Make Waves with Marketing Automation


Is your boating business facing challenges with unconverted leads or poor lead management? Many businesses in marine space share this struggle, but the good news was, a solution was in sight. This webinar provided insight & the tools to revolutionize how you approach lead conversion. Don’t let unconverted leads weigh you down – navigate towards a future where your marine business thrives.

On this live webinar, we unlocked the secrets of lead conversion in the boating and marine industry. From effective communication and swift follow-ups to leveraging automation and exploring a dedicated platform, attendees were guided through revolutionary lead conversion methods.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Unconverted Lead Challenges – We delved into the common mistakes that marine businesses were making, discussing modern approaches to converting leads and charting new horizons to address unconverted leads for attendees’ businesses.
  • Marine Marketing Revolution – We unveiled how marketing automation was transforming the marine industry, with a focus on effectively converting leads. We explored strategies such as engagement, swift follow-ups, and leveraging automation tailored specifically for boating businesses.
  • Customized Marketing Automation – We discussed about implementing smart forms for quick follow-ups, integrating two-way text messaging in live chat to enhance customer interaction, utilizing missed call text backs, database reactivation for growth, and review automation to build a solid online reputation.
  • Lead Management System – We discovered the capabilities of a lead management and marketing automation platform designed to elevate lead management processes. We explored how it streamlined sub-account management, provided real-time tracking, enabled efficient pipeline management, and drove improved bookings and sales.

If you missed the live session, you can still catch the replay: register here to access the webinar replay.

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