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About the Book

Harry Casimir, our Founder & CEO, wrote The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Boat Dealers to encompass all the essential knowledge a boat dealership needs for establishing a strong online presence. Within this book, you will discover valuable insights into digital marketing within the marine industry. We are offering FREE copies, and you can obtain yours by filling out the form on this page.

Book Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Your online marketing plan.

Book Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Start with the fundamentals (Market, Media, Message) before jumping headfirst into your internet marketing strategy.

Book Chapter 3

Chapter 3

How to setup your website.

Book Chapter 4

Chapter 4

What is ADA compliance and how can it affect your boat dealership?

Book Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Understanding how search engines work and the differences between paid, organic, and map listings.

Book Chapter 6

And Several More Digital Marketing-Filled Chapters!

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    About the Author

    Harry Casimir is the CEO of Boat Marketing Pros. He began working in the technology and digital marketing space in early 2000 after his active duty in the United States Navy. While attending Florida Gulf Coast University, he co-founded Atilus, where he helped a diverse array of companies successfully acquire leads and new customers using digital marketing strategies. He found much success with clients in the boating industry, leading to the creation of Boat Marketing Pros.

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