank for.

Make sure you consistently blog for those keywords. When you do that, try to blog for one keyword at a time. If you write one blog post, try to go for one keyword. Don’t try to stuff or try to rank for two to three keywords within that same blog post. One, Google is not going to rank you for it. You might even get punished for it. Second, it’s just a waste of resources and time because you spend time writing a blog post, then you might as well get ranked for it. To do that, you want to use different methods and tools, but one of the things that you can do is making sure you focus on that one keyword and alternate keyword within that keyword. That way you can get proper ranking without getting punishment. The other thing you want to focus on, making sure your website page speed is up to par. There are a ton of different tools out there to test your website speed, and we will put that on that list for you guys on some of the pages that you can use to test your website speed to look at how fast is your website goes and what are some of the things that you can do to change them.

Whether it’s you that’s going to make those changes or you’re going to hand them over to your web person, or you’re going to get an agency to do that for you, you should make sure your website speed is very, very critical. And website speed, if I can say one thing about it, it’s very, very hard to determine what it is if you don’t have the technical skill. You might be seeing your website is right now is ranking up, let’s say it’s ranking 60 %. If you don’t have the skill, you might be like, Well, my website speed is very slow because of my hosting company. Or it might not be the hosting company, maybe you’re using a very old technology that’s running your website. Maybe you’re using a WordPress theme that no one support anymore, or you’re using a WordPress version that’s not even available to download anymore. So all those little things that you should be aware of know of to ensure that your website speed is up to par. As I mentioned earlier, how that can affect this. We’re not going to go into live example because we have a lot to still to cover on this.

I’m just going to keep on going and some of the things that you should do from an SEO perspective that is outside of page. What are some of the things that you can do? We talk about how you optimize your own website, things that you can do inside your website to ensure that it gets to that place. This is what we were going over. This is onsite optimization. We do everything within the website. What are the things that we need to do when we are off site? The first thing you want to do, if you have not done so for your business or the business you work for or with, if you have not done so, make sure you claim Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile is free. If you have not claimed it yet, do that. We have a whole video just about how to claim your Google business and how to optimize it. But the point of it is making sure you claim your Google Business Profile and update that information. The other thing that you want to do within your Google business profile is… You remember earlier I show you the name of the business, the address, what Google referred to as NAP, NAP, N-A-P, name, address, and phone number.

These are the three key elements that you want to be consistent across the web, no matter where you go. This is very, very critical for your business and your brand as well. No matter where you post your information, try to keep it consistent all the time. Again, as I mentioned earlier, if you are ABC, LLC, always put ABC, LLC. That’s what you use all the time. But if you do not use the LLC at the end, when you start putting your business online, never use it. Again, you only use the LLC if the government asks you, you can always put ABC Boating. That’s it. If that’s what your name is. The reason you do that is because Google look at different search engine methods to actually present or capture the different information that the end user need. Therefore, it is critical for you to have your business information correct, the name, the address, the phone number. The next thing on Google business profile you want to do as well is the category that your business belong to. The first thing you want to do is making sure you have one main category you add. Always use the main category first.

If you can think of it this way, there are boat dealers that are marinas that are boat club, that are boat rental. They have addition of boat repair and they even have additional services. Which one do you want to be known for, optimized for? Now, that one business can claim multiple business within Google Business Profile. It’s a little bit tricky. There are work around it. But if you’re going to use that one business name as the umbrella to all of these different categories of business that you carry, you can do that as well. You just want to make sure the category that you want to be known for is the first one that you present. The next thing you want to do is making sure your citation across the web is correct and is up to par. The reason you want to do that is because the way how the web ecosystem works. If you can think of it this way, let me show you. If you can think of the web this way. There are primarily four different aggregators across the US and in North America. There’s Factual, Info Group, Axiom, and Neustar.

They changed their name every five seconds. I’m pretty sure Info group right now changed their name already to Axel, I believe. If you look at each one of this, how they work, every one of these different system, they need information from each other. When you submit your information to Google, Google actually goes in and say, Hey, okay, you sent me this information. That’s great. Let me check with those guys what they have. So you provide Google your information and Google actually go out and say, Hey, let me check the information he provided me versus the information he provides you. And this is why it’s so important to make sure your NAP, your name, address, and phone number is consistent across the board because that’s how you get knocked by a point from an SEO perspective. This is why it’s so critical to have your information across the board in one consistent way. The other thing that you want to do is really there are tons and tons and tons of different system out there to get reviews from your customer online. Take advantage of it. Reviews become so critical as we speak. About 67% of consumer responds that they make decision based on the review they read online.

So if you can think of it this way, 67% of people would make decision on reviews that they read online, which means if you don’t have any reviews or if you have bad reviews… Actually, bad reviews is better than no reviews. So if you have some bad reviews, try to work around them and make sure your response to this review. And we talk about this in a different webinar, but make sure you have this information. And also, the other thing that you want to do is build authority for your website. So the way you build authority, if you’re part of a Chamber, you’re part of an association, make sure they give you a link to come back to your website. Actually, Google like that. It shows that you’re not a lonely person. You have went out there. It shows that people willing to link back to your website. Make sure you have that information in place. The other thing that you want to do is making sure different content, syndication content throughout different pages. You remember earlier how I mentioned to you that I published many articles on different association and journal online. This is very important.

You can actually reach out to even different manufacturer, even association to syndicate content. Now, that’s required a little bit of time, and this is a bigger plan. This is where someone that dedicated to do this is where someone e dedicated to do this, it comes very handy. So someone that does this for you, that create content and syndicate this content for you, know exactly where to syndicate this content and push them on your behalf. This is why it’s so important to have someone that actually take care of your SEO for you if you’re not very versed at it, especially the off-site SEO. Again, this is some of the thing that you want to do for whether you are part of a local chamber, association, make sure they get those content and consistently ask other marine businesses to link back to you. This is something that especially if you are friend or know people in the marine space that already have a business that complement you. For example, if I’m in Southwest Florida and I run a boat rental business in Southwest Florida. Most people that come into Southwest Florida, they’re not going to West Palm.

You can actually partner up with other boat rental places in West Palm to link back and forth to each other. Again, someone that was Southwest they’re not going to West Palm. If they’re in West Palm, they’re not going to West Palm. If they’re in West Palm, they’re not going to Southwest Florida. Then if they do, then at least you and I, both of us, can do business with those people because it’s a very hard battle to get good-quality links. So make sure you get some good links back to your website by requesting. Again, we already went over all of this. We talked about on page, how do you optimize your on page SEO? How do you get your Google business profile up and running and set up. We talk about making sure the content and how do you syndicate this different content and publish them on your website. More importantly, different signal that help you build trust and this is why we talk about making sure you have a social media that’s very active, that’s engage, build authority, create content and even publish content on those different articles and association sites and provide those information and help order people in the marine business.

Again, we will have a checklist with all that information so you can actually do your own assessment based on this. What are some of the key takeaways we talk about today? What are the things that you think you learn from all of this? Earlier, we talked about how do you optimize your on-page website, and then we talk about how do you optimize your off-page website. But the next thing we’re going to talk about is how do you optimize your Google Maps? Briefly, we’re going to run through this very quick because we still have a lot to cover. Google Maps is so critical, becoming so important. You cannot ignore this at all. Again, I beg you, if you have not done so, please claim your business and Google business profile. If you did claim it, but make sure you update that information, your address, your name of the business, the name of the business, the phone number, the category of services that you offer, and also even the detail. I don’t know if you know, but you can also use Google Business Profile, almost like a social media platform. Do you know every time you post a blog on your website, you can actually post it on Google Business Profile as well.

Any event you are attending, you can actually post that as well. That shows that you’re pushing activity within your Google Business Profile, and that’s very, very important for many, many business, especially for those businesses that require someone to come physically to them. A boat dealer is a perfect example. Boat rental, boat club. Actually, if most marine businesses require people to come to them. Therefore, Google Business Profile is even more important than organic SEO nowadays. It is critical to have that. For you to get a rank up there, a few things have to happen. One is obviously claim your business within the Google Business Profile, maintain it and keep it up to date, making sure you have reviews for that, as well as making sure you maintain a clean slate also responds to people that comment on this. Boatmarketing Pros, you see there is no reviews here because it’s part of Atilus reviews. So that is why you’ll see review under it. But we have reviews, a lot of reviews for Atilus. Again, this is some of the things that you need to do to look at some of the checklist, things that you need to go over.

You guys already have that checklist to determine how you get ranked on Google Maps. Few of the takes away. What did you notice you did not have? Check out your Google Business Profile, claim it, create one, update what you have, make sure everything match to your lacking. What are some of the opportunity that you need to take advantage of? Well, we talk a lot about your website, your SEO, and so forth. But what are some of the some of the foundation, all the information, and all the things that you need in place? There is the search engine optimization. We talk about SEO, the organic, the local map listing, pay-per-click, which also known as PPC, is also very big when it comes to marine space. I would venture out based on the numbers that we see, roughly about every time someone, if your PPC campaign is video, will optimize about 5% to 10% of the time, people come to the site and convert. Meaning that every 100 person that come to the website, there is a clear action 5% of those people tick. And you can multiply that number, you can see how big it is.

What are the things that you need to do in terms of taking advantage of online? Well, there’s the social media aspect, making sure you have a social media presence. I look at social media as this. I don’t love social media personally, but it is the necessary evil in business. So you have it, you don’t have it, but your competitor will have it, the next guy will have it, and then you the one that don’t have it. It’s free. It is what it is. I highly, highly recommend if you do not have your social media profile for your business yet, make sure you set that up because Google actually look at that as a signal of trust that you’re not simply put the website up, but you’re actually actively making information available, spreading your service or product across the board so that people can know more about you. Social media helps you with that. If you don’t have anything, make sure you get that social media posted, updated at least once or twice a week. Online directories. There’s lots of them. Make sure you use some online directories. You don’t even have to pay for many of them.

You can actually submit your information for free. The online directories is actually help. There are other ways you can do that. Pay Per Lead. Pay Per Lead is this. There are a ton of different services out there. Even Google does that at the moment, but Google does that for only very specific industry and very rare in the marine space that you have it. What are additional opportunities that are available? Again, the local ad services which is offered by Google, the association itself, the association you are part of has free ads, free listing, but also some of the listing to get the ranking higher with them. Some of them are pretty good at charging you for it, and sometimes it’s worth what you pay. Yellow pages, yes, it still exists. Yes, you can leverage that as part of your marketing piece as well. Here are the things that I want to break down for you in terms of when it comes to PPC. When it comes to PPC, the number one thing I see and how most of them fail is because they don’t break down the ad groups enough. For example, I have seen, I visited, I check out a potential client’s web PPC account, and that one dealer, they are a marina dealer, and I believe they have a boat club.

You can see they have a lot of different business out there and they only have one ad group running. That’s a big mistake. This is why it’s so critical to get yourself familiarize yourself with how PPC work or get someone in your team to do it or hire someone to do it because it might be even cheaper to hire someone versus you trying to do it yourself. One of the things you’re going to see out there is even Google does that tell you that you can run your own PPC ad, which is true. Anybody can actually run PPC ad. How effective that is? That’s the bigger question and making sure that information is there. The other thing that I seen is when you create an ad on Google or wherever that might be, whether it’s Google, Instagram, Facebook, Bing, any of the big website you create, always have a learning page that get the user to that information. Here’s why. If you can think of it this way, if I’m searching right now, Best Center Council Boat of 42 Footers, something like that, my intent is very clear. I’m looking for the best boat that have this.

So if you are bidding for that keyword that I’m searching for, and my intent is clear that I want to buy the best center counsel boat, when I click on your link, I should be able to see, or you should help reinforce my belief that I need to buy a 42 center console. So that is why you create a dedicated landing page for every time you run ads so that when the user come to that page, you get their focus just for that specific thing they look for. I hope that makes sense. You get the user to see the specific information that you are providing. Right in there, they’re able to take an action. This is why it’s so critical to have a landing page within your website. The other thing that you need to take a look at is do an assessment of your online ads. And again, you will get that worksheet to continue to do that. So talk about PPC. Take notes on some of the things that you have learned, some of the things that you have noticed, and what you can use here. And the other thing is social media, the big gorilla here.

Social media becoming the hot spot. And one of the things that I’ve seen over and over is that people ignore social media for simply not have a preference for or don’t like a specific platform for whatever reason. Well, at the end of the day, those social media not go on anyway? If you run your business, just really focus on your business and get what you need from the social media, meaning that you create your profile, get your business updates in there. My suggestion to you, if you have your business with your social media in there, just keep it separate from your personal, anything personal in there. That way, your business profile is always clean and easy to speak with your customer. The other thing that you want to do, are you taking advantage of email marketing? Email marketing is probably one of the most underrated marketing piece you can have in your arsenal, period. I’ve seen it over and over where people not taking, businesses not taking advantage of email marketing. Imagine you are in business for 3, 4, 5 years, 10 years, and we work with business that’s been in business for 75, 80 years.

Now, obviously, if you did business with someone 80 years ago, there’s a good chance they’re not around. But if you can think of in the last 10 years, most people you did business with are all live. They probably never heard of you again after you sold them that thing, or they rent from you, or they become a member of your club. After they left, what are the best way to reach out to them? The email newsletter is the easiest… E-mail marketing, that is the easiest e-mail marketing. It’s the easiest way not only to stay on top of the mind, but also reach out. It doesn’t have to be something you’re selling them. It’s something that it reinforces your brand and everybody’s mind and remind them that you are still in existence. Make sure you do that. Again, you guys will get those checklists so you can take a look at what are the key things that you are missing on each of your different marketing piece. We go over all of this and what is some of the biggest issue facing boat dealers, charters, and the marine business, most of the time is they’re not converting leads.

Again, we have the data from working with lots of different clients ourselves, and we have the data from different association. We’re not converting leads. 50% to 60% of leads go unconverted, and 90% of web forms on those website just fail. So whether the e-mail doesn’t reach people when someone submitted, it doesn’t go anywhere. So why can’t we do that? Why can’t we convert? Well, those are research that shows that 15 minutes, if an e-mail, if a lead doesn’t get follow up within 15 minutes, they go cold. You lose that lead. And the average consumer follow for the consumer to… For the customer to get back to you and do business with you, it will require at least five to seven e-mails before they actually book something with you. Meaning that especially if you have a product and this is a long cycle. Selling a boat is a very expensive item and it takes time. Selling a boat club membership and then repairing a boat can take time. Although it’s a little bit different because most consumer come to you. Also, why so many leads go unconverted is because we haven’t figured out who’s our target market, what they want.

Most consumer today prefer to use text messages versus a phone call. They don’t want to be interacted and e-mail. They receive too many e-mail and they don’t want to deal with that. If you text them, they probably will answer and it’s a direct message. Make sure you automate some of the information that you have. Actually, everything we talk about here can be automated so that one, you get back to the end user faster, to the potential customer faster. And also, every prospect is at least touched 5 to 6, 7 times, even 10 times by the time you realize they’re not good enough or they’re not really willing to work with you. But you can automate every piece of that. The second someone say, Hey, I’m interested in your service, you can automate or send an email automatically or text message automatically that say, Hey, thank you for submitting your information. We got it, we’ll be with you. Then a few minutes later, we can automatically connect that person’s information with the proper worker, salesperson, whatever that might be. This is why it’s so critical for you guys to ensure that to get your leads converted.

Here’s the math. On a typical lead where information don’t get converted, where the leads don’t get converted, 100 leads, you get 100 leads, you convert at 30%, there is very no follow-up, and you book about 30, and that’s roughly about the average ticket is $2,000. Again, that’s just an example. So you book about $60,000. But what if you could reverse this where instead of converting 30% because you don’t follow up, what if you have an automated system to do follow-up for you. So even though it’s not you writing this email every time or text messages, but the follow-up can help you convert that 70%. And this is the difference between not following up versus an automated system that are fully follow up with you. And sometimes it’s not because you don’t follow up. Your team is very busy. They have a ton of things to do. They have boat to deliver, boat to repair, and customer to talk to. The follow up, some of the follow up need to be automated and you need a system to do that. And this is why I encourage every one of you guys to get a system that can really get information from one place, automate that information for you.

This is a quick example of the things that for us here internally, the client we work with, we already have those things mapped out, fully automated for you. When you walk in, it’s not something that we’re going to try to figure it out for you. Obviously, we customize this based on the messaging and different information, your culture, your different flow, but we already have the foundation, the system in place, so it’s plug-and-play. This is really why it becomes so important. That way you can focus on what you do best, which is part of it is your business. In all the email automation, we’re going to send you this so you can see what helps you. How do you do this? Again, I’m going to run through the different slides because we are running short on time here and I want to answer the question at the end. How do you track all that information so that you ensure that you get a good ROI? So there are a ton of different free tools out there. One is obviously make sure your website has at least Google Analytics. There are a ton of different analytics system out there, but let’s go with Google Analytics because it’s fairly reliable.

It’s been around for a long time. It’s very easy to implement. Just make sure you get this on your website. And making sure you track your ranking online, your different keywords, and consider call tracking as well. One of the thing that when client work with us, every one of the phone number on the website is a trackable phone number. So we understand the customer behavior when people call, how long they call, last, when they call, why they call, and what page they were visiting when they call. We actually track all of that. And this is really critical because if your business is getting 100 phone calls a day and only 20 of them being answered, we have to know why. And versus if we are getting only 20 phone calls and every one of them is a fake phone call, we want to know why. So this is why it’s so important. If you do not have a CRM in place, please make sure you have a CRM in place. A CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s information that you cannot maintain everything in your head. The more information you put in CRM, the more it make it very easy for you and your team to communicate and service your client base very easily.

We’re going to provide you that sheet to get this. This is what an accelerated model looks like. We talk about all of this. We talk about the organic, the pay, the database. We talk about the website conversion, what the reputation looks like, automate some of that process. How do you track all that return on investment? How are we doing? Again, as I mentioned to you guys, you will get that sheet. I will be sending this to you. I know we went over so much in a very short period of time here. How can we help? What are some of the top action items based on what we talk about here today? What are some of the top three action items you will be taking? The first thing I would highly, if you still stuck, the first thing I would highly, highly recommend that you do is do an assessment of your website. The assessment, you can sign up for any of these free tools. There’s Ahrefs, and we’re going to send those links to you guys that stay until the end here, you will be getting this information. If you do not have your name, because I think some of you guys get in under Maria’s name, so I see a lot of different name.

So if you can change your name within the app so I can see who you are and possibly even drop your email on the private message for us. One of us here will get back to you to make sure you get that sheet. The first thing I want you to do for those three items, I would highly recommend you do an audit of your website, your web presence. Update your web presence, do a complete assessment. You can use SemRush. You can use Ahref, any of those tools, all of them have free account and they don’t even require credit card. It’s a 14 days trial. You have plenty of time. You just run that review. It give you an idea what that looks like. The second thing is use that worksheet we give you so that you can do a manual audit of your website and your online presence. so your social media, your website, your PPC, your SEO, and possibly even your ADA compliance to see where you stand and what are the things that you need to update. Most of the stuff, things that you can do yourself, you don’t really need us, but we’re here if you need help with anything.

The third thing is really to implement those action plan that you have in place. I know we went through a lot of stuff, things that we covered today. We set some expectation, play goals, and how to target and how to meet those goals. We talk about the KPI and tracking, how to achieve those outcome. We map out how to plan out the different channels and the budgets that you’re in the important trends. We talked to how to create some massive success for 2023. I know we went through a lot of stuff here today. If there are information that just flew by and you need a refresh, or you would like to talk to us, feel free to go to our website under the Resources section. There are a ton of different information that you can look up and download from our website. But more importantly, feel free to reach out. We are here. We’d be more than happy to do an assessment for you on your behalf and go over some of the things. It will be a free assessment. Send us an email at contact@boatmarketingpros.com and we’d be more than happy to take a look at your online presence, your website, and then do a complete assessment and send that over to you.

Again, for those of you guys that waited until the end, I definitely want to make sure you get the worksheet and the checklist. But I know we’re running out of time, but I do want to answer this question for at least the end here. For those of you guys who want to drop off now, you can. But please make sure to send us your information so we can get you the things that I mentioned a moment ago. I want to answer some questions. How can I measure my ads? There are a ton of different ways to measure your ads. A few ways is one, obviously, is within Google Analytics, you can actually… Once you set your campaign, there are a lot of different tools, but to keep it super simple is to use a tracking code, call to action code, so that when someone take an action or do something on your website, whether they contact you, buy something, it’s actually get posted within your Google Analytics tracking. It’s very easy for someone for you to know what’s converting and what that cost looks like to you. Again, the easiest way is Google Analytics does a fairly decent job at that.

You might want to just stay with Google Analytics itself. You mentioned that one person asked, My business is on Google, but I’m not able to get reviews. Well, to get reviews, you actually have to ask your customer for reviews. Most people, not everybody, but most people don’t know that they can go to Google and give your business some reviews. So if you have some positive experience with your customer and you want to get reviews from them, make sure you ask them for a review. The next step on this is to automate that process. We have this process automated for many of our clients where if the customer satisfied, one of the salesperson or whoever close that account would say customer satisfied, you press one button, then basically we have a sequence of email and text messages that go out that say, Hey, Bob, thank you so much for using our services and we would love to get your feedback. Here’s the link to give us some reviews. We just sent them to give us review in Google. Two days later, Bob forgot or did not submit the review, we follow up because we know our system, we know Bob never submitted that information.

Hey, Bob, we sent you an email the other day. Can you give us some reviews? We have that automated, automation in place. You can do too because there’s a ton of other system that you can use. But that’s how you get reviews for your website. For the right keywords, as I mentioned to you, on our website, we have a list of keywords actually. Most of us use the keyword in the Marine space. You guys can download. For the most part, every single industry, every single every single business, keywords will be different a little bit. Even Marina versus the boat club versus a boat rental, their keywords will be different. So be aware of that. But overall, you could basically use our foundation of keywords to get started with. The other thing that you can use is Google Business Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool that you can use to your advantage. How do you access your business? How do you access your SEO for your business? Well, the best way to do that, as I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of tools that you can create an account for SemRush or Ahref and put your business information in there, your domain name, and that will pull up most of the information for you.

Again, for those of you guys who stay until the end here, we will provide that information for you. I think that is it. I have answered all the questions that I got in here. Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure to have you all guys on board with me. Is there any other questions that you guys would like me to answer or anything else? If you would like to come on stage, you can actually put that as a question. I’ll be more than happy to open this. But again, we know we’re running a little bit behind about four minutes, behind time here. I promised we were going to keep this 90 minutes and we jam packed a lot of information here. I really appreciate you guys stick around and get a ton of… I hope you find value on this. Again, thank you so much. Really appreciate you come by. Let us know if you have any questions. Shoot us an email at contact@boatmarketingpros.com or go to our website, boatmarketingpros.com contact and submit us a form. But also if you have additional information you would like to see, you can go to our website under Resources and you can find all of that previous webinar that I host and you can check us out on YouTube for some of the some of the freshest content that we push out frequently.

Again, thank you so much for attending this 2023 Digital Marketing plan for Boating Business. Really appreciate your time. That’s it. We’re wrapping up here. Thank you so much, guys. All right.