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Marine Industry Marketing that Attracts Millennials

The millennial generation is the largest generation in history. They are also the most social and technologically savvy. Business owners need to approach marketing in a way that gains the attention of younger people and turns them into customers. This applies to those in the marine industry too.

Traditional marketing methods like TV commercials and billboards aren’t as effective today, and they are especially not effective for millennials. The younger age group is rapidly approaching the new age of consumerism.

Millennials participate in boating at a similar rate as their parents. Your boating business needs to adapt their digital marketing to their changing demands. Let’s discuss how to reach the younger demographic.

Transparent Society

The younger generations love to share. If they have an experience with your boating brand, they are extremely likely to share about it, both positive and negative. Text messages, social media, and emails are a few of the common means of communication for millennials.

Dominating these social networks and online communities is detrimental. By being active on these platforms, businesses provide more information for consumers to share. Here is a list of things that marine business owners can share to cater to the craving for social attention:

  • Links to websites, articles, and products
  • Videos and photos
  • Hosted events
  • Unique hashtags
  • Email newsletters
  • Share buttons
  • Contests that encourage cross-channel sharing

Creativity and personality make a brand stand out. Don’t be afraid to tap into growing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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Influencer Age

The millennial generation is largely influenced by their peers. This sounds negative, but from a business perspective it can be a very useful thing. Just like consumers share their experiences, they also like to learn about them. Product, service, and business reviews play a huge factor in the decisions of young consumers.

Both negative and positive reviews allow potential customers to see that they can trust your business because you are being transparent. Visible reviews about your marine brand show consumers that you want to help them find the best product and service for them.

Public reviews hold a huge power, so feedback from past customers should be a feature on your marine business website.

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Growing Up Surrounded by Technology

The millennial generation grew up with technology as an already integrated part of their lives. Thanks to cell phones, tablets, and laptops, the internet has always been at their fingertips.

In today’s culture, text message replaces phone calls and search engines replace phone books. Marketing methods used to reach consumers, especially millennials, consequently, need adjusted.

If you don’t already have a mobile-friendly website for your marine products and services, you are already behind. Millennials are on the digital move. If you don’t have an entertaining, positive, effective digital presence, your business won’t reach its full potential.

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Considering Millennials in Your Marketing Strategy

The frustration of not being able to find information and resources related to your business can deter consumers away from your business and lead them to a competitor.

As a marine marketer, you need to stay in the loop and up to date with trends in marketing. Continually adapt your strategies to reach new demographics because they are vital to the long term growth of your business in the boating industry.

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