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Hello and welcome to the Boat Marketing Podcast, your destination for effective digital marketing strategy. I’m your host, Harry Casimir. Founder of Boat Marketing Pros. Digital marketing agency specialize and work exclusively with marine business like yours. In today’s episode, we will do a deep dive into the world of video marketing, video content creation, and explore how it can mix with for your marine business, whether you’re a boat dealer, boat rental, boat club, boat manufacturer, for that matter. We’re going to talk about how you can effectively create many, many different video types to get your business be seen. Get ready to set, sail with your video content. So video marketing And video content creation in the last few years has become probably the most effective tools to engage your target audience, showcasing product and services, and really drive lots of conversion. And for businesses that actually do rely on video conversion, they can tell you if they really track customer journey, you can see the trend on how the customer convert to this. So in this episode, we’re going to explore the importance of video content creation, video marketing in general for marine business, and provide you with some actionable techniques/strategies on creating compelling content, leveraging video and to the customer journey so that it can easily help you get more engagement and close more sales.

And we will also talk about how distributing those type of content and promoting them effectively and how you can use in-house team in combination with outside team to successfully create good marketing campaign that will win good result. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. To embark on this marketing video generating content piece, I want to answer a few questions that I often got is, well, we don’t have a video on our team. It’s time consuming, too much work. I don’t want to say it’s an excuse because sometimes you just don’t have that. But nowadays, with most phone that you have on your hands, actually, you already have a very good camera. And oftentimes, we see better result with those phone camera than the professionally done. I’m not saying professionally done video or not good. They just people feel the authenticity behind a video that you shoot from your phone video. They just can feel it. The handshaking. So all those filler words that come with shooting a video on the spot with your phone camera really bring a lot of authenticity to your content and really help bring you to the next level. I want to address that where you don’t really need full gear equipment.

I know some of you guys are very technical with your stuff. If you want to buy a full-fledged video cam, that’s up to you and bravo to you. But many of us can use our phone to shoot perfectly good videos. With that out of the way, let’s go into the importance of video marketing, why it’s so crucial to do that in your company. Actually, this can be one of the game changer for your company in terms of providing this content to customers and why you need to pay very, very close attention to how you create this content and build charts, build credibility, connect with your target audience in a way that you may have not been able to. We’re going to take example in terms of most of the things that we do from a marine industry perspective, boarding in general, still a mystery for many people, even for those that do own a boat. Obviously, a lot of people that own boats, sometimes they are lifetime boaters. They’ve been in boarding for a long time, but even them, they may not have time for this, but they want to feel at a level where the business they’re working with understand what they need.

And that is one way to build that choice is providing content, education content, learning content to get them to understand and trust you. So a good example is a dealer, for example. How do you create video walkthrough? I know many manufacturers really provide us walk through, but they’re very, very, very crystallized high level where if you have one of your sales person, sell people, a broker that actually walked the boat piece by piece, said, This brand-new board just came, or this is the brand-new model, or this is the revamp model of X, Y, and Z brand, and this is what been going on, this is what you should be looking at, this is the new joysticks? Adjustment they make to this. Those can make a big difference and really attract even your own existing customer to come back to see more and want to buy more. That’s just an example of a boat dealer. The same can go for even a boat rental operation where you want people that will fly 600, 700 miles just to come to a location where they’re going to rent your boat. You want to give them a feel, an idea of what this location looks like, how clean your boats are, and obviously, you’re not even comparing to competitors, but your competitor don’t even have those videos, you become the differentiator because of those videos.

So this is a good opportunity. Now, how do you create very compelling, engaging video content that keep people engaged but also want to see more? Well, a lot of it, I find some of the best videos are off-script, but I know many of us want to have a little script somewhere. So maybe you create a quick outline for the content you want to go over. So that can be very, very helpful. Good example. Let’s say you want to go over some of the electronics in the boat, you want to go over the steering. You want to go over some of the joystick, you want to go even over how the draft is a little bit different than the previous model. You want to go over the T-T. All of those different components, you can just put a quick outline on the key topics you want to touch and stick with that because this is very, very important because oftentimes, most of us, when we’re excited about something, we go in tandem and start talking about all that stuff. Focus on those things that this is why some of us, it’s good for us to have a quick outline on what we want to talk about.

That’s one of the best way to create a very engaging video in terms of talk about the key points and also add layers to that key points in a form of a storytelling/providing visual component to help the user visualize what’s going on. When you talk about the Joystick, Not only are you showing your own hand where that joystick is located within the panel, but maybe you can actually incorporate the manufacturer’s video that’s really going to go into a little bit more detail about joystick. But your voice over that part of the video as well. That makes it look seamless. Those little things can really, really be important. In addition to those visual effect, but also incorporate very good music that really cater to your target audience. Not every audience want a really mellow music. Not every audience want a country music. Not every audience wants to hear a RnB. You know what your audience was most likely like, and try to cater to them as much as possible. That way, when they hear that beat, it doesn’t really irritate them and want them to leave your video. This is very crucial But it’s also you don’t want to put a beat that’s too loud taking over the content.

So what role does video content play in the customer journey to eventually become a customer? Well, in my opinion, and I have seen this, video can play probably one of the most important roles in terms of when you engage to when they’re buying. Because that video, couple of videos that you have They might do a very good job at explaining what that one component that person had in their head. They were not sure if they want to make that move. Because of your video, you build that effective brand awareness, you educate them within that video and demonstrate that project, that specific feature and benefit of it, that alone can inspire someone to take action that they otherwise wouldn’t make sometimes. Look at video as a piece to create informative product showcase so that your customer can take a look at, but also use video for many different things. So showcasing different things within your company. So your team working in the shop show how they uncouple an engine and possibly even we’re putting it together, not the whole detail, but enough to make someone feel like, wow, those guys have a full shop. They have a team that actually know how to work on X, Y, and Z brand.

All of that are pieces of journey that you can take the customer into to help create this conversion that you need. Another component is We talk about how do you go about distributing and promoting those videos. But there are a lot of different channels. Your audience by now better. You heard me say that all the time, the 3M’s and most businesses. Once you determine your market, which is your target audience, really the next big piece for you component on this is the message. How do you distribute that message? How do you get a message that resonate with them? And then the last piece is the media, which is the medium, the channels, that message going to resonate with them, where they are located to give that message. And that’s where distribution and promoting that video come from. So you create a fantastic video that really resonate with your clientele with the right message, then the next step is, how do you make sure that message get to the right people from the right angle? So that’s where your channels, where that video need to be posted on YouTube, posted on your social media, posting on your website, and possibly even added to a newsletter so people can actually click and watch it eventually.

You need to ensure that video get to the right audience. And once you get to the right audience, then the game is over. It’s just you collecting praise and leads and possibly more sales. That is why it’s so important to understand your customers and also understand the message in that way with them, but also understand where they hang out. So leverage, take advantage of social media platforms. Make sure your video is fully optimized, especially for SEO. Make sure you distribute that to those different channels that’s available to you, from YouTube LinkedIn, Meta, which basically both Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, all of these different channels, you can push content, get that out there, but also collaborate with other industry influencer. So get engaged with them, share their content, but also ask them to share your content as well if needed, and possibly even use those videos to even run your own ads. We talk about how you get those content distributed and how you can expand your video reach by generating buzz within the marine industry. But now we’re going to talk about how does one go about helping get someone else to help you? There are lots of other ways to get other people to help you creating more content.

For us here at Boot Marketing Boards, we help boot dealers and boot manufacturers develop a clear plan on how we execute content production from your and the one that we will create for you as well. Because there’s a lot of things that going on in the company day in, day out. Actually, if you had the time, you probably would have four, five, seven, eight videos a day from your company, different things the team does. And from how they’re closing a lead, how they’re closing a sales, to how they’re working in the back, repower a motor, for example, washing a new boat or receiving a new piece of inventory, we load that, all of that video content that we can use to get your brand, your name, and get people to feel like they engage with your business. So optimize those business to create a strategy using this type of video content strategy as part of your tactic to bring in more customers to learn more about your business and eventually become clientele. There are tons of to produce videos, and this is just the tip-up aspect we talk about here. There are a ton of different tools now that allow you to actually quickly create a video and get this edited.

And the possibility is unlimited. So don’t be limited to not having good equipment. Your phone camera is good enough to shoot some very, very good video. So as we saw toward the end of this episode, so remember the importance and the huge value video marketing has to the marine industry can be very, very impactful if you do it right. So your potential customer attention and building trust to the customer journey, I believe video is and will be forced to be working with. And you should incorporate that within your marketing strategy so that you can make a lasting impact on this potential customer, eventually customer. And where’s this possibility? So again, what I would suggest is make it part of the culture, make it part of your team effort so people can shoot videos, and sometime you have one person to actually help put them together and maybe work with a marketing company like us who can take those different pieces of footage and then piece them together for you and create something that can be very useful and bring more people in. All right, this is a wrap for us. Thank you so much for joining us in this boot marketing podcast today.

And this Boat Marketing Podcast today and the place for all digital marketing tips tailored to the marine industry. And if you need more of that, visit us at boatmarketingpros.com. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast wherever you receive your podcast at. We are sending it to all the different channels. If you have any questions about any feature episodes and topics that you would like to see or comments you want to send over to us, please email us at podcast@boatmarketing.com. Would love to hear from you. Until then, my friend. Smooth sailing, and see you. Peace.


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