Updating your website could potentially be what saves your business during COVID-19. Your website is one of the first places where your customers will look for more information during the pandemic. It will also provide your business the support to go virtual for many operational activities.

Several boat dealerships are already using their websites to book appointments for showings, host virtual tours, show the updated company’s policies and procedures, and offer other general information that is helpful to their customers during this pandemic.

If you haven’t already, here is a list of the things you should update on your website to best manage your business through this crisis and communicate with your customers.

Add a Statement to your Homepage

It is important that you show your clients you are aware of the situation. Provide them with the assurance that you are taking the precautions to slow the spread of the virus. Give a brief summary of how you are reacting to this situation. You can link this text to a COVID-19 page to provide visitors with more in-depth information.

Review and Update Your Inventory

Your prospects will likely refrain from visiting your local store. Instead, they will be relying on your inventory page to find the boat they are looking for. Make sure you have all your listings fully updated. The more details they can find, the easier it will be for them to feel confident in their decision and schedule a viewing.

Here at Boat Marketing Pros, we developed a plugin that syncs listings from your Boat Trader account to your website. Contact us to learn more.

Post Blogs Related to COVID-19

If your website is not equipped with a blog, we highly recommend taking this time to implement it.

The reason for this is that a blog is an easy way to post new content on a consistent basis (even after COVID-19).

You can also offer advice to your customers on how to manage this pandemic or how to stay safe during boating activities. Check out our blog on how to communicate with customers during COVID-19 for more ideas.

Update Your Physical Business Information

We recommend everyone to update their information in Google My Business, but it is crucial for you to do so as well on your website. It can be confusing for your customers if you show different hours of operations.

Create a COVID-19 Page

This page should serve as a resource page so that your customers can find information about what is going on with your business. Include your blogs, company statements, and any other resources you want to offer here. Use this page as a statement to your community of how you are handling your boat dealership during this pandemic.

Marketing for the Marine Industry & Boat Dealerships

Marketing your boat dealership may not be top of mind right now. However it’s a good time to think about your digital presence. Take time to engage with a digital agency that specializes in boat dealer marketing.

From website design and development to SEO and everything in between, Boat Marketing Pros is a digital agency that focuses only on boat dealerships and the marine industry.

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