Currently, several states are allowing their business to resume their normal operations while still placing emphasis on the sanitary guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. As a business in the marine industry, you will most likely have to adjust certain practices within your business to accommodate for these guidelines and to keep your customers healthy.

To help you transition, we have created a list of 20 things your boat dealership can do to avoid the spread of the virus while you resume your business operations.

Service Department Practices

1. Schedule all service appointments over the phone or online. Collect all customer and boat information prior to servicing, especially their phone number to minimize contact.

2. Space out service appointments to ensure social distancing between customers and between your employees.

3. Use gloves to collect repair parts to eliminate the need to sanitize after every installation.

4. Disinfect all customers’ boats before and after service work is complete.

5. Restrict customer access to other parts of your store to minimize contact.

6. Assign bins and carts to all your technicians when transporting boat parts to the service areas to avoid the spread of germs among them.

7. Use video chat, phone calls, and text messages to keep customers informed about their service inquiry. Avoid bringing customers back to view their boats.

Sales Department Practices

8. Ask customers to do their inventory research on your website and then call to schedule an appointment for the viewing.

9. Use electronic communication such as email or fax to send any documents that need to be signed by the customer. We recommend using something like DocuSign.

10. Sanitize the boats before and after any demo or walk-through.

11. Provide face masks and gloves for your team and your customers as it is still mandatory to wear a face mask in some states. Make sure you inform your customers of these guidelines so they can bring their own mask if they own one.

Boat Drop Off and Pick Ups

12. Instruct your employees on how to quickly drop off or pick up a boat in such a manner that limits interaction.

13. Sanitize vehicles and forklifts and use disposable gloves throughout and during practices.

14. Post clear signage around your building so your customer knows where to drop off or pick up their boat.

15. Instruct your customers on how they should proceed when dropping off their boat (where to put the keys, what paperwork to sign, and so on) to minimize contact.

16. Instruct your customers to place their boats in a location where it can be assessed without assistance and tell them to provide directions beforehand to minimize contact.

Boat Demonstrations and Deliveries

17. Sanitize all boats before any demonstrations or deliveries. Follow the same practice when customers do sea trials.

18. Ask your customers to wash their hands before entering a vessel or a showroom. Make disposable towels, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes available for your customers and your employees. Instruct your customers and employees to wear a mask at all times of interaction.

19. Offer video demonstration if possible.

20. Allow no more than one customer on the boat, unless they reside in the same address or the social distancing guideline can be followed.

Marine Industry Marketing During Covid-19: How to Market Your Boat Dealership Online

In the following months, it will be crucial for you to communicate these changes to your customers whether it is through your website, social media, or email campaigns. We can create a digital strategy that will put you in front of your customers and prospects and ensure your long-term success even after COVID-19.

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