Also, here are the links to the workbook and worksheet. You will need these when participating in the webinar:

Workbook Download here
Worksheet Download here

Webinar Transcript - Your 2022 Internet Marketing Plan

Speaker: Harry Casimir

Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for tuning in today. I’m so pumped.

Hello, everyone. Thank you for tuning in. I’m just going to give, like, a couple of minutes. We have some people sign up and we still haven’t. They’re still coming in right now.

So I’m letting everybody in. Thank you so much for joining us. Ken Ryan and Mr. Pelic, and I’m letting more people come in right now.

All right. Just waiting for a few more people to come in. And, Vlada, if you can check on the back, I know you probably can hear me. So if you can check, make sure the Zoom link goes out to anyone that registers or that may not have that link. So if you could take a look at that for me, that would be greatly appreciated.

All right. So I don’t want to keep anyone waiting those people that are here early. I just want to get started here and again. Thank you so much for joining me today in this webinar on your 2022 internet marketing plan. We have so much to impact here today.

I’m pumped excited and really looking forward to chat with you all.

Brian, thank you so much for mentioning that I realized that might have been a glitch on our automated email sequencing. That’s supposed to go out and send us a link invitation as well. I’m not sure if you received the previous email, any of the follow up email to make sure that you comment, but I’m going to check on that right now. One of my team members is looking into that because we have this amount of people. This is one of our most popular webinar.

I call it a workshop because we’re going to unpack so much here. So hope we got a chance to get more people coming with us today. In the meantime, before I get started, just in case you have not downloaded your workbook yet and the worksheets, here’s the link for both of them. If you could just go ahead and download both of them because we’re going to need this. As we go on to the process of building the 2022 marketing plan, you’re going to need those two links to look at both of you, the worksheet and the workbook.

So without further Ado, let’s get going again. Thank you so much for joining us today on this Webinar 2022 Internet marketing plan. We’re going to unpack so much. I’m super popped excited and really looking forward to share with you some of the core knowledge that we gain. And we really want to share some of the pros and cons and what’s going on in the marine industry nowadays.

So I’m going to share my screen right now.

All right. If you can see my screen, if you could give me a thumbs up or one on the chat, that would be greatly appreciated. So I want to make sure everybody got a chance to see me and hear me very well. So if you can hear me and see my screen, actually, not me, but my screen, please give me a thumbs up and we’re going to wall it. Thank you so much.

Awesome. So again, thank you so much for tuning in. Really. I appreciate you guys take this afternoon your time to join me on this, your 2022 marketing plan. We’re going to impact so much.

I will be going a little bit fast because we have so much to unpack. And if you have questions, we can enter them. And there will be some rules that I’m going to go over in a second. So let’s get going. So what we’re going to cover today is go for 2022.

How many leads you’re going to hit? What does that look like for you in terms of how you’re going to generate those leads, how you’re going to bring them in and how you’re going to convert them? We’re going to cover the three fundamentals of marketing success, the three M’s, and we’re going to go deep into how you can make sure you craft each one of those, the message, the market and the media into very specific formula that will help you have clarity on your marketing piece. We’re going to show you how to optimize your website for conversion for 2022 and beyond.

As you all know, 2000 and 22,021 have been tremendous for the marine industry.

We all know it. But also, we also know that online marketing is one of those things that you cannot really neglect. And this is the best time. Actually, I believe that if you’re in the marine business, this is the perfect time to actually get your marketing and your website right. We’re going to share with you the big picture of online marketing channel and some of the one that you need to be tapping into so you can maximize your incoming leads, eventually turn them into sales and increase your bottom line.

And we’re going to share with you some of the latest trends, especially the one the upcoming 2022 that you need to focus on to make sure that your online presence resonate with your audience.

Again, part of this today with this webinar is basically a workshop. We’re going to develop a custom action plan based on where you are now and where you need to be. So we’re going to really unpack all this with you, walk this through with you and make sure you get that. So today, one of the things that I would like to first mention is that I’m going to need your undivided attention today to make sure we really focus on because I really appreciate you being here this afternoon with me joining me in this webinar, let’s make that time count.

Maybe turn off your cell phone right now, unless there’s crazy emergency going on.

You need to be there, but still focus because you really register. You really spend the time and want to be here. I hope to get that warning with us. Also tone of your Facebook and social media. I know sometimes when you listen to webinar and you’re working on something, you try to get this thing done as you’re listening.

And yes, I know some of us pretty good at multitasking, but today it would be a good time to actually focus. Listen to get this online marketing plan really to rock as we go. We’re going to answer questions. So if you have your questions, feel free to jump them in inside the chat. I would love to hear your comment feedback and also questions that you have.

I will do my best to answer them as I go and also any questions that did not get answered as I go at the end of the presentation, the workshop, I will make sure I answer them for you. And obviously if you are a marine business owner, a marketer or general manager and you’re serious of getting results for 2022, this is going to be a life changing 60 to 90 minutes a little bit over than that, depending on how fast we can go today in terms of really very impactful stuff that we’re going to go over and how to build your plan for this coming up here.

And if you wait until the end, here the other things that I promise you that I will do. This is my promise to you. I will give you a complete media kit of all this playbook for online marketing version or your online presence.

I will make sure I send you the most commonly search marine keywords for your specific business vertical. So whether you bought rental business or a dealership or boat club or charter business or marine construction business wherever you might be, just let us know and then we’ll pull out the top 50 keywords for your industry so you can have those keywords specifically cater to your business. I will also share with you the Marine Internet Marketing Checklist. It’s a complete checklist that helps you take a look at your current online presence and diagnose.

This is not for sale.

This is more just for you as a talking appreciation for you to stay with me to add. So again, we’re going to continue diving on some of this stuff. So who am I and why you should listen to me? So my name is Harry Cashmere. I am the owner and founder of Book Marketing Pools.

Book Marketing Pools is a span off of Atiles. Atelis is a digital marketing agency located in Fort Myers, Florida. We’ve been in business for the last 15 years. Book Marketing started last year, but we have been in the marine business for a very long time because we work with multiple clients throughout the year. So we have very deep knowledge in the business, especially when it comes to online marketing.

I am the ultimate guide to enter marketing for both dealers and also the author of Marine Marketing Made Easy, which this book is about to be published in a week or two here. That’s really focusing on Internet marketing for both dealers, boot club, repair, shop rentals. So if you are in the marine business, you are in support of that branch. That book is for you as well. I’m part of the Association of Mia Marine Retail Association of America Marine Industry Association, most of them here in Florida.

And I’m also part of the Marine Marketers of America Group. I have a podcast focusing exclusively in the marine industry to check that out, publish multiple articles. Again, I’m not going to go into the detail here specifics, but again, US vet. Really, that’s how I really get started into the marine business. I’m a former Navy Unlisted personnel, so nowadays I’m kind of not retired but out of the military and really focusing on the marine business itself.

And then we work with clients from all over the world. As I mentioned, we have been in business for the last 15 years, so we have clients from all over the place. So that’s how we get a lot of knowledge. As I mentioned, this is what we do. We focus on work with only marine business.

So that means that after we work on this today, this is not a sales pitch. I’m not trying to sell you anything here, but after you get all that workbook done, your marketing plans done. And if you still feel like you need some help, you need some clarification, some clarity to help you take a look at your online presence, the full assessment of where you are. We’d be more than happy to jump on the call with you and you have plenty of opportunity to do that. Again, we are a one stop shop for website, SEO, PPC, social media and you name it the whole garment of the things that related to digital marketing itself.

We can help. So let’s get right into it. Really the question, what is the hardest part of marketing your marine and boolean business online? So some of you obviously might have done different. Take some different approach.

Those different approach, whether it’s purely with multiple digital marketing agency, you try before or you go online and try to do your own marketing, try to do your own website. And the struggle is real because I heard this story all the time with most clients we work with and deal with. So with that, I want to answer that question for you. Really, at the end of the day, marketing is extremely important, but also you have to have the right partner, the person that understand or the company, the agency that understand what you’re trying to do, and that’s what they do as well as you know, many companies claim that they do X, Y, and Z until when you get there, they don’t really do that.

My suggestion is always that you find someone that focus on what you need to get done and so that you can do it once and you don’t have to repeat over and over with.

That said, for those of you that listening to Live, if you have not done so yet, head to bootmarketingpos. Comworkbook so you can download your workbook and you should receive this workbook here right in front of me. And we’re going to go over this piece by piece. You can either write on it or you can use the worksheet as well either way or however you want to take care of that, make sure to download, bring it to workbook so that way we can go through it together as we proceed here.

So just 1 second, I’m going to let you do that if you have not download this yet.

All right.

So why are we here? And why is it so painful to get your marketing right? So it really has to do with so many options? And I mentioned I’m going to go over so many slides and so many different things here. I want to kind of make sure we keep up with time.

We have so many options. It’s always unclear. Where do you spend, really, the money that you have with so many options, whether it’s your website. Obviously, SEO constantly change, whether it’s PPC, pay per click, social media, et cetera. You name it.

There are hundreds of options, and a lot of times we spend money and some options that we shouldn’t really spending our money in that place. But somehow we ended up spending the money there anyways. And is it really validate? Is it really good for business when you spend so much money in one channel, one specific medium when you cannot really get results from it? So it is very important because marketing itself is a major investment.

Whether you pay a marketing agency to get the work done for you or you spend time to learn what needs to be learned and then get the work done. As you all know, as a business owner, marketing director, it’s very difficult to actually do all of them perfectly. Right. So when you look at the whole spectrum of things that you need to learn, you have to learn the website development. You have to learn SEO, PPC and social media and all of these things, all of them intertwined together.

So it’s very critical to learn all of this. And most of us don’t have the time. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you don’t want to invest so much money in marketing and not much to show for. So we want to make sure to solve this and to solve this problem is to make sure you have a plan in place. You have a plan, a clear plan that making sure that you don’t overspend.

But you also don’t understand so that you Underperform as well. So making sure you have a plan that’s clearly stated where you want to be, where you going and also map out what are the things that would be key to your success for this? Okay, so the opportunity here is tremendous. As I mentioned earlier, we all know 2000 and 22,021 really bring a lot and lot of opportunities to the marine industry. Whether you bought rental business, you know what that means?

A lot of people can even if someone wants to buy a new boat right now, it’s a little bit tricky to get that. So it’s an opportunity for you to get in front of it. But also, even if you are a dealership, I think this is one of the best opportunity ever where you can actually focus your time now to ensure you create a clear and very precise plan with goals and targets. And really some KPIs to keep track of how you’re going to implement this. So this is why it’s so so important.

And as you know, we’re going to go over all of that within the workbook in a second and making sure that marketing plan that you put in marketing, you ensure that you can generate enough leads so that you can hit your targets and running your business. You all know it’s very hard to invest on marketing and the leads that come in, the sales that’s coming in, you work and you put the time in and there is not enough lead to keep up. And as you all know in this industry that we are in the interesting thing, you hire people, you hire the team, you train them, they know what they’re doing.

And here you are not having enough leads to come and then to make sure you keep those people busy. So this is why it’s so important to ensure that you have a clear and precise, very specific goal in mind so that you can hit your target and make sure you really maximize your lead flow.

So every lead that’s coming in and you’re able to make sure maximize the best effort to ensure that lead is converting to a sales if possible, for 2022. So how do you do that? It’s really set three goals.

Everyone has certain things they want to accomplish, whether it’s personal business. But most people that are able to accomplish what they set out to do is really are people that actually set goals and stick to it. Baron Tracy, the famous business coach he has written, I don’t know, hundreds of books, probably heard of him everywhere. He says that success is goals. All ours is commentary.

And let us think for a moment, is this true? Because if you think about all of us can say all that we want. But if we don’t have specific goals, we don’t have a very set your mindset to specific things that we want to accomplish. It’s very hard to accomplish them, especially nowadays, with so many things. Not having goals is very similar to taking a cellboard and say, all right, let me go, which means you don’t really have a destination.

And obviously you probably did not account for where their high is going to be anyway. So you decided to just hit it and then hopefully you land somewhere. The truth is, in life, you cannot really operate that way, especially from business perspective. You have clients that count on you. You have team employees that count on you.

You count on yourself, your family, count on you to ensure that you deliver. This is where really setting clear goals really help you really sell through whether the seas off or not. You will be able to sell because you know where you want to go, and sometimes where you want to go may not be a straight line, but as long as you know where you want to go, whether you make a pit stop, whether you pull over so you can let that bad weather just come down a little bit.

It helps you right.

There was a study at Harvard University with graduate students, and they break it down this way. So they took the students and they asked them specific things that they want to do and the ones that have goals. So any 4% of them had no specific goal. 13% of them had goals, but not written down, and then 3% had clear written goals and plan to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish and the result? Well, it shouldn’t be shocking, but the 13% of the class that had goals written down earn an average twice as much as the 84% that never had gold.

And not surprisingly, the other 3% that had clear goals written down. They can check those goals and looked at them every day have ten times as much as they were the 97 altogether. So again, that story doesn’t really cover the whole population, but you can see where that’s going, right? When you have goals, you set them, you write them down. It really helps.

So can I talk about when it comes to goal setting framework? What does that look like? So you need to have a written plan, goals and plan. So really specific things that you want to do. I want to accomplish X amount.

Let’s say you want to accomplish $2 million in revenue or 5 million or 10 million, whatever the number might be. You write this down because that’s your goal. But how do you accomplish that? Well, we create a plan to set that.

What would it look like for me? Setting a minimum perspective for check in goals is very similar to almost things right? They don’t just do and work themselves like magic. You need to work on them. So this is why it’s so critical to make sure you check in to check your goals, where you are, to measure where you are, to look at where you are on a yearly basis, quarterly basis and monthly basis, and the reason you do that is because you have a long term goal.

So, for example, you set the goal to hit $1 million this year in revenue 2020, $2. But what you do want to do, obviously, you do not know what’s going to happen in quarter two, quarter three, quarter four. But you can almost predict what may happen this coming up first quarter of 2022, what you want to do is set specific goals that you can set milestone that you can hit this quarter. And so that way, when January 31 come, you can take a look at on your quarterly goals to see where you are.

The same thing for January for February and March.

When those roll out, it really clearly shows that where you are and where you’re going. What are the things that you did? Well, what are the things that you could make adjustment to? So that way, when you hit quarter two, you don’t repeat the same cycle, the thing that did not work. Obviously, if something worked in quarter one and you think it might go on quarter two, you just repeat that.

But also your loan lesson that could be adjusted or removed from the previous quarter. So it is critical to at least check in on those yearly, quarterly and monthly basis. And also, again, those toppings they are very important to help you reflect to see where you’re going going forward. So what’s your goal for 2022? So I know all of you guys have different business model, but really businesses at the end of the day, it’s really all in the same in terms of when it comes to really calculating the numbers.

Numbers don’t lie. All of us have different business model, whether it’s a subscription model or we charge people as they come in or we charge people as we service them. However, that might be you still need to have a specific target to hit your revenue. Right. And how much is that monthly?

What would that cost to have that in place? Right? How many calls will that require to accomplish that revenue target? You’re trying to hit what’s your average transaction value. So, for example, if you’re in both rentals, obviously, depending on your location, where you are and how you structure your rental business, as you know, rental spot goes anywhere from $200 or $$199 to $500, depending where you are in the country and how you run your business.

And what are the hot ticket items for you, whether it’s full day or half day or by day hours. So there’s a lot of different ways you can look at that transaction to hit your goal, and you have to work what’s best for you based on your location, your business, and your customers that you serve right. Here’s a good example. Actually, this is where you can actually either pull up your workbook or you can pull up the worksheet that you have as well. Because those numbers you can go through them as well.

But for the sake of this conversation here. So here’s an example of for your 2022 goals. Let’s say your goal is to hit $1.5 million in revenue. So that’s accounted for roughly about $125,000 on monthly reoccurring revenue. And that is an average what would be the average transaction?

Again, those are the same question I asked earlier showing you the breakdown of it. So if each of your breakdown is about $405 average tickets. So how many leads? How many calls? Whatever that service that you provide, you have to perform to get there.

So at 308 calls or leads or new customer or existing customers that go through the pipeline and that become customer, 308 of them spend at least $400 on average, going to bring you to $1.5 million.

So really, for you, what does that mean in terms of do I need 308 leads to? Well, no, depending on what your conversion rate looks like, because there is obviously in marketing what we call really the pyramid, right. You have the list of people that’s coming in on the funnel. You bring them down, they are aware of your brand or they come to you before. Now you bring them to the educational piece you turn them into, you drop them into the funnel until you get dropped into your pipeline.

And not everybody is going to be converted to your business. Right. So what does that mean? How many leads will you need to meet that number? Well, if you look at this number here, you look at your average conversion rate.

Let’s say for every call, every leads that come to your inbox or your phone call, you can convert 55% of them. That’s just over 50% of our customers that have interest in your service. All product will ended up buying something from you. That’s a very high number if you think about it, but it’s a very good number. If we take a look what that can do to hit 308 calls or book services at 555 percent conversion rate, you need to bring in 560 leads per month.

So that’s really kind of what that number looks like. And then what we’re going to go over in a second now is how to get to that worksheet. So the link to the worksheet is boatmarketingports. Com worksheets. So if you take this and you go to the sheet, let me make sure I pull this off with you so we can work on the same worksheet here.

This is on Google. So it’s there on purpose. So that way you can easily go in. Either you make a copy of it or you can download it. Right now.

I have more options than you do because I’m logging in. But what you want to do is make a copy, download a copy of an Excel sheet if you use Excel. So that way you can do the calculation in real life as well. So we’re going to go directly through here in terms of the numbers that we want to hit. So right now, this is the number that can be changed.

I put 5 million here, but you can put 1.5.

So 1.5 million. That’s the number you want to hit this year. And what does that look like? What your average ticket looks like on our conversation on the other side, we had it at three or four or three. So again, you can pull up your computer so we can work that number together here.

And what that does is basically helps you seeing where your average ticket would be and what would each of them would cost. So again, this number here is you’re converting at 55% and your average ticket is that price. And this is how many leads you’re going to need on a monthly basis. And again, all of you guys should be getting this. Make sure you download it that have everything in here for you.

And it even have the different segments, whether your boot club, rental, charters, dealership and repair shops, anything that if you are in a different business model, I’ll be more than happy. Just shoot me an email. I’ll be more than happy to duplicate one of those and make sure it’s catered to your needs. And because the number is a little bit different than some of them. As you can see, I use the one numbers because you’re going to download this and work on yourself, work it yourself, but you can actually do that as well.

All right. So continue. I hope you have this worksheet. Make sure you have download this again. If you listen to this live.

If you haven’t downloaded, get it now. And obviously you can pause and then go to our website to get the copy of the worksheet so we can continue. All right. So goals, what is your goal for 2022? And this is the time again, you pull out this worksheet and work out your magic from there.

So make sure that you go over the numbers that resonate with you that’s important to your business. Again, I already create most of the information for you here. So make sure you have all of the numbers add up. And for the most part, most of the calculations already done for you. So you just have to put only the number that’s unwide.

So in that case, this is my targeted revenue for 2022. It automatically calculates two for me. What would I need? Because I told them this is my average ticket item. So if you are boot rental place, which in that case the average boat rental, especially in Florida, the average boat rental is usually most people get it for the full day because it’s cheaper to get for a full day.

But it’s just a little bit more expensive from the back end. But the average user really pay roughly about $450 for the day on a boat rental. So that’s where you would be and it really breaks down what each of those really means to you, how you’re going to bring those leads. And if your conversion rate is 55%, I have seen on the especially for both rentals. When people come to your website, it’s almost automatic.

Most people actually just convert. You can easily see most people are going to go 75%. But again, depending on the business that you are, and if you’re a boot dealer, especially now, if you’re selling boats, it’s very hard to find inventory. So most people that come in and come in, you may not even have things to sell them anyway. So that’s a little bit different.

But you get the point in terms of how you would work these numbers. All right. So I hope you get the point. You understand it as I’m going through this. If you have questions, please make sure to pause this question here for me as I’m going through, so I can answer them as well.

All right. Also, there is the key, the fundamentals of the three M.

What, who and how messaging, marketing. Well, message, market and media. The three M. How does three things fit into your business plan? Well, it has everything to do with that, because your marketing message makes a big difference and can make or break higher business operate, and we’re going to go really into very detail.

What does that mean? That means that you have to know who is your ideal customer. So if I were to ask you today, who is your ideal customer, you should be able to tell me without any doubt my ideal customer is a female or male age 25 to 35. They are very successful. The annual income X, Y, and Z.

You should be able to do that because you know that customer and you will see why it’s so critical to know your ideal customer because it makes a big difference on your messaging. So really, if you haven’t done that and if you’ve never heard of this before, they call this the avatar, and you will hear the word avatar. Persona and marketing within business. You need to create this avatar, this persona that reflect your ideal customer. And once you really create this, you can really pinpoint on the specific of the things that.

What are the pain and frustration that person that you’re trying to target or talk to? What are the frustration they go through in life? What are some of their fears and implications? What are some of their goals and desire they have? And what are some dreams and inspiration?

The key here, though, is it’s not just for doing this exercise just for the sake of figuring out what someone like or don’t like? It’s more for you to have a better understanding of your customer. So that way, when you speak with them, they can understand you. You can understand them, because if I understand you, I know who you are. I can talk to you directly.

So here’s the breakdown here. And you’re going to find this also on your workshop. As I mentioned, as you go through this, take a look at I think that’s page four on the worksheet page five. You cannot find it on this page here, it’s called What’s Your Target Customer Avatar. So on this page, you can see I break this down.

As you’re writing your business plan. For the most part, you can actually use this as a template to customize whatever you want to write your business plan as well. So you might as well go to and make sure you create that. So you see the demographic on this case, for example. Again, this is strictly an example.

It’s really apply across the board. So you can really adjust this to be yours. So in this case, the demographic homeowner, 35 plus years old, typically female. Every now and then we find a male in there. But really, in the boding industry, you all know most dominating by mail.

So if that’s your case, you change that, right. They’re usually married with at least a kid or two. Right. And they’re making at least 75K a year and annual income. Again, this number can be anything you want it to be, because obviously, if you’re selling very high end tickets that require more money, those adjustments need to be accounted for and be made.

So the same thing for pain and frustration. What are the things that frustrate that person? So if you’re a boat dealer or boot repair shop, what are the frustration boat owners have? Well, sometimes the boot doesn’t work. People get frustrated.

How can you solve that problem? Again, those are things that you know that are pain and frustration to your ideal customer. And then when you talk to them, you answer those questions or at least address those questions, those concerns so that you make them put them at is the other piece of this of the equation is the fear and implication. One of the things that people scared of. This is something that we heard in the industry.

Most of people in the marine business are very honest people, actually very honest. So very rare people would get wet off. But every now and then you all know people think sometimes they get weapons off. If you can address that again, whether this is not you personally. But if that’s how someone feels, you should put them at ease with your messaging.

So as well as gold and desire, one of the things that those people, your ideal customer, your avatar customer. What are the things that they want to do the most? They like the most. So if you can break this down, you can actually answer a lot of questions.

This statement is so true. If you can see through Jose John’s eyes, then you can sell what Joe Johns buys, which means that if I know my ideal customer is a 25 plus year old man who works in finance, drive BMWs and making at least 100 and 5200 also on a yearly income. And they leave X, Y and Z community and they have kids. I can almost picture what kind of boats they want or what kind of information they’re looking for if they don’t have a boat yet, if they’re even interested in this.

So there’s a lot of breakdown again.

Once you get to know the person that your buyers is really easy to do that. So coming back to how you craft your message, once you have your avatar, you move to messaging. So here’s this sheet that you have. It’s part of your workbook. If you haven’t downloaded that, just go ahead and do that.

Okay. So on this worksheet. You can see we go into detail why someone should choose your business versus your competitors. This is where your message is very important to resonate with your avatar and the person your ideal customer. Okay.

And then break those down into three key things. Why someone should choose you over your competitors. What benefits do you offer that really no one else offers, and that resonates with your ideal customers. Once you have these messages and this message can be so many different things. Right.

So what are some of the messages that we see that works very well with people messaging, such as Sunday service or emergency service 24/7. If you own a board and you’ve been on boarding for a little bit, you all know it’s just a matter of time before something works, where you may not be able to get back where you need to be, you will have to call emergency services. And if you are in the towing business, bought towing business, that is, well, you can guarantee people that you offer 24/7 services.

You offer emergency service, seven day services, as you all know. Right now, the marine industry is overwhelmed with so much buyers and so much so little inventories.

So it’s very hard, actually, for a boat dealer to just take a boat on one day and just turn around. One dealer cannot do that right now. Both of us are. But what you can do if you are able to just do that the basic services that people need basic inspection. If you can turn that around and offer people some days delivery, that’s perfect.

Straightforward pricing. Really. People hit playing around with pricing. Just tell them what it is. It might be too expensive or might be too low, but it’s very straightforward.

And so if you’re playing game with them, get them the number that they need. Satisfaction, guaranteed trustworthy technicians. Those are some of the key messaging that works very well, especially in the marine industry. Okay. So we also find those things work as well.

Fast Sunday service, money saving offer 24 hours, no overtime charges if you are in the charter business and you do captains, both you can say we have clean cut, professional captain that drive you to have X amount of experience or average captain have at least 1015 years experience or average captain used to be Coast Guard officers or Coast Guard unlisted. All of those are things that trigger people to feel safe, to feel like someone will take care of them. So this is why messaging is important. So now we can pause for you to actually write down your messaging and how that resonates to you.

So again, as I mentioned, you have all of this on your workbook.

If you don’t have the workbook yet, you still can download it below on the chat here. I already dropped the link so you can download it as well if you want to, if you haven’t have it. So moving to the next big thing is the media part. So we have the messaging we craft. We remember, we create Arbitra, we craft our message, and now we look at the media.

How does that convert? Okay. So the media can be so many different things. Right. So one of your key points to media is your website.

I had this webinar recently. Actually, I was speaking at an Association event and I said to one of the lady that asked me a question, I said, probably one of the hardest working employees you have at your company is your website. And she starts laughing, and I really meant it. I really meant what I said because if you think about it, if you build a website very well, you take care of that website, you maintain it and you market it. Everything else comes back home.

This is why it’s so critical after you craft your message, when you push that message out, whether it’s to the whole social media government, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, you go through the whole process of pushing your messaging out. At the end of the day, you want to bring that potential customer, that feature customer back to your website. I always say that your website is one of the best tools that you can have and your best friend, no matter how popular you become or how much you push on social media.

Those social media websites as good as they are important as they are because they play big role in what we do nowadays as businesses. But don’t put all your trust on pushing everything to them.

You can. But you want to bring back the potential customer back to your website, to get the email to build your list and so forth. And that is why it’s so important as a business to ensure that your website is really built to convert and really bring results at the end of the day. And the way you do that is to make sure that the call to action. What you want people to do is very clear is very well stated.

And also we move the mystery. Remember the messaging, right. Our website. When you come to our website, it’s really hard to miss that we are a marketing agency and we work with marine businesses. And the call to action is basically right on the very top right hand side.

I tell you to call us. And right below that, I tell you again, if you want to talk to an expert, call us because that’s what we want you to do. Now, there are different other methods that you can actually go through. But it is very critical to make sure that whatever you do that your website is really unable to convert.

What does that mean in terms of when it comes to getting your website really and able to convert from a conversion perspective coming back here looking at all right. So when you build your website and making sure that it’s built to convert, and again on page, when you go to page eight under workbook, we talk about why your website is what are the key things that you need. And also what are some of the key KPIs that you want to look for? So on this here, if you look at the numbers here, you see how many leads that come in, come back, you see how many leads that come in and you see what the investment looks like, what’s the average cost per lead is, and what are the organic that’s coming to kind of pinpoint this here what are some of the organic numbers that’s coming in?

And also what are some of the organic calls?

How many Google Maps call that’s coming in and web form, and a total of 1477 leads that’s coming to the workflow and all of that. If you look at every one of those numbers, every one of them actually filled through, get to your website. This is why it’s so critical to have a website that can convert properly. And how do you do that? Well, this is a very good example of what a website that can convert looks like.

And this is the ultimate marine website conversion machine. If you were to have this and take a look at some of the key elements that you want to have on your website, and those are very critical. So, for example, I put this together just for a boat rental business, but this can apply for any marine business. It’s very critical to have your branding at the very top. Right.

And what are some of the key information call to actions, but also give people multiple ways to do what you need them to do or what you want them to do. In this case, you want people to call you. You want them to know that you guarantee satisfaction, you have professional captain and so forth and so forth, depending on what the business is, or you give lifetime guarantee to X, Y and Z. And this is call to action. You tell them, wait while you’re here click here and CT is then for Call to Action and then right below that you give them another form.

You give them an option for them to call you back to email you to reach out and then below that is a live chat form that they can fill out and to get in. And then if you look at below this as well, what are some of the key elements that you want to make sure your website is really up to par and make sure all of those things are taken care of the keywords. What we call the media Tags you’ve probably heard of that the keywords in the title tag, the content of your website, the exact match with the Nap Nap stands for name, address and phone number.

Make sure all the information is in the footer and make sure your website is fully responsive so that the user, whether they access your website on mobile or desktop, they are able to see the same version of the website. Clearly.

Quick call to action your message based on the avatar that we talked about and make sure that the trust icon that you need to put up there. So if you’re part of an industry, part of an Association, make sure you put that up there. So those are little things that you can do on this one slide you can see here. I break this down into different elements. That some of the key things that you can redo and does your website set up for conversion?

Does it speak to your avatar? Remember, we talk about the messaging earlier. We talk about the avatar and the messaging and does your website address their fears and frustration? Does he speak to them? Does he create an image of your team of your company, your building on your home page?

Do you have any videos on your home page that can resonate to the user? As you all know nowadays, videos becoming the Goto spot to be in. So as a business, it’s critical. It’s very critical to have videos so that you can see that.

Do you put your online reviews on your website so you get online reviews from all over the place? And it’s much easier nowadays to actually post those on your website as well. Get them automatically to feed on your website, whether you get them from Google or whether you get them from BerlinView, or one of those tools that you can use to automate most of your reviews. Does it make it easy for people to just take action for the services, product, everything that they’re looking for? Or do you make it simple, easy for them and making sure the basic information on your website is there?

So your phone number on the top right corner. Tell them exactly what you want to do. Add the symbol of trust to your website to help make the customer feel great, but also making sure if you can have a live chat to engage with customers directly on chat on your website if you can. One of the most overlooked and marketing piece I have seen people ignore on their business is SMS. Sms can make the world go round for you from a business perspective, because if you can get to customer in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days, it makes a big difference.

Then most people now prefer to get MSMs communicate to SMS versus getting a phone call to get dismissed. Serve. So we pile on the website. What I’m going to ask you is does your website if you were to pull your website right now, is it built for conversion? And what are the things based on what we just talked about?

What are the things that you need to tweak and making sure your website is up to bar again, I have all those both inside the worksheet, the workbook so you can actually look at those information. And if you have additional questions you can take and ask me, but also the checklist is there as well to help you diagnose your current site.

What are some of the biggest mistake that I have seen?

Both dealers, charters, especially both rentals. I have seen that a lot. Actually, marine companies make. One of the biggest mistake is basically unconverted leads. They have hundreds and hundreds of leads coming in and those leads are not being converted, meaning that those leads did not get touched back on or did not get to process or someone did not get back to them.

There are a lot of different reasons for those, but all of them are excuses because if you’re in business to make money, people are willing to contact you wish I willing to pay money. Why are you ignoring them? Here’s the problem. 50% to 60% of inbound leads leave unconverted. And these are numbers coming from many large CRM company platform that combine those data 50% to 60% of all leads that’s coming in, companies don’t even bother to call them or convert them.

And 90% of web forms fail to convert. And this one is a little bit trickier to track down because that has to do with so many different layers. Right? Your website has to be right and the call to action has to be there. And your website form has to really been built and developed to ensure that the user has zero friction.

Remove the friction for the user so that they can sign up for your service. Contact you, reach out to you so they can get through. Right.

Remove that 90%. And here’s why all that problem comes. Right. Leads that are not follow up within 15 minutes go cold because again, nowadays we live in a society in a world where people want things, including when they call you, they want to rent your boat or they call you. They want to buy a boat from you or they want you to captain something for them.

You better be able to get going. And that’s how people expect. On average, they want you to call them within the next five to seven minutes, which means most of those people that do call most of the businesses that call their leads follow up with their leads. Within that time frame, they’re able to actually book them and close the deal. And as I mentioned earlier today, consumers are used to interact with the text messaging.

They prefer not to be battle in terms of getting a phone call. I personally don’t like to get phone calls because I think a quick text is sometime easier, much easier. So I take my time to respond. I kind of craft my message a little bit, and it helps because I’m in meeting most of the days. I’m sure most businesses are, so it’s better that way.

Now you might say, well, not everybody lacks text messages, and that’s true. But if it is something that’s important, something that you want, you would don’t mind. That’s how I think the text messages where you can use it, especially if the customer give you their phone number. Really leverage marketing Automation There are tons of different follow up message automation exists today. It makes no sense for someone to actually submit a phone on your website, and they don’t hear back from you.

Most of the time, you can actually automate most of that process by simply someone submit a form you can get back to them within, like, seconds. Say, hey, this is an automatic message. Just so you know, I get your message. I’m going to get back to you right away. And that could be a quick message email message that goes to them.

And maybe later, if you haven’t got back to them in a few hours, you can actually send a text message. Say, hey, Harry, I got your message. I will get back to you a little bit busy. I’m just promised. And if you really need me right away, or if this is an emergency, feel free to call this number.

So that way not necessarily to back at them, but give them options, know that. Let them know you get the message, let them know you’re aware of the message, and you can automate all that process. And with that or loan, you can actually really streamline your whole lead flow and increase your conversion rate. So really, the math is really that simple. So here’s the breakdown of what we talked about earlier.

Here’s an example of leads that did not get follow to number of leads that company receive 100 leads. The conversion rate is about 30%, which means 70% of those people don’t get follow up. Right? And when you look at the number, so if you break down that number, 30% totally book service or reservation, whatever that might be. The average ticket item is $2,000.

Exaggerating the numbers here, but $2,000 average ticket at totally jobs at $2,000, you’re looking at $60,000. Now, if you look at this number when you are able to answer within two minutes, two to five minutes and you have a very good follow up set up that automate most of that process. Look at how the number turned. They reversed, right? Versus 30 conversion versus 670.

Which one would you take? So with that number? This is why it’s so critical to as a business, you ensure that you’ve put all the processes in place to ensure the leads that come in. If a customer take their time to go to Google or Facebook or they find you, they search for your services or product and they come to you. The last thing you want to do is to turn them away, because somehow somewhere you spend the time and money for them to find you, whether you know it or not.

Whether you learn how to do SEO, you pay someone to do SEO for you. You do social media. You pay someone to do that for you. Either way, you spend money because that’s your time. You’re not going to get that time back or the money you spend.

You’re not going to get it back because that person who manages your social media, your SEO, your PPC, that’s the time they spent you pay them. So it is critical as a business to ensure that you put every effort to not only follow up, but make sure you create a process to help people and your leads convert.

How do you make every lead you get become extremely valuable.

So how do we implement this in your business? And we can implement this really simply by utilizing all the tools that exist in the market. So you can actually map this out for yourself. I know it’s very hard to see this actually in the presentation. And if you want, I can actually share this with you.

But here you can see you can map out almost every processes, every calls, every email that would go out. So that when a consumer come to your website, you create the journey. You said if someone comes to your website, they submit a form they request for a quote, or they ask to book something or for a service call. What do I want to happen? Well, I want to get back with them within a few seconds and then I want to follow up.

And then I want to send a ticket to the app up with person within my company. And then I want to make sure my company update that information to the dashboard, whether it’s CRM that we are using or internal system that we use or Excel sheet that we are using and making sure all that data we circle back so that your customer, that potential customer makes sure you know that they feel they’ve been served. You take care of them because you follow up the information that you give them it’s purely automated, as you can see on this graph here again, it’s a little bit hard to see, but you can break down every step of the process.

And this is where SOPs operating procedures sometimes come into place. What are some of the stuff that and even those steps that you see here?

If you don’t have a full automated system in place, it’s okay. A lot of this stuff can be done by one of your team members. If you’re a small company, you may not have the technical background to do this. You may be able to do this. And this is something that we ourselves here.

We build and create this for marine business. So we actually have a system very similar to this to help most marine businesses take advantages of their leads to fully automate the process for them. So what are some of the key actions that you need to take when you come to conversion that will help you implement the website you can implement in your website and making sure you take advantage of the leads that come in. So write down the three action items based on what we just talked about, so that you know, those are the three things that you need to do to ensure the leads that you have coming in.

You can maximize your return on investment on them.

We talk a lot about the website. So what are some of the takeaways that you learn from what we just went over on the session and what’s all the thing that you notice on your website that you think that might need to change or looked at differently and even on your leads? What are some of the things that you have on your leads? And one of the things that you would like to share with me? Questions that you have next is known tracks your KPIs.

Some people hit them with KPI. I don’t know why some business people don’t like KPI. I personally like KPI. Kpi stand for key performance indicators that helps you know what are some of the things to look out for? And many businesses have different KPIs that they track.

And depending on your priorities, one business might track how many income and leads they have. Some business might track their sales numbers, some business track the performance of their team so that everybody have different KPIs.

Do you have tracking in place as we speak right now? What are some of the things that you have from a tracking perspective? Do you have call tracking in place? So when someone call your business, not only you’re able to listen to the phone calls, are you able to actually see who call? Is it an existing customer or past customer?

Do you have this in place, right? What are the average cost per call that you generate? Right. So as you may know within Google, when someone search on Google for your company now, depending on what stage of marketing that you are in your phone number, show up, and most people just click that number up there. Now, if you track that number, Google actually count this as an action item for the things that does not show on your analytics.

So a lot of times you can track all these numbers directly from a basic KPI dashboard, and that doesn’t have to be fancy. There’s a lot of tools out there that actually do this very well. But if you’re a small team, don’t worry about getting a tool to get this done. I’m one of those believers that I think you can actually accomplish and get better at what you do and electronics if you master it manually, which means that if you have an Excel sheet or a basic document that you keep track of all your KPIs, when that time comes to basically convert that process from manual to an online system, you already know how it works and you just make it simpler for you.

So if you need to do this manually, and then when you really do this on a different perspective, you can do so as well.

Here’s a perfect example of a dashboard, as you can see. So we have 513 leads coming in. This client spent $7,484 on SPC and SEO, and obviously you can see the average cost per lead is about $14.49. And from that lead, if we break it down, 121 of them come from organic search, which means that when someone search on Google, they find that information, they call that and then off that 112 of them coming from PBC calls, which means those are calls that generate from the marketing that we do.

So when someone search for a specific specific keywords Google maps, as you may know, especially if you offer services.

So a boat dealer, you do offer services unless you don’t do repair at all. Right, a boat rental place is a service because you rent boats. Again, a boat captain is a service. All of that has to do with geographic location, and hence why you see the Google map calls, which means when someone search for boat rental, Nimi or boat rental in Miami, you’re probably sure if you are in Miami, you’re going to show up in the map, which means most likely people call to here. And it really tells you exactly where each of your leads come from.

And this is not traditional marketing. This is peer numbers. And as you know, numbers don’t lie. You can actually break this down. See?

Okay, I’m getting 112 leads from BBC. Maybe if I increase my ad spend, increase my exposure, I can bring more leads. And if you can convert those leads, as you saw earlier, if you convert 55% of those leads, 60% or 70% of them, it’s very easy to see where those numbers have so far. We talk about clear goals and targets for 2022 St many two, we talk about clarity around your marketing message and media. Okay, we have made sure your website is optimized for conversion.

We set up a simple KPI to track everything that’s going on to your dashboard. And again, as I mentioned, the dashboard does not have to be a complete new software you can use Excel to actually do that. So really, I hope you have learned a lot from all the things that we go over, but his 2022 right now in the corner. So what are some of the key trends that you should look out for being the lookout for? As we are wrapping up 2021 and heading to 2022.

So kind of heads up. Google local service ads is going to be very big in 2022, and they’ve been rolling out this in many markets for specific services. So for example, they have it for real estate agents. They have a lot of it for home services such as electrical, plumbing, but they will slowly roll it out for many other services, including the marine business services such as boat rentals, boat repair shops, and even both detailing services like that. So be on the lookout for that because I think it’s probably going to be very big on 2022.

Next thing is shifting from confront conversation to message conversation. So as I mentioned earlier, we see a big trend and there are multiple story about this where most people want to receive a text message or messaging anyway. So meaning that it may not just be text message, it could be a conversation message through either chat or just something that they don’t have to interact with you. They can go to Facebook. They can go to WhatsApp interact with you directly from there to a chat system instead of just a phone call system.

The next thing we see is also one of the things that’s coming up is it must have all in one perspective when it comes to your online presence. So there was a time it was very relevant to focus on getting your website very well done. Optimize your website and you ready to go. You don’t really care about what the other guy is doing and what the search engine. But those days are gone nowadays.

It’s very important and very critical that your website is not only well done and optimized and the content is very relevant, the consistency of them, but also click on to message. But more importantly, I think PPC and SEO would play big role in combination with social media in the coming years. So be on the lookout. Make sure all of those different channels are very well optimized to help you generate not only just generate more leads, but get your brand out there. But then once people get to know you, you help educate them about the services and products about your company and then eventually turn them into customer for you.

As I mentioned a moment ago, SLA local service area. How does that work? Right. So this is a really good example of what this looks like. And you actually have to get certification from Google for this for you to get added.

And you will see you might find those search up here. I mentioned you could search for a company right now. I search for San Francisco Plumber, and it shows those three people up there. And those are the local service ads. Those are called Google local service ads, and you pay a little bit more per lead.

But those are very specific leads because that’s what that person is looking for. Specifically, a lot of time those ads are showing up when and how the customer actually want that content, because Google already know that person been looking for that specific information, and they present your ad upfront. One of the other things that’s very cool about this. You actually have to go through a process to get certified. And then once you get certified, you actually have this little screen right in front of you as you can see up here.

And this is not for all services, especially the marine services, not there yet. And how does that work? As I mentioned, you must complete the Google Local service application. They actually do a full background check, including your licensing, your business license, and then your business owner, your technician. So this is actually a perfect service, a very good service for both rentals and both charters, charters, especially if you’re a captain.

Those are very good services that you can get in there. And those leads again, depending on the industry and the services. And it’s not in every city. And those leads run anywhere from $$25 to $45 in your ads. You do not pay for someone to see your ads, but once they click on it, that’s when you pay.

So that’s how that really works. So what’s the next step for you on this? Really talk to a strategic partner. If you already know what you’re doing, you can actually go in and actually sign up for this. It does require you to have an AdWords account to get the service sign up, and then you fill out the application and provide the necessary information.

And you should be good to go. And obviously, if they’re not adding your industry yet inside the city that you are in, you may not get qualified, or they might put you on the waiting list. But that’s how you would go about getting this done. Complete background check. It actually gives you a good example on the background, so you can track your ROI on your investment.

And then obviously there is a lot of different information that you can use, and you have different tools at your disposal when you use this service. And this is why it’s just a game changer for many businesses. And for the most part, it’s even a little bit cheaper than the pay per click PPC that we talked about. So I know I’ve been going on for we’ve been going on to a lot of different information here feel like just putting a firehose and pump it out. But the key here is really to help you build your marketing plan, your Internet marketing plan for 2022.

So what does that look like? We’re looking at really a true online strategy, a well performing online strategy. You want that to be well rounded and really position you. So converting your website the first thing that you want to do is making sure your website is the hub, right? You want to make sure your website is built to convert.

You want to be Proactive when it comes to search engine optimization, also known as SEO and making sure your website is actually your business is optimized for Google Maps. I don’t go into a lot of detail on Google Maps because I run a full webinar on just Google Maps because it’s so important and so critical from a business perspective. So it’s important to have that. But the other thing is focus on online review and reputation management. This is very critical because that really count on how you show up on the Google map itself and really strategically create PPC campaign that help build your brand but also help you convert and bring more leads in social media presence going to be very critical in this coming up here even more so than ever.

As you all know social media, some of us it’s like one of those love and hate relationship we have with them. Sometimes we like them and we wish we didn’t have to deal with them. But at the end of the day, they are what they are. And I think there is something to be said about them that we can take advantage of what they have to offer so that we can actually help take our business to the next level. Same as in newsletter marketing, email marketing.

It’s probably one of the most effective and easiest marketing piece out there if it’s done right, because for the most part, you already have a customer list if you’re not just getting started. But even if you’re just getting started, there’s a good chance you can actually get a good marketing list of email your prospective clients and then you can actually what we call reactivation. You can reactivate those existing customers, let them know that you can help give them something, give them incentive to come back and do business with you again.

Also making sure for your online strategy, making sure you have a clear and very precise tracking and measuring system that helps you take a look at your key performance indicators and make sure those information come to you on a regular basis so you can see where you at so you can track those very easily. And this is one of the things that you’re going to get from the checklist.

You do have that checklist in your workbook as well. But if you don’t even have a copy yet, you can go directly to my website and get that. So let’s get into the building plan. So coming back to the worksheet that we talked about earlier. So when we hear on this checklist here, we’re looking at some of the marketing piece that we have.

Let’s take a look at this. So we’re looking at the dealership and repair shop plan the marketing calendar. So you want to put the calendar together again, this is part of creating a true plan that will help you again. This is very generic. If you bought rental, if you’re in the boot rental business, there is a worksheet for you.

There’s a sheet on that sheet for you, the same for bootclops, but we’re going to stay with the board, dealership and repair. So as you’re looking at this, I basically create all that information for you. Again, we created these templates, but what are the things that you will do on PPC? You’re going to emphasize on sales and repair in this case, especially right now. You can change this.

Obviously, there isn’t much for you as a dealer now to sell unless you have some inventory to come in your way and I congratulate you on it. But most dealers don’t really have a lot of inventories right now, but they can focus on the repair, which means obviously there are more boats that went out last year this year and there’s going to be more boats that need repair and services. So this is a good opportunity as a dealer. If you want to kind of really wrap it up and continue to perform.

Those are the things that you can do.

Focus on. From your PPC perspective, you can look at some of the things that you want to focus on, especially repair and services and maintenance that needs to be looked at. There’s a lot of new boats out there. You can actually run ads easily about warranty services and so forth. The other thing is email.

What are some of the emails that you’re going to send out and information so kind of almost break this down for you again. You can actually change those. But even if you did not, you can actually take this and apply it. What are some of the email subject line that I need to send out this year? And here’s how they’re going to go out the same for my social media information messaging.

How am I going to push this out? Well, in January, maybe we talk about new boats, new used boats, how to take care of your boats and so forth. Each of those different elements can be used on a monthly basis, the same as for SEO. Seo itself is a little bit trickier because you can actually focus on SEO local and organic at the same time. But you have to actually make sure you separate those because there are different categories and different beasts on their own.

So you want to actually take care of those as well. So the other thing that you can see on this is those are display, which means display ads. Those are ads that if you ever visit a big website where it could be. Yahoo, Fox News, Washington Post, any of those big website that’s actually fed display ads, they are partnered with Google. You can actually see those display ads as you go on, too.

And those are very effective ads at time, especially if you are in a business that do a custom transaction. And bode rental business is a continuous transaction business. You’d have to make sure you’re always in front of the customer. So I wanted to share that with you again, this information that you can actually just take this and then roll it over. The other thing that you can look at is also different promotions that would be running on a monthly basis.

Again, this is part of the worksheet that you just download earlier special offer by month. So you can actually take all of this and put it inside your full plan as well.

And also each of those plans, as you can see, break them down into the dealers and to both clubs, both rental and charters, depending on the business that you are in. Again, if you are listening to this webinar and you’re watching this, if there is a worksheet that your very core business is not there, I’ll be more than happy to take a look at what we can do for you. Just shoot us an email and I’ll be more than happy to help my team get something over to you.

All right. Coming back here in terms of making sure, again, this is the worksheet.

Just get it downloaded and you should be good to go.

All right. So what are action items? What are your top three Internet marketing initiatives that you’re going to take this year to help you? I put 2021 year. Don’t mind me.

2022. Sorry about that. So what are the top three marketing initiatives that you will be taking for the year 2022? So just list them. For example, one of them could be you’re going to focus on really getting a professionally done website.

That when someone comes to your website, you tell them exactly what they need to do, how they’re going to do it, and really clear path to action. And then maybe a second goal could be really focusing on your messaging from a social media perspective. Again, social media. You may not like it, but it’s here, and it’s probably one of the most effective medium right now to actually push your messaging out to get your brand out. So people get to know you.

Okay. So also you could basically use number three as SEO. What are some of the things that you’re going to do? And I know some of you guys are very technical. You’re going to take this.

Go home, implement it yourself. It’s all good. But if you need help, feel free to reach out to me, to my team here, we’ll be more than happy to help. So check always. So we’ve been going at it for a little bit now.

So what have you learned? What have you noticed? And what are some of the things that you can share with me? So again, as I mentioned, if you have questions, feel free to push them. Double check the chat here just in case.

Okay, so I’m going to answer these questions at the end here. But again, keep them coming. I have a few questions I will be touching on when I finish here really quick. So here are the things that we have covered. So we talk about set goals for 2022, including how many leads you need to hit your target.

So earlier we talked about the 1.5 million or $5 million that you want to reach this year on your annual revenue. What does that look like to you? As I mentioned, as you saw in the worksheet, you can actually work out the numbers to calculate all of that, how many leads you will need and what’s your average ticket and all those numbers that you already know or at least should know and have the worksheet to work it through. One of the three fundamentals of marketing success. We went over that.

We talk about market, we talk about media, and then we talk about messaging, right? Those are the three key elements in marketing success. We went over each one of them and one of the things that you need to take care of for each one of them. We talk about what you need to do to optimize your website for 2022 so that you can convert more leads into more sales. So I hope that helps.

Again, the website is one of those living, breathing thing that you need to take care of. And if you do take care of your website, it will take care of you as well. And part of that. Sometimes as business owners marketers, we think we can do this ourselves, and sometimes you can if you have the time, but it requires a decent amount of knowledge. Your website itself has different layers, require different skill set to take care of just the website.

Social media. Someone that’s very good at building website may not know much or don’t know how to maximize the effort in social media. The same thing that someone that is very good at social media may not know a lot about SEO for website itself, the same thing. Someone that know a lot about SEO may not know a lot about PPC. This is why a lot of time you want to go to a place where people that actually do this for a living can help you.

Really. We talk about the big picture of all the online marketing channels and how you can tap into to maximize them in terms of getting your lead flow. So including make sure you build a true well, prepare online audience for your social media. So make sure you create your account, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tic TAC. Obviously, that’s coming out very hot.

So depending on your avatar, you need to make sure all those different channels that you create and the message is consistent through them. But also make sure you use your website as the final hubs that people come to and get the information that they need, or at least provide you with the email. We talk about the latest trends and things that I think in 2022. That would be big deal, and that would make a big difference in your business and things that you should be aware of and keep your eye open for.

And also again, to our desk.

I know you already have the complete word book in your hands right now, and also you have the worksheet. For the most part, everything that I talk about here are inside the workbook as well as the worksheets. So you can actually use the two and combination to create your final plan. Your custom plan to really determine this is where you are now. This is where you want to be and you are the things that I’m going to do to get there.

So including how I’m going to generate my leads. So today, let’s say, for example, you’re getting ten leads a month from your website and you want to increase that. Well, there are a few ways you can do that. You can increase it by increasing either your spend on PVC or double your effort, or put more effort into SEO or go after more clients on social media. So there’s a lot of different ways you can approach this.

But again, all those are different methods to get there. They’re not necessarily just the way you need to get there. So you can figure out what works best for you.

Again, I know I cover a lot here, so I’m going to stop here so I can answer some of the questions that keep on coming in. And then, as I’m answering this question, if you have additional questions, feel free to send them over to me. All right.

So the question earlier that comes other than the revenue, what should we be prioritized when writing down our goals? Well, there are a lot of different ways people have different goals. Right. So some businesses, they want to look at the bottom line, their gross margin. Some people want to see the net margin, the net profit.

Some people want to see sales increase in general, they don’t really look at, they don’t really care. But what I would do is what I would say, though, is what are the numbers that are most important to you? So, for example, obviously, if your revenue is that important to you, which most businesses should be. Right. So once you determine what is your revenue.

So there’s a lot of things that have to happen to actually meet that goal, whether it’s better conversion on your website, that could be a goal, right. Because, you know, for example, at the moment, if you’re getting ten leads every month from your website without doing any marketing, yet, you know, you’re getting that ten leads a month, and that ten leads with only no 500 people visiting your site. So 500 people visiting your site every month and you’re getting ten leads from that 500. So we can project that if you increase the amount of people that come to your website, there’s a good chance you will increase the amount of lead you will get as well.

Well, this is where really you can set goals saying, okay, so at 500 visitors, I’m getting ten.

I want to double that to get 21,000. Visitors may not get you 20, but maybe 1200. So those are the numbers that you have to work with. That you can structure to ensure you have the numbers that’s important to you. You stick with them, and then part of it is the bigger plan, the bigger role, right.

Because a lot of businesses really plan for the next 18 months, three years or even five years, sometimes depending on the business that you are in. And there is nothing wrong with any way you look at it. But as long as you keep track of those numbers and they’re important to you just said that and it doesn’t have to be just revenue. Okay. Because you cannot be looking at some of your KPI could be looking at your customer happiness to how happy your average customers are with us.

Right. So another question is conversion rate is higher or lower. How would that affect budget? Well, that’s a very good question. This is why it’s so important unless you just getting started by now.

If you were in business for a year or even a few months, you should start having an idea of what that looks like. How do you acquire a current customer right now? Do you get them by word of mouth? Do you call them? Call people, say, hey, I got this and I’m going to give you X, Y and C or how do you get your leads?

So if you get your leads at the moment from a third party or you buy those leads, you know how much you’re buying them if you doing them through word of mouth. If you’re getting lead to word of mouth and friends refer them to you, you know how you’re getting them. So this is really depend. Your budget, from a marketing perspective, can vary and how you want to generate your leads. But for the most part, for most businesses that we have encounter, I see where people have no fees in online marketing and they just turn it on and they cannot get enough because online marketing makes a big difference.

And when I say online marketing, I’m not talking specifically about one thing because there are so many different things that you can do online, from social media marketing to SEO to PPC to your newsletter. All of those different things. Reactivation campaign, retargeting geofencing. You can do a lot of different piece of marketing to attract new leads. So your budget can be different depending on where you are.

But just know your numbers. And again, I think this worksheet will help you determine your location from a budget perspective. Now, that question was, how do you determine the budget? So what I do for this one, if you click on the third tab from the worksheet, it’s called budget allocations. So this is where you determine some of the numbers.

And this is fully pre calculated for you. So if you want to reach $5 million this year on the marine business, the recommended budget for marketing is 9% to 15% of your total revenue. So I went way conservative on the numbers. I said, what if we said the average business need to spend 7% of their revenue and marketing? And again, I went very conservative.

But the numbers most marketing expense is between the eight to 20% depending on the industry that you want. But marine businesses, it should be 9% to 15% of your total revenue. So with that, how do you measure this? Do you remember the $1.5 million we talked about earlier? So we plugged that in.

The whole calculation happens for you. Right. So you want to reach $1.5 million this year and we’re going to go very conservative. We’re going to spend 7% of that total revenue and marketing. So what does your marketing looks like?

So your total marketing budget is down here 105K and your monthly budget is this. So depending on what does that look like to you and you can see what each of the allocation of the money go. Right. So you can see for online marketing for offline marketing and then repeat business. I break this down for you.

This is already all pre calculated. Just get in there and just play with it. Allow those numbers or predetermined by just going in there and plug in your numbers. So if you know you only want to reach out 600,007 figure, what does that look like to you? So you have to spend about $3,000 a month and reoccurring revenue on marketing budget to get there.

And by reallocating that number. And if repeating business is not something you want to spend a ton of time on, it is not that important to you. Maybe online is faster, give you better leads. Maybe that’s where you shift your location of money. And again, I break this down here as well all the way to the bottom to show you where each of the expense should go, including where PPC, how much you should spend on PPC, how much you should spend on SEO and Display and retargeting.

So I hope this helps this numbers help. I hope that answered your question as well. Again, if you have any questions, just shoot them over. I have another question here.

So this question is very interesting. I got that question actually this morning from someone is can you have multiple persona for your business? Of course you can. It’s a little bit trickier, right? Because the whole point of creating a persona.

Again, you can definitely have multiple persona for your business. Although I would highly suggest that you stick with one persona, so that way you can focus because when you know who you’re talking to or who you resonate with, it’s so easy for your message to come out because you’re not trying to craft the message for two different people for two different groups. For example, if you know you’re talking to, your ideal customer is female between 25 to 25 or 240. Well, that’s the group of people you talk to and how you say things.

What you say to them is a little bit different than what you would say to if your audience.

If your target was 18 year old or 20 year old. So when you have two avatars, sometimes the message can be conflicting. But yes, you can have multiple avatars. Sorry for saying the message can be conflicting. What I meant was basically you can have mixed messages somewhere in there because when you have two different avatar now you have to have two different people within the same message.

I hope that makes sense. All right, so moving on. The last piece on our agenda here is all right. So as I promised, for those who stay until they end, here what you’re going to get from us. You will be getting all complete Marine Internet marketing checklist, so that will help you diagnose your current online presence a little bit, give you an idea where you are and the other thing for you to get the most commonly search keywords for your marine business so I can customize it for you.

My team can customize that for you. Send us an email.

Actually, if you go to this web page, I’ll send this. I’ll change this a little bit, but if you send us an email at Hello at boatmarketingfoot. Com, we will definitely get that search keyword for you, and this is available for only those who stay until the end here. So someone has a question. Give me 1 second and see if I can bring you up.

Hey, Brian, do you have a question? How are you?

Hey, Brian, do you have a question for us for me?

All right. Okay. So with that said again, thank you so much, guys, for tuning in. I know we cover a lot today. As I have mentioned, I will be sending those to you guys.

Feel free to shoot me an email at Hello at bookmarketingboost. Com and I’ll get you the package that I mentioned earlier. And again, as I mentioned, I know many of you guys that watch this. Listen to this. Today are very technical.

You will be able to take this plan, implement it yourself, get your team on board, help you implement it or hand it over to your marketing agency. Get that rolling for you. But if you have any questions or you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to us. As you can see here, this is the list of the services that we offer. I’ll be more than happy to take a look at your current web presence.

Do a complete assessment for you and take a look at how we can work together if it’s a fit for you and us. So again, feel free to reach out. This webinar has been put together by Book Marketing Force. It’s a free webinar for the marine business that we interact with and anybody can listen to this. But if you have any questions, help with what we went over today.

Feel free to reach out at bookmarketingpost. Com schedule again. It’s been a pleasure. Really. I appreciate you guys to stick around for the last hour and a half, 2 hours.

Almost with me. Really. I appreciate your time. I hope you have a great afternoon and until then, until next time. Take care.

Bye again. Feel free to reach out to us to me with any questions and comments and you have a great day. Thank you.