Coronavirus (COVID-19) Opportunities Webinar by Atilus


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has drastically changed the work force in every industry. This includes the marine and boating industry. We are all lucky to have many digital tools that enable us to work from home. We encourage you to take advantage of any extra time you may have to focus on your website and marketing efforts. While you may not be interacting face-to-face with customers, you can still keep your business and brand alive through digital marketing.

Our team is still working full time to serve all the needs of our clients. We offer free consultations to help businesses with web design, digital marketing, ADA compliance, social media, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

Atilus hosted this webinar to discuss the resources that are available to small businesses. Here is an overview of the topics covered:

  • How you can take advantage of the resources available to you during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Tips on working from home
  • Recommendations on what you can focus on when it comes to marketing during this crisis

Click on the video below to watch the webinar and get more information about COVID-19 resources.

Atilus and Boat Marketing Pros

Boat Marketing Pros originated from an agency called Atilus. Atilus was created in September 2005 by Harry Casimir. After great success with clients in the boating and marine industry, we decided to further hone in on our services to create websites and marketing plans for boating clients. And then, Boat Marketing Pros was born.

Our small but mighty team has experience ranging from custom server environment management to social media management and everything in between. We live and breathe digital, and we are excited to offer our services to the boating industry.

Published: April 16,2020
Category: COVID-19
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