Also, here are the links to the workbook and worksheet. You will need these when participating in the webinar:

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Webinar Transcript - How to Create a Marine Digital Marketing Plan for 2022

Speaker: Harry Casimir

All right. Let’s get this started.

Good afternoon. Actually, this webinar is on an afternoon here on the East Coast. So really excited and pumped for those of you who’ve were able to join me this afternoon. So we have a lot to unpack. So really looking forward to this.

So again, thank you so much for joining me. So we’re going to get going right now. So this webinar is how to create a marine digital marketing plan for 2022. This is a rerun of the previous one I did. But this is going to be there are some twisted us giving that early in the second month of the year.

So really looking forward to unpacking a lot of gems for you. Again, thank you so much for joining me. So without further Ado, let’s just get this warning, a couple of things. So the things that we’re going to cover on this, basically we should call this a full workshop because we’re going to go over a lot of things when it comes to digital marketing plan. And one of the things that we’re going to cover today are how to set goals.

Some of the goals that you should be setting for 2022 meetings, how many leads, how many conversion, how many sales you need to gain to get this? Again, three fundamentals of marketing success. We’re going to really unpack all three of them for you today. We’re going to go over how to optimize your website for conversion for 2022 and beyond. We’re going to go over the bigger picture of online marketing in general and some of the channels, some of the key channels to tap into so you can maximize your online lead flow and some of the latest trends you need to know.

And also the one that you really need to focus on being the lookout for when it comes to grow your business online for 2022. For those of you who registered at the very page, at the very bottom of the page, there were two links. One of them is the workbook. One of them is the workshop is the worksheet. So both of them, you will need them if you want to follow along as we fill this out today.

So that way you have a full action plan to go home with and execute, either by yourself or your team in house or possibly even a marketing agency you may be working with. And for those of you who are interested, I’d be more than happy to jump on a call with you even help you finalize your plan. So that plan is going to help you determine where you are now and knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. So today, I need for your full attention. This is for 90 minutes.

We’re going to unpack basically a lot of things. Just if you can turn off the phone for a moment, they focus on the business, turn off the social media because they’re just little bugs, right? They’re always bugging you, paying you to drop some of those questions. I will be answering questions as I go, and I will make sure I reserve time at the end there. So, guys, if you have questions, comments, please feel free to go in the question box.

Just drop your questions right in the Q and a chat box. So we’re going to continue.

So if you are a business owner in the marine industry, a marketer, a general manager, and we are serious about 2022, I truly believe the next 60 minutes, 60 to 90 minutes can be game changer for you, for your business. So pay some attention. Let’s get this started right. And for those of you guys who still at the very end, I do have something I will promise I will get to you. There are two things you’re going to get from us.

You do have to fill out some information so that way we can customize those two things for you. I will send you a fully customized personalized for your business. The most commonly searched marine keywords for your business specifically. Obviously, the marine business is very big, whether you’re in the rental business, repair shop, business worker, or custom built. So it’s a vast and you have different types of clients for all of those.

So I wouldn’t do justice to just send you all the search that may not even relevant to your business. So if you could send me some information for those of you who stay at the end, for those of you that watching this and record, if you want to get a copy of that personalized specific to you, most commonly search marine keywords, feel free to fill out the form at the end there. And that’s when I’m going to leave the link. We reveal the link to you. And also we’ll send you a complete Internet marketing checklist for the marine business.

So the checklist actually can give you you don’t have to be technical. You can actually download that checklist. It’s about two to three pages. You can do a checkmark, kind of a diagnosis of your own online marketing presence. I will send that over to you as well.

So who am I while I’m talking to you, I have more than 15 years in the marketing digital space. My background is and very technical. I used to be kind of one of those guys you never heard of, but I used to manage server administrator for a lot of very heavy load website turn into digital marketing space within the same space. I am the author of The Ultimate Guide for Internet Marketing for both dealers and my new books. That’s coming up very soon.

Here is the Marine Marketing Made Easy. This is a very streamlined book that can outline the most things that you need to do, whether you’re a boat dealer, boat club, boat rental, the Marina marine construction. Wherever you are in the marine business, you can actually pick up that book and follow through and do some of the very key adjustments on your website to see some key results for your web presence. We are associated with the MIAC, basically most of the association across the country. We are part of them, including the Marine Marketers of America.

I host the Marine Marketing podcast where basically once a month I joined a lot of gyms in terms of how to make sure your online presence is up to par. And we have different topics. We cover different topics from social media to your website to how to get your online presence to the queue. So I’m a publisher on trade only boating industry magazine and we also host part of the group for both marketing mastermind on Facebook. So if you want to mastermind with other groups within the marine industry, that’s where you should be.

Where do I get my Marines background? I’m a US vet. I serve for a decent amount of time in the military. Nowadays. That’s part of my life actually.

I started my business while I was active daily in the military and we work with marine business and other industry across the US. So our company is both marketing pools. That company is a sister company of Attellance. Atuls has been in business for 15 years. We work with clients from all over the place, all industries.

And about two years ago we take the clients base we already had in the marine business and we start focusing exclusively in the marine business. So we only work with marine businesses, marine industry businesses that want to grow. And if you really to grow, feel free to chat with us. We’d be more than happy. Most of our sessions are free.

Not trying to sell you anything today, just want to share information that we know. So really the big question we all have is what’s the hardest part of marketing your marine business online? This is something that I have spoken with hundreds and hundreds of business owners, general manager, marketer across all walk of life and the marine business. It is a very hard question for most of them to answer. But before we dive into all of the answer I’m going to give you make sure you download this workbook.

So you see this workbook in my hand. When you first registered, there was a link that was sent to you to download the workbook. And if you haven’t done so just you can actually grab this now if you want to follow along and if not, no Biggie, you can still get it whenever you’re ready. But basically the workbook is what we’re going to go over. And this is something that you can actually use to take notes, draw down some of the common things that I’m going to go over because obviously not everything is going to be on the slide.

So we’re going to talk about a lot of different things here that you can actually write down directly on this notebook if you want. We also have a worksheet which we’re going to go over in the middle of the presentation here. But this is what we’re going to focus on, the workbook at the very beginning. So just get going.

One of the things that as I mentioned, I will answer all questions at the very end. So if you have questions, just make sure you get them really for me and I’ll be more than happy to jump in. So why Internet marketing or online marketing? Online presence is so hard for many marine business and part of it is you have so many different options, right? You have unlimited options in terms of their marketing agency contact.

You want to help you grow if that’s what they can do. You have options. Obviously you’re very busy running your business. But also you do have to keep in mind what’s here today is not going to be may not be there tomorrow. You actually have to make sure your online presence is ready.

So how do you do all that with so many options, as many of you guys probably already know? I know some of you are very technical. Online, for instance, is not just the website, it’s not just social media. It’s not just SEO or PPC or Ada compliance or reporting. It’s a combination of a lot of little things, especially how you bring people to get to know your brand or your services or your company and how you get people to actually eventually get inside your phone and drop them down, eventually convert them into customer.

So there is a science behind that and I find that especially in the marine business. I don’t know why in the marine industry, but somehow it seems like it’s very hard and the businesses struggle. What we’re going to unpack today is to make sure that whatever the major investment that you make in your marketing that you have something to show for. Because what I have seen over and over is a lot of money get pumped into marketing and there isn’t much to show for. So when you look at getting a website or getting your online marketing right, there is no way around it.

You learn how to do this yourself. You spend a lot of time and you’re probably not going to be so good at it because you’re not a marketer per se, unless that’s what you used to do. But most of the time you’re very good at what you do. You’re probably a great business owner. You know how to run this, you know how to operate.

But marketing is not your thing. And this is why it can be very difficult for you to actually see, to have a lot to show for. And sometimes you actually hire a marketing company or a freelancer to get some of the work done for you. And yet the result is not there. You don’t have much to show for.

And sometimes it can be very frustrating for many business owners. And so how do you do that? So part of it is to have a clean plan. If you don’t have a plan, it’s very easy for you to overspend or underperforming because when you don’t have a plan, there is not much for you to gauge or to look at where you are to say, this is what I set to do this year. This is how much I’m going to spend.

This is how much I expect to make back. And if you don’t have a plan, there is no way you would know all this. This is why we find that a lot of it’s not even just the marine business, but really this workshop is about marine business. That’s why I keep mentioning that. But almost most businesses that fail is usually part of it is there is no plan.

And when you plan, it’s much easier to actually measure what you focus on. So really, where is the opportunity? How can you really take what you have right now and set up a concrete, a clear and precise plan to move forward? It’s a great opportunity. And today I’m presenting this to you so that you have a clear plan that has goals, you have clear targets and clear KPI to measure so that way you can move forward.

Part of that plan would really help you generate enough leads to hit your target markets and keep your business running. We all spend money in marketing the money that you spend today. If you spend a dollar, you should expect to get that dollar to generate $2, $3 or $4. Some of us got even lucky to make one dollars generate even more. And part of it is creating a plan that would help you crystallize what you need to do, whether it’s your website that needs optimization, whether it’s your online social media that needs to be ramped up a little bit in terms of maybe you need to create more posts or you need to look at creating ads for your social media, but also which of those channels and the social media that would work because this is the thing on social media.

Depending on what type of business you are in, you might be killing it on Instagram and you don’t do so well on Twitter. You might be killing it on Twitter actually, but you don’t do so well on Instagram or LinkedIn. So without knowing what that is, then even if you spend money, it’s just a waste of money. So for you to maximize your effort to maximize your spend and also get a great return on your investment, it is very critical to actually not only create a plan, but also know where that money will be spent. Really part of that is to ensure that within your plan you create the map, a map that would help you create a crystallized plan for your lead flow.

When leads come in, you know where they’re coming from. And those leads that you target, they are clear leads that can convert into customer for you and really bring money. Grow your business for the year. So we talk about clear goals. Setting up clear goals is the key.

Here Brian Tracy, very famous speaker, author, business consulting. He has written like a hundred of books. He says success is goals, all ours is commentary. And if you can let that sit for a second. Right.

So most of the things that we do for all can we say we all can talk. We all can say we’re going to do XY and Z. But at the end of the day to clearly define success is are you meeting your goals and where you are? And this is the way that play a big role in 2022. This is what my hope is to help you crystallize your goals, put some clear goals.

That way you can put that wind behind yourself and you just nail it, get your team on board and make the plan. So looking at this here it’s starting from Harvard University.

The interview graduates from different classes, people that were going to a master program and 84% of them had no specific goals, 13% of them had goals but not written those goals down. And 3% has clear written down goals with planning how to accomplish those goals. Before I go to the next bullet point, you can only guess what happened there. Here’s the result of those people that write their goals down, 13% of the class who had goals where they earn on average twice as much as the 84% of those who did not, who had no goals. And what even more intriguing and more interesting in this result is that those 3% who had clear written goals and we’re earning more on average ten times as much than this 97% altogether.

Why is that? I know looking at this, this is more for graduate. But if you think about it, this is the same thing in business. If you look at your business and your personal life, yes, they’re different, you can compartmentalize them. But at the end of the day you run your business and sometimes the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

So if you structure your goals, your plan personally, very well, it’s the same thing you most likely will do for your business. And you can see by having clear goal and exact plan on how to accomplish them, it’s very easy to track those and help you get there. So we’re going to talk about goal setting framework, how to do that, how to set this up. And within the workbook I mentioned earlier where you can download it to workbook. Once you have that, you can set this, you can actually have the worksheet or the workbook in front of you and start writing down some of those key elements that we’re going to go over.

So how do you get that framework in place? First, you need to obviously write down those goals and what you need to set those goals at a minimum. So some of the things that you should do in your goals is the one year goal, right. At the minimum, you should have this right. For the next year, we want to hit revenue of 1 million or 5 million, 10 million.

Each of us have different goals. So we’re going to focus on business goal here, right. So we want to reach 5 million in revenue. And obviously to reach that. What are the things that we need to do to accomplish that?

We know what the things that we need to do is bringing more clients on board, right. More customers on board and also offer better services, bring existing customers back, the customer that we have done business with. Okay. So make sure you have stopping points, quarterly stopping points, monthly stopping points. But actually some businesses, I personally have weekly stopping points now that I really share things every week, every Friday where I’m at.

And what are some of the things that I need to tweak coming up this week to speak with X, Y and Z potential customers. So that way I can see how I can meet my goals. Obviously, each business is different. There are businesses that you’re killing in revenue and sales. You may have different goals, restructuring your culture, your business culture, or providing better customer service this year or bringing more customers back in the existing customer that you have.

So there are goals that will be different. But you get the points here in terms of setting goals, check in quarterly and monthly where how those goals are going. Really. This is the basic fundamental of goal settings when it comes to using a framework to do that. So with that, I know I’ve been going for a bit.

So some of the things that you can do if you download the workbook here, you can actually use this workbook to actually write down your 2022 goals. So where you can do that, you can actually use the workbook or a worksheet from your computer right now to set some goals. What’s your revenue target for 2022 and how much is that monthly and how many call will that require? How many call, how many book, how many reservations, how many boats you need to sell this year? And I know this can be very challenging for those of you guys that dealership space, knowing the struggle for inventory is really out there.

But regardless, there are other ways that you can actually bring that number up. Right. So people don’t really stop buying boats just because inventory is lacking. Actually, if anything, people still go on to the dealership, going to the brokers and finding a way to buy both. But there are other ways that you can actually set your goals if you need to reach your revenue goal this year and, you know, inventory can be the obstacle on your way.

Part of it is, well, there are more people that have more boats, which means a lot of people can’t just pop and go anywhere to any dealer they want and get their boat fixed right away. So there could be other ways. And we’re going to go over this in a moment was that you can actually bring additional customer back in because those boats are not going to be sitting all the time, especially if you are in Florida. I know some of you guys are not in Florida, but for customers in Florida, most of your customers run their boats six to nine months out of the year. So a lot of those boats will need to come get clean, get repairs done on them, preventive maintenance.

All of that are opportunities that you can open up for your shop to bring more revenue in. And part of that is what is the average transaction value that you win? Obviously, this can be varied for a lot of reason. Right. So if you’re a boat dealer that’s focusing exclusively in selling boat versus a boat rental shop that’s just rent boats, that average transaction value is different, completely different.

Right. But you get the point in terms of how you set that up. So here’s a good example. So let’s say this year for 2022, your goal is to reach $1.5 million in revenue. How do you do that?

This is really kind of if you break this down, this is what it comes down to. It’s about $125,000 on monthly reaction revenue. And what that really brings let’s say your average transaction is about $405. That’s just an example. Obviously, some of you guys I know your average transaction might be 20,000.

Some of your average transaction is 200. So it’s up to you. But this is just more for an example, what does that look like to reach $1 million in annual revenue, $1.5 million in annual revenue. That break it down into $125,000 on monthly revenue, which equate to about $405 on each transaction. So if you were able to bring in 308 leads per month, that’s at $405, you can actually weigh down this number to Winging 101.5 million, obviously.

Again, this is more of an example. Each business is different. You know where your numbers are. This is very important for you as a business owner, as a marketer, as a general manager to know. So that’s really how you define that number.

And we’re going to go over that in the worksheet itself. So how many leads would you need on average to actually get those numbers? Some of you guys, you get phone calls. Some of you guys have online bookings. Some of you guys reservation can be done.

Some of you guys are just people that bring in their boats for services. And some of you probably in boat club space or chartering space. It depends. You might have a subscription model that actually brings the solid revenue in for you on a month to month basis. So a lot of different ways you can bring this in.

So with that, those are the questions that are part of the workbook. You can actually write this down. What is your average conversion rate at the moment? So on average, if 100 people call you in a month, how many of them does actually turn into customer? And of those customers, how many of them does return customers?

So just keep pounding that right.

I know some questions coming in. I will be answering those as I go along, and I will be coming back to this in a second. So really, how many leads do you need to bring that number in? So if we were to go back to the numbers we were talking about earlier, right, the $1.5 million in revenue this year, how do we break this down if we were to bring each of our leads, if our average leads is $405, so it leads if we were to be able to close at 55%. So every 100 call we got, we were able to get 55 of those people to come and become customer and pay us.

So that would bring us to about 560 leads per month. Actually, in the marine business right now, if you own a rental business, actually almost any business that you want in the marine business at the moment, actually 560 leads. What I have seen is nothing. I mean, I know some boat rental spaces right now are getting about that number on a monthly or quarterly basis. It’s insane.

So those numbers are nothing if you actually have a clip with size goals, a clear path to make it happen. So those are not impossible numbers that can be accomplished. So we’ve been talking about setting goals and some of the key numbers that we were going over. Here’s what I would like you to do if you haven’t done so yet. So head to boatmarketingpost.

Comworksheet. This worksheet came in your email when you first registered earlier, when you registered last week, it should be on that page and in your mailbox, on your email box. But at the moment, if you don’t have it yet, you can actually download it directly from this URL worldmarketingpools. Comworksheet, where you actually have this whole worksheet. And it’s actually break down into really detail for you.

And this is where I’m going to show you. Here what we have in terms of how that works. Right. So I’m not going to spend a lot of time on those numbers. Some reason this area is out.

But the point is that you can actually simply go here and then download a copy on Excel however you want it. And all of those numbers are already pre set up for you, pre generated for you. So a lot of it, you just entered the numbers. So for example, if this year was I want to hit 5 million in revenue. You see the numbers are changing because if my average ticket is $450 pop to reach this, if I can convert at 45% to every 100 potential customers that come in, I’m able to close 45 of them.

I will need to bring in 926 leads this year to actually hit my 5 million. Now, you might think this is a very high number, but to be honest, this is not much, especially in the marine business right now. The way it’s going, again, depending on the business that you are in, there are businesses that can actually hit that number very easily. There are businesses that may not be able to part of it as resources, hiring people with no fun nowadays in the marine business. So you can actually go to this worksheet one by one.

And the way you do that is basically calculate what you want, some of the goals that you have. Okay? So set up some of the goals that you have. And also we’re going to walk through some of the budget allocation where you need to allocate your budgets and how you can plan your budget and also how you can determine. So on average, right now in the marine business, in the marine industry, the average budget for marketing is about 7%.

That’s very conservative. I have seen people go as hard as 15% depending on how big you want to grow. I mean, growth has a lot of variation on it, right? Because you have to hire people. They have to have people that will need to be hired.

So if you cannot find enough people or maybe there is not enough inventory to get the boats that you need. So a lot of factors play in that that determine your growth and how you’re going to spend on your marketing. But on average, marketing is about 7% of your revenue should be spent for marketing. So if you’re making a million dollars in revenue, about $70,000 and marketing, give or take, should be spent. And that usually break down depending on how you spend that money, whether you have in house team that does the marketing for you or you hire a marketing agency or a freelancer to do this for you, again, it all depends on how you determine that number.

But on average, that’s how that number breakdown in terms of where that number came from. So if your projected revenue is I put 600,000 here, but let’s say it’s 1 million or 5 million. And then you bring the numbers. Obviously the number, you can actually win all this number directly. Again, you don’t have to do any calculation.

So there is no hardware here for you. You break this down to 5% or you can bring this down to 10%. If that’s what you want to accomplish here and all of that automatically gets updated for you and it breaks it down into where the money can be diverted to where you can spend that money. So whether the total online marketing, how much online marketing, how much you should be spending on offline marketing and repeat business and so forth. And of that we break it down into what each of the business units from a marketing perspective should be spent.

So whether it’s online and what each of that money would look like on a monthly basis, obviously we’re looking at a very high revenue number here for most marine businesses. That is not on the dealership side, very big dealers. But most marine business making anywhere from 1 million to 3 million space. So 5 million is a big number. It’s not impossible but it’s a big number for many marine business.

But if that’s your number you want to target, you can see how the numbers break down. You get the number here. Again, make sure you get a copy of this, go back to our website, worksheet to get that. So we’re going to revisit this in a moment. So really with this, so what is your goal for the 2022 year?

How do you break this down? How many leads will you need to break this? So again, if we were to come back to this worksheet, as you can see on the tab below, we have lead generation targets, which means what are the big numbers would look like, the allocation of the marketing, what each of the specific marketing budget allocation would look would go towards and then the average cost per lead. So this is where I break this down for you guys to see what those numbers should look like. So again, obviously I’m talking some of you guys, I know you’re probably in marine construction at the moment.

You might be in a different business but this is digital information that you can actually change the numbers as you see fit. But dealership and repair shop, boat clubs and boat rentals and charters, you can see how each of those numbers break down and what way you should be spending some of the money as well as up here, we actually went in and break this down into categories so you can look at some of the marketing piece that needs to be done depending on if you are a dealership, what kind of the marketing you should focus on and some of those I’m well aware that some of you guys that on this listening to this, you may not have all twelve months out of the year for boarding, especially if you’re in the middle of the country somewhere in the Lakes of Michigan. I get that. But this is more generic obviously for you. You may even want to cut some of the months that you know you’re not going to be doing so much business at all.

Again, this is a breakdown from the one that works for you. So whether you’re in the dealership repair business or boat club or boat charter and boat rental, and I even break this down into some of the offers that you can make happen. Again, those offers, they’re not going to be good across the board for everyone. Obviously, if there is great business and Christmas time, especially in Florida, a lot of people come down to just hang out and chill. Sometimes it’s not the time for you to even offer discount because there’s a ton of people that want to spend money with you.

So there is no need for you to even give special. So it’s up to you. But you can see here all of this breakdown in terms of what special offers that you can give at this specific month. I hope this has been very helpful. Make sure you download this worksheet because there’s a lot of information on this worksheet that you can actually use.

And that’s basically one of the plans that you can work from to set goals, to see, to keep track of where you are, how you’re doing, and whether you’re meeting your goals or not and try to be as realistic as you can. So with that, now we’re going to hit the fundamentals. So what are the three fundamentals of really almost any business? So there is the market who, and there is the message what and there is the how the media, how do we get that message out, what that message would look like? And who is our market target market?

Who are we talking to? So with that, basically, this is kind of the three key pillars that you have to be mindful of when it comes to building your online presence and building your business in general. So who is your ideal customer? All of us have our ideal customer and we would be foolish to think that we can be everything for everyone. Most businesses are pretty good at what they do and they can kill it for one customer type and may not be able to kill it for another one.

So it is very critical to know your customer and we’re going to break this down for you. So who is your ideal customer? And sometimes you might even hear people say, who’s your avatar? What’s your avatar? Meaning that who is your ideal customer?

If you were to pick the name of your customer today, who would that be? How old would it be? What age demographics? Where is that person located? So that’s the average some of the company called them persona.

Did you build up your business persona? Which means basically, did you sit down, think really hard, think of your customer profile. Who is your ideal customer? Where is he or she’s located? And how do you get to him or her?

And with what? How do you craft that message within the workbook as I mentioned, I actually break this down for you guys. You have this on your worksheet so you can actually look at how you set up your avatar and you can see the matrix. The grid on this is really most of your customers and the potential customers that you have have very specific goals. They’re not so different from you and I, we all have very specific group that we fall on there.

So based on where the person lives, who that person hang out with and the type of money they make and so forth. So here’s a good example and you can use this to actually create your ideal customer. Who is your ideal customer? And this guy’s not going to read every bullet points here. You get the points, right.

Your demographic may be homeowner, right? They might be homeowner. They usually 25 years old. Most of them are female. Sometimes every now and then you find a male in there.

But most of them are married. They have two kids and this is very specific. So for some of you guys, this can be most of the decision come from the male of the family, not female. Maybe they’re not head of the household. They’re usually a kid or I don’t know.

So it’s up to you. You will know this, but you can look at that example, what this looks like. And I believe this is one of the things that we did for a boat rental that really wanted to target our town customers. And most of those outTOWN customers are usually when we were looking at most of their bookings because they’ve been in business for a while. Most of the booking actually come from females.

And most of those females, they usually have kids, they married, but the husband just maybe just passed to book. So if you look at this number, when you get to know your customer, who’s your ideal customer, it’s much easier. You will see why you can create the message. So what that demographic looks like, whether it be gardening, living in the suburbs and interesting community, all that can be part of your demographic that you paint. What are some of the pains and frustration?

What really keep those people awake at night and that frustrates them. So you can easily see. So in this case, for example, what frustrates those people are usually the reboot is not working. So in this case, if you are a boat dealer, this is very repair shop. That’s a perfect example.

No one likes their boat not working. So they get very frustrated very quick. And especially with the current situation we have right now, shortage, lack of resources. It’s very hard for both dealers to even keep up with the inventory, the customer that they sold the boat to. So a lot of our customers can’t get to boat repair shop, boat dealers to get them on the phone to get their boat.

So if you are able to express those pain and frustration your ideal customer has. You actually can just kill it for them, right? Too busy to deal with any repair shop or any repair shop to make a phone call. They want people to just come to get their boat for them. So build that avatar that way.

The other thing, grid that I showed you a moment ago. So again, there are four things that undergrad the demographic, right. The pain and frustration. Then there is the fears and implications. What some of the things that make people fear, especially for example, let’s stay on the boat dealer, boot repair shop, for example.

What are some of the concerns that people have? All of us, especially whether you drive a car, there are things that just concern you that make you really scared of doing X, Y and Z. What are these things? Again, this is not very specific to one boat dealer. For example, you can actually use this whether you bought rental shop, you bought boot club or you own a charter company, you have a Marina, even a marine construction, if you own a marine construction.

And actually, this could be perfect for you if you are even a broker, if you sell specific types of boats and you know, if you can break down what some of the things your customer go to to ensure that information with them. Also, the whole point of creating your ideal customer is so that you will see how important it is so that you can craft that message because you know their goals, you know their desire. What are some of the things that’s most important to them and you can resonate with them. So there’s a saying that if you can see Joe’s eyes, then you can sell what Joe Jones buy. Think about it for a moment.

We had this great earlier, right. We have four things that get people super frustrated. What some of the things that they want to do? What are some of the fears and implications if you can address them? And then what are some of the things that they are desired?

Which means that if you can address all four of those points for your ideal customer, which means you can see through your ideal customer eyes and you can speak with them and that will resonate. Right. So how do you get that in terms of now we talk about our ideal customer. How do you craft the message for your ideal customer? We talk about all the key points.

And then this is where you pull up your workbook and you can actually find that information directly in your workbook to fill this information out. And you can address each of those elements for your message. So I believe this is on page five or six or seven on your workbook. Why should someone choose your business? So that’s basically your message.

How do you craft that message? Right. So why should someone choose your business versus your competition, your competitors. So make sure you write this down right. Three things you should know why someone should select your business over your competitors.

What benefits do you offer that your target customer avatar will resonate with? And that’s how you start crafting your message and you will see why. And here are some of the messaging that we find that works extremely well. Same day service or emergency services, 24 hours service, on time services. Straightforward pricing.

Off front pricing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Trustworthy technician. Trustworthy technician. Technician experience.

Manufactured certified technicians. Those are some of the keywords that trigger some people to say, wow, those people have X, Y and Z. And believe it or not, you might be, well, everybody has manufactured certified technician. Well, the customer is not looking for everyone. So your ideal customer is not looking at everyone.

This is why you do a complete assessment of your market. So you can create your ideal customer so that when you talk to them, you know this is something that’s important to them. They like trustworthy, right? They like straightforward pricing. Some of you guys know exactly what kind of, let’s say, in the repair shop space, you know what type of boat most of your customers have.

Let’s say you own the marine construction business. If you’re in the business for two or three years, you probably have a good idea what customers that contact you, whether they own some of the higher end of both yet or they have the lower end that determines really what kind of message you want to showcase and talk to them about. Okay. In some of the other cases that to continue to the message you can make is you can make the case for your fast service, seven days delivery, money saving, 24 hours. I know 24 hours can be a little bit interesting, but it’s still important for some people.

No overnight charge. You have professional captains, clean cut professional captains. Obviously, if you try their business, especially if you offer full service, if you offer this crew, you have to keep all that in mind. So make sure the customer feels satisfied with some of these cases. So it’s your turn now for you to create your message.

Feel free to do that again. We’re going to continue typing in keep on going with this, and I’m going to take some questions. But again, make sure you create this message for you. Now what’s next? We’re going to look now into what’s the media, which means the medium by which you capture all this that we talk about right now.

We finished. We determine ideal customer, right? We know who’s our target customer. We know what frustration they have, some of the fears, what makes them happy. We know that based on the information, we know, we craft the message that will resonate with them.

The next thing is delivering that message, delivering that information. So in the message there are a couple of things to be aware of. What is the intent of your message? Typically in marketing, you can find three different type of intent of message. Right.

One of them to educate, make people aware of your service product exist. The next thing is to maybe to educate them, give them more information, entice them, but not yet converting them. And the third thing is really the intent of it is to maybe convert them or get a transaction from them. So whether they’re going to contact you to your contact form or reserve one of your services or both, make an appointment, whatever that might be. So that really the third piece.

And that’s what most business looking for, taking that get the message right and then get them into the media. How do you do that in terms of creating the media, the hubs that would get people, your potential customers to convert become a customer for you? Well, here’s the thing we all know now. By now, all of us know social media play a very critical role in our daily life, whether we like it or not, whatever the feeling you may have for it, it doesn’t really matter because at this point they’re here. And social media play a critical role.

But also what you also want to make sure is make sure your website whenever you bring traffic, whenever you talk with people on social media, make sure you bring those people back to your hub. Your website says your website is probably one of the best employee, probably one of the best team members than anyone you can hire, including yourself, because your website is available 24/7. So make sure your website is there to convert when those people come. The other thing is with social media, keep that in mind is that social media itself is you don’t on social media, people lose their account all the time in social media. Again, it’s a great way to generate awareness about your brand, bring educate people about your brain.

But at the end of the day, you want those people to come back to your hub and convert on your website. What does a great website looks like in terms of converting people? Visitors into colors, visitors into buyers. Some of the key elements you find on some of the most successful website is they remove ambiguity for potential customers or visitors. Very clear.

There’s a navigation, okay, a navigation at the very top somewhere. Here’s my phone number. Contact me. And by the way, this is what we do. We are a boat rental business in southwest Florida, a boat rental business in Lakes of Michigan.

We are a boat rental business in Orlando or Miami, whatever that might be. You are management services. We do X, Y and Z. Just be clear up front to the customer. So that way for people that don’t know you yet, don’t know of your brand, your company, your service product yet, when they stumble up on your website.

There is no ambiguity, there is no questions or trying to guess what you do. They know what you do by just reading the basic information on your website. The navigation there are time and place to make your navigation look all kinds of things. But make sure the navigation is clear to the end customer. So that way you don’t have to try to explain to them what they do or they don’t have to click multiple times.

They can find the information they’re looking for by just simply looking at your navigation. But one of the things that I found is oftentimes the website itself, how impactful it can be, what difference it can make when it comes to converting customers. This is an example of a website that you can see here. Obviously there are buttons you can see. This is a very old website and when it’s converted you will see some of the difference in numbers here at the moment.

But this is clear why it’s so critical to ensure that your navigation is clear. Tell people the basic information and this one is both rentals place. As you can see, they tell you they open Monday to Sunday, 08:00 A.m. To 05:00 p.m.. This is the address and this is the phone number.

How you can reach them? Right up there, also right up in here there is a big reserve now button and there is a phone number. So there is no ambiguity, there is no way for someone to get confused. How do I contact you? How do I get in touch with you?

How do I reserve here? Now there could be a lot of other friction that may make it difficult later on. But for me clarity, precise to the message perspective. You can look at these numbers, this website, the end user will know exactly what to do and that is one of the things that you want to do for your website as well. Making sure the information that you’re presenting is very clear and precise to the end user.

So what does that looks like in terms of conversion? What the numbers looks like? This number actually not from the other from the business that I showed you. I just wanted to just put that out there because I didn’t want to put the exact numbers up here. But this is an example of what basic information we talked about earlier, how to keep track of the information you’re looking for and how can that make a big difference in your business.

So that alone creating a precise, very good, clarity website that help people convert. You can reduce the cost of your spend by simply having great website that convert. By having a great website that converts, people find their way to your website much easier. But also search engine actually gives you some preference. Especially now with the latest algorithm that’s coming out that’s really looking at even the content of your website, how well is written that can make a big difference on your website in terms of what that KPI some of the goals that we talked about, how you track them, what they would look like in the long run.

A good example coming back to what a good website should look like and some of the key elements you should put in there, I added this to your workbook. You can take a look at it, but can customer find the information they’re looking for? Stretch engine can find the information they’re looking for when they come to your website. Making sure the website itself has engaging elements, things that is very clear, precise and get the customer information that they want to see. Testimonial getting the navigation clear right.

Put some trust icon in there because people want to know your part of association, the local association. Make sure the conversion piece is very clear right. If you can have a chat on your website, especially if for example if you are in the boat rental space, especially if you are around Florida right now, it’s insane. So a lot of people are looking for both rental space in Florida. So make sure you have that information readily available.

Cta, which is call to action. Make sure that information is clear on your website. And if you’re using, for example WordPress on your website again, that could be your marketing agency, your SEO guy, whoever is doing this for you, make sure they are aware of some of those plugins are great. Some of them are lagging. So make sure the plugin they have on your website actually gets you the maximum result that you can get, including automated some of the processes.

So for example, you will see some businesses when they post on their website. For example a blog post, it automatically gets posted as a post on their social media. Make sure if that’s something that you need to do, make sure it’s part of that. Some business don’t need all that, but some business do. So make sure that information is clear.

But last but not least is making sure your website is responsive. Again, the reason I’m going over this, I know some of you guys are very technical. You want to build your own website, but also keep in mind if someone does it for you. Be aware that not all website going to be automatically be responsive, which they should be, but sometimes they’re not. Make sure you look at making sure your website is responsive, meaning that people can use it, can find information, can log on to it via their mobile device, their tablets, or whether they’re using iPhone or Android or Windows device.

So make sure they’re able to get that. I don’t want to go over all the specific things. Those are the basic that I already covered here. But what does it look like for a website that converts their numbers correctly? So here’s what you can look at here.

Does it speak to your target audience, the target customer, the avatar we talked about earlier, right? Remember that? Right. Does the address there fear, frustration? Does it speak to what some of the things that make them comfortable?

Is your message good? Part of that also is especially if you’re in the marine business, there’s a lot of other businesses. Competition is everywhere. Create an atmosphere. Make people feel like they are human behind this company.

So take pictures of your team, make sure they’re on the homepage. Videos nowadays is very relevant. I think that if I can do video, anybody can. So make sure you create some authentic videos to get people to get to know you and make sure you showcase the reviews that you get on your website. Getting reviews from customers nowadays, people don’t mind giving you reviews, but you do have to ask for it.

Sometimes you have to beg for it. But in the long run, that’s going to benefit your business so much. Make sure you get that part of it. Make sure your website is fully optimized to take advantage of some of the automation that exists for SMS as well. So with that, does your website build to convert?

What are some of the things that you would need based on what we just talked about, to tweak and so forth? So I know we’ve been going on for a little bit. We talked about website, but now we’re going to switch into some of the biggest marketing issues. Both dealers, bot, charter again, marine business in general I have seen is they’re not converting the leads. A lot of leads that’s coming in on the funnel don’t get converted.

So here’s the problem. About 50% to 60% of inbound leads. Those are inbound lead, meaning a phone call or a home submitted on the website go unconverted and 90% of the time you can even just check this yourself. Go to any most marine website. Right now you submit a web form and you think that’s going somewhere and it’s interesting, it doesn’t go anywhere.

So that can really hurt a business. Why would you have a website that’s not converting? Especially in this day and age? Sometimes you don’t even have to spend a ton of money to get that rolling. And this is why you need this to be automated and make sure you convert your leads so you can maximize your revenue for 2022.

So leads that go unanswered, within all unfollowed and within 15 minutes can really go cold, especially nowadays. For example, a lot of times people need their information right away. So make sure you have a method that helps this. On average, customer must follow up within five to seven minutes, especially if they’re trying to make reservations. If you don’t allow them or don’t give them the ability to book make reservations directly online, then you better have someone by the phone to answer or call them back right away.

And don’t be afraid. Customer nowadays are more interested in getting a text message than they used to. And also they prefer a text message over the phone, especially if they call you. If they reach out to you, there’s a good chance if you text them, they’re not going to be mad. And most of that, you don’t have to use your personal phone.

You can actually automate most of that. So here’s the solution for problems that not follow up with leads. One take advantage of marketing automation to follow up to web forms and via right away. So if someone email you or contact you on your website, there are ways that you can automate to get back to them right away. And you can personalize that message that says thank you so much, Mr.

X, Y and Z. I’m glad you contact us. You can even tell them and they will be okay. At least they know someone take the time to actually craft this message. Hey, thank you Johnny, for contact us.

This is an automated message. We’re going to get back to you in a moment. Expect someone, one of our team members to get back to you. That alone make a big difference because in two minutes you already tell them, confirm that you get the message and you’re going to get someone to get back to them. And most of this can be done directly to a process that you may not even be available for, to make that phone call back or to send that text.

But most of it can be done to a system that’s set up that to do just that. And customers that get in touch a text message from you, they feel engaged and there’s a good chance that you will get their business. And really, it’s a simple math if you think about it. Here’s a breakdown of an example of a business that’s getting 100 leads and the conversion rate is about 30% because of lack of follow up. Okay.

So for example, let’s say boat repair shop, of every 100 leads that’s coming in, they turn 30 of them into customers. Let’s say the average tickets is about $2,000. You can break down this number very easily, right? So 2000 times totally. So you get the point here.

It’s about $60,000, right? So $60,000 totally leads. But take about a business. If you were able to actually convert that number where 100 leads coming in because you automate a lot of your processes, the follow up process is fully automated because there are systems that exist to do that. So that way you don’t have to be in there, including creating appointments, follow up with those appointments that automatically send email to the appointment, remind them to show up.

All of that can be fully automated. And instead of closing 30% of those 100 people, you can actually close 70%. And we all see the difference that can make in numbers, right? What would that do to your business, to your lifestyle, to your team? What’s some of the bonus you can give at the end of the year, possibly even by bigger boat, right?

So there’s a lot of things that you can do to automate and it’s a simple stupid math that you can actually just do and it’s crazy. So make sure every lead that you generate, whether it’s coming from your website or you generate that directly from your social media effort, make sure those leads can be converted and turn them into customers. So make sure you implement this in your business. Let’s implement this in your business. Or make 2022 the year that you take your business to the next level by utilizing some of the elements, some of the information that already exists.

We actually have a system called My Weebly here and it’s already pre built for many marine business already. It’s basically a leadmanagement CRM that actually automates actually 90% of the work. He has an SMS built in. He has actually wingless phone call. You can make wingless phone call to the customer so they don’t see the phone ring, but they get the message and they can automatically follow up.

For example, let’s say you have a boat rental business, you can actually follow up say, hey, thank you Johnny for registering you for reserving X, Y and Z. You are all set. We’re looking forward to see you on Saturday at 08:00 A.m.. And then that’s a Johnny book on Monday. All of us.

Sometimes we forget or certain things happen. So by Thursday you send Johnny an email, an automatic email. That system says, hey Johnny, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Just a quick reminder, we are pumped. Your boat is all set.

Ready. Now you build that anticipation. There are a few things that happen for that customer, right? You let them know you remember that they book with you and you make them happy to be showing up. When they show up, not only you can create those multiple messages, including Friday night journey.

I’m so proud. We’re so excited. My team looking forward to see you on Saturday morning. The boat is all clean ready for you. And when you come in, here are some of the things to be aware of or to anticipate.

All of that information can be fully automated. So that not only now you follow up with the customer, but your team will be happy. The customer will be happy. Because now you remind them they’re really looking forward. You build that Constitution when they get that boat, the super pump and make sure obviously deliver on the servicing side of things, right?

So that my friend. When you come back after the customer finish, when you reach out to them and say, Johnny, I hope you had a great time on Saturday. We were so happy we could have you. Please don’t forget to give us some recommendations, some tips, some reviews. There’s a good chance that alone, Johnny will do that.

But the other thing that’s interesting about is having a system like this in place. Now you have Johnny as a customer and your service and I’m using this as a boat rental as an example. But you can see you can cascading this to almost any business. Whether you bought chartering, whether you bought repair shop, whether you Marina, you can actually use all of those examples I use to your advantage and making sure your customers are coming back to you. So with all of that, we talk about what some of the action items tweet conversion elements that you will implement on your website.

So we talk about making sure you get your phone numbers up there. If you have to put your social media, make sure people follow you up there. Make sure you tell people what you want them to do. Believe it or not, customers like to be understood and also you give them you lead them to what you want them to do. We are both metal XY and Z or we are Peshop XY and Z.

We are in Marina XY and Z. This is what we love to do and feel free to join us here or get a quote here. That information makes a big difference when it comes to the customer experience and conversion. So make sure your website has some kind of elements that help guide the customer or potential customer into converting them into making deal with you. So what are some of the takeaways that you can take from this?

We talk about how to break down your website, how to visit that website which is part of your media kit that would bring customer in. And what did you learn from this? Did you notice? What did you notice? I would love for you guys to share some of your takeaway from this and any questions that you have.

So with all this, you have website, you have goals, you have social media going, you have SEO going. How do you keep track of all this stuff? Well, there are a ton of different ways you can actually keep track of every one of these information. The key here is there are some information that you want to keep track and those as you all know, businesses that know their numbers are usually the business that can make it big. And part of it, those numbers don’t have to be a mystery to you.

You should know there are tons of software exist out there that you should know how to track phone calls. How many phone calls did you get? How many of them converting? How many of them that may not even be good phone call. And how do you convert those?

Right. And you should know your numbers meaning that on average when the phone rang, how much on average does it cost you? And how much do you make from it? Right. And you can actually do this from a simple dashboard, a good example like this, you can break it down, see how many leads you bought in and how did you bring those leads in, whether it’s to PPC, SEO, and sometimes possibly even social media.

Again, some of your business guys in the marine business, actually it’s more beneficial for you to focus a lot on social media, although you need to make sure your website is up to par for me, that’s your perspective. But social media might be a good way to invest as well. And how much each those leads cost you. And then really down here you can actually break it down to see all those incoming leads or reservations that I got. How many of them were they coming from?

Okay, I got 120 of them coming from phone calls. That directly from organic. And typically that means that someone search for your services in Google and Google presented with different number and total PPC calls. And how many of them come in from maps and how many of them that’s coming directly from your website by simply submit the information. So you can actually have all this breakdown.

And that’s a good dashboard key KPI that you should have. And some of you guys your business has to do with referrals and that’s also something that you can do so far. One of the things that we cover, we talk about clear goals and target for 2022. We talk about clarity around your marketing, your message and media. We have talked about make sure your website is fully optimized for conversion.

And also we talk about keeping up a simple KPI, know your numbers. So in that KPI, I showed you a fancy board earlier. You can actually do this with Excel Sheet. So keep that in mind. You can do that.

Okay. So last thing we talk about is trends. Some of the key trends for 2022 and this one is a little bit interesting in that there is 2022 things to keep it to Bol Google local service ads, it’s called LSA. So this one you will see how that works in terms of how Google actually provide customer ad directly based on your service in your local area. A lot of shifting message conversion shift from form conversion to message conversion.

So a lot of people wanted phone call previously, but now a lot of people prefer for you to not disturb them. A text message is more than enough and it’s okay to text people. Okay.

Your online marketing should really be looked at all different perspective channels so that you can maximize your incoming leads for SEO, PPC, LSA and social media. And then different business would focus lean more in one of the other. But overall you should look at all different perspective avenues on how you’re going to bring that revenue and also making sure your content is relevant and consistent. Google is really go after nowadays how consistent, how relevant your content is, and making sure your website content is up to par is relevant and very well written, actually. And also make sure they are critical to action.

2022, I believe will be one of those years that a lot of things start trimming down and it will continue beyond that, though, making sure the message on your website, the content you provide is very clear. It’s very clean, it’s simple and very easy for people to read. And this is Google local service. This is how it really works. So basically you go to Google, you submit your information, and it’s basically an ad.

It’s very similar to PPC, but the biggest difference in PPC stands for pay per click. The big difference between this and PPC, it’s only if someone is booked through your services that you pay and how you get this information. So you must complete a Google local service application and Google actually run a background check on you and your business and your employers. This is how serious they take this because according to Google, people that find you on local business ads, 87% of the time they select you versus the competitors. So Google itself is technically, in some degree, Google getting in the business of booking you, connecting you with the customer.

So with that, they want to make sure whenever they send the customer your way, you actually legit. That is why they check your business license, your background, and also they actually look it for the business owner’s information. And then once you are approved, the leads usually anywhere from $25 to $45 per lead, depending on the market you are in. And this is not on every market in every industry. But business is just right now starting to click in on 2022.

But there’s a lot of different industries that’s already on this. What’s your next step for this? It’s very straightforward. You can go to the Google page itself, you can search for Google service ads or go to AdWords. Google.

Comlocalservices sign up. So that way you can sign up for the service to see if it has to do with the geographic location that you are in. Not all services part of this. So I don’t think repair shop is in there, but I don’t think both clubs are in the marine construction may not be in there because of the high ticket item. Again, you can do all this information.

You can just go in there to get it done. So we talk about all of this today. What is your next big step? Well, it’s basically your next step now is to build your 2022 marketing plan. We talked about the numbers earlier.

We break down all the worksheets. That how you’re going to optimize this. And here are the elements that you need to be aware how to make sure your online strategy work for you. So your website is built to convert Proactive SEO SEO stand for Search engine optimization. Make sure that works for you.

Google Maps play big role now on your Online Presence making sure your website, your online Google My business, Google Profile is clean and set up for you. Focus on Online Reviews and Reputation Google, not just Google. Actually, all the search engines put a big emphasis on this now. And customers actually like to see good reviews about your business, your product or services. So make sure you focus on that.

Obviously that’s include providing great services so that people can give you good wage review and those reviews you potential customer into customer, right? Be strategic about your PPC Pay per Click campaign. There’s a lot of different ways you can set those up. And I have seen hundreds and hundreds of businesses think that they can set the PPC up. You can, except that you probably spend way more money than you should for certain keywords.

So make sure you get someone that understand how PPC actually work and how to set this up. Yes, you can sign up for your own account, but setting up your campaign, your AdWords campaign, your ad groups can be very tricky. And the system the more error you make, the more you pay them. So make sure you get someone that knows what they’re doing to set you up to. Email marketing is critical.

It’s very important in your social presence and make sure you have a system to track all of that for you. And most marketing agency. Not all, but most marketing agency actually have good precision of tracking keeping KPI and give you the report of this. So with that, this is a computer checklist. This is part of your online marketing.

So you can actually download that checklist here to make sure you have to build your plan. Again, we already went over the worksheet piece by piece earlier. Not that we do this, but make sure you look at that worksheet and then fill out the information and take a look at what’s relevant to you. So with that, what are some of the three Internet marketing initiatives that you need to implement in 2020 to hit your goal? Each of us have different goals, so I’m not going to specify what you need to do, but you probably already know what they are.

Maybe you need to optimize your website to make sure you put the click all to action. And part of it, maybe you looked at your Tweets, your market, you look at your market, your message and your media, how we deliver that information. But also part of that could be your social media boost. You need to take a look at it. What are some of the key takeaways from this?

What did you learn? What did you notice? And I know we’ve been going at it for a while now, so I’m going to recap of what we have covered and then answer questions so what are some of the goals that you have set and how many leads do you need to hit your target for 2020? We talk about the three fundamentals of marketing success. We talk about the market.

We talk about when you come to the market, meaning that you create your avatar, your ideal customer, make sure you know who that is, your message that’s going to resonate with that ideal customer. And then how we deliver that message to them and hook them, whether it’s to your website, whether it’s social media, SEO, and how do you build your website to make sure it converts them when they come? Make sure your website is fully optimized really to bring conversion potential customers to real customer for 2022 and beyond. Right? The big picture of online marketing channels.

We talk about all the different ones, like social media. We talk about social media, pay per click, SEO. We look at your website that become the true hub. But also there are other ways that some of you guys probably already know. You can actually use the system to buy leads online.

All of that needs to be accounted for. And we talk about the latest trends for 2022 that you should be aware of. And some of them are important that it would be good for you to implement in your business. So I know I’ve been going on a lot here. So the last piece on this is we talk about the workbook that you receive that has everything that we talked about in this presentation, as well as the actual worksheet that actually help you create this plan.

So you can actually put plug in all your numbers on this worksheet to get this going. So with that, for those of you guys that stay at the very end, I see who you are. What I would suggest that you do as I’m going through this is make sure you send us an email. That email should go to and just put Webinar 2022 or Workshop 2022. That should be enough because I see who you are.

Just make sure you put your name in there and then we take a screenshot of the name so that we can make sure we get you as I promise you, for those who stay until the end, I do want to know what’s your primary business. So I know all of you guys in the marine business, most likely, right? Most of you. But tell me what sector of the marine business you are in, whether in rental or whether in Marina construction. So that way we can create a personalized most search keyword for your business and then send that over to you.

So that way those keywords, you can work with your marketing agency or you can set it up yourself to get things working. So with that, I’m going to turn this into questions that you have. I can answer them. Okay, so one question we got is my website has the latest design, but it still does not convert. Why?

Well, there are a lot of factors on why your website may not be converting. And without seeing it, it would be hard for me to give you specific printers. But here are some of the things that depend on how long ago you build a website. So as of late, Google looked at, especially if you’re not getting enough traffic. Now, some people get a lot of traffic, their website is not converting.

A couple of things that happen here that content is not converting enough. You’re not talking to your target audience. So that message may not be resonating if you’re getting a lot of traffic on your website. And what does a lot of traffic really mean, depending on what sector of the business you are in. But giving a good example, if you’re in the marine business, for example, if you both rental both club and chartering business, out of every 1000 people that visit your website, you should be able to get five of them that turn into customers.

So that’s a very low number if you look at it. But the other 995 are people that are well aware of your business now. And they may not really to make a decision now, but because your message resonates with them, they might come back. So keep that in mind. So it’s not as low as it may seem.

So why your website is not converting? Part of it could be. Hosting become a big issue nowadays because Google pulls out late share the web vital becoming an issue for a lot of businesses. So look at your website speed. Your website speed becomes very critical.

The content of your website as well is the content resonate to the customer base that you’re trying to attract? But also the other piece, again, your website can be the prettiest. If it doesn’t have enough people come to it, then you cannot really convert. So try to figure out why you’re not converting. And I’d be more than happy to take a look at your website.

Talk to you if you would like, but without knowing the website URL, knowing what segment of the business that you are in. Because we work with a lot of different clients, so we have seen it all. Sometimes it’s basically behind your website. Believe it or not, most people build their website and development stage, right? Well, there are things people just turn off the website to be seen by search engine while they’re building it.

Well, guess what? When they push their website live, they forgot completely to turn that on. Well, six months later they’re like, why I’m not even in Google by my name or services. Well, sometimes that’s basic information like that be aware of it for us. We’ve been doing this for a very long time.

We have 140 key points. After we launch a website that we go to each of the developers that launch the site have to go to, so that helps. So the other question is how do you automate lead follow up? How do you automate lead follow up? There are like hundred different ways, like more than 100 different ways you can do that depending on what system you have.

We have our own CRM that actually customized for the marine business. So it’s already a lot of information already pre built. But you don’t have to use a system like ours. You can actually use most of the system nowadays actually have pretty decent things on them, including, for example, even constant contact MailChimp. They already have some of the system automated in there, which means when someone submitted information on your website, there are ways you can fill out that information, send it, and if you are technical, you can actually even do this directly with your website contact form.

I wouldn’t suggest it because there’s a lot of elements that are willing to fail on that case, but you can actually do that as well. So I hope that answers your question and follow up. There’s a ton of different system out there, and all of them do have email follow up, text follow up, and even phone call follow up within the system. I don’t like the phone call itself because most customers prefer text messaging, but text messaging is like one of those magic that just make things work so well for most customers. What is the difference between Google My Business and Google Local services?

Google My Business. They changed their name every 5 seconds. For those of you who’ve been in the game for a little bit, Google My Business changed their name late last year called Google Business Profile. I believe that’s the name the new name if they haven’t shared it yet. So the difference between Google My Business, again, Google Business Profile versus Google Local Services.

Google My Business is a free services. Basically, if you can think of it that way, is a directory that you have to submit your information, although it’s more powerful than that. You do have to claim your Google My Business so that people can submit so that you can submit and connect reviews that people submit to Google to your business. So that’s how they connect that. But also Google My Business.

Again, Google Business Profile play a very critical role and one of the signals that Google looked at to give you ranking. And that’s also how Google rank you on the maps. So when someone searched for your services and the geographic location area, that’s how Google determines. Okay, business XY and Z or service X, Y and Z or product X, Y and Z is in this area. They do have a business profile.

Keep in mind, you’re not the only one that has a business profile. Google looked at which one that has the better business profile build up and how much reviews you have and there’s a lot of little factors that play in that, but that’s part of how Google gets you. So Google business profile is free. You do have to keep up with it if you want the best bang for the best result. Whereas Google Local Service Ads is actually adds very similar to PPC pay per click, except that on this one, it’s actually built within Google.

It’s almost like an e commerce. So when the customers search for this, the customer actually book their services or their product directly within Google platform itself. So that’s why Google actually vet the companies that they get listed up there. So Google Local Services Ads is part of a booking system within Google, and it’s a pay. So every time someone book with you, you actually have to pay Google for it.

Whereas Google my business, you don’t pay Google for it. You just have to pay someone or you spend the time and get enough knowledge how to do it correctly and you set it up yourself. That’s the difference between the two for later. Yes. This is recorded for those of you in attendance.

Once we clean up a little bit, we will share the link with you as soon as possible. All right, so another question we got is what software will you recommend for lead generation and why? So I’m biased. We internal system here for most of our clients is called My Web Lead. And it’s part of our Arsenal that we’ve been using this for years for our clients.

And over the years, we enhanced it. It’s even better now for our clients. It’s fantastic. But there are other tools out there. Some of them are a little bit more expensive than other.

But you can actually depending where you are in your business. So that’s why it’s so hard to see. Here’s some of the tools that’s better, right? For example, in terms of for lead generation tools, you can go like 300 different ways. One, there is lead generation and there’s lead management to make sure we know the difference.

Right. Lead generation is how do you generate leads to your business? One way to do that is, again, depending on the business that you are in a good example. This is why I’m keeping saying that, because I want to differentiate. Let’s say you are a charter company, you are charter company, and all of your boats are, I don’t know, 60ft and longer.

So those are big trailer boats. So I find that boats like this, company like this is very hard to allow leads to get your lead generation to Facebook, for example. But you can make a killing and Instagram if you do it right. If you have a good branding behind it, a good marketing behind it. So you see where I’m going with that.

The difference. Whereas whereas a boat rental business can actually kill it either on Facebook or Instagram, depending on their geographic location and their offering. So there’s a lot of different ways you can generate leads in terms of where you generate them now, managing them again, this is where it comes. We have our own system internally to do that. Generating leads again.

You can use PPC, SEO and social media whether it’s social media ads or social media posting to get your brand out there and also attract people to your business. I hope I have answered all the questions again. The recording will be available to you guys that attended and if you are interested in receiving our I believe let me go back very quick to if you are interested in getting the most commonly searched keywords for your specific vehicle in the business, just shoot us an email at Halo just that send it over to us. We’d be more than happy to take a look at it again. Thank you so much, so much for attending this webinar.

I hope this has been very helpful to you. I hope you had fun. I know I’m the one talking the most time but if you have additional questions feel free to ask now. And if not then again thank you so much for attending glad that you were able to make it and I appreciate your time and you have a great evening. Thank you for your time.

All right. Bye.