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CEO of Boat Marketing Pros Featured in Boating Industry

We're excited to share that our CEO, Harry Casimir, was recently featured in Boating Industry Magazine, a leading trade publication for the boating industry. The article, titled "Reaching Customers During ...
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Handling a Social Media Crisis

Social media is a very powerful promotional tool for business. To quote the famous superhero, Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”. The same is true for social media. With ...
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Why Social Media Really Matters in 2020

Thanks to social media, the way we do business has changed forever. You can now use social media platforms to connect with your audience. With roughly 3.2 billion people worldwide ...
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Why You Should Be Using Twitter

You are about to discover the secrets that will teach you how you can dominate a popular source of traffic with ease, even on a shoestring budget, while flooding your ...
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6 List Building Mistakes Every Boat Dealerships Must Avoid

When it comes to making money online, developing a targeted subscriber base of active and repeat customers is essential for your boat dealership. For example, with a mailing list, you ...
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6 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Presence

Facebook is the big success story of the social media revolution. It has become one of the most widely used online marketing tools for business, so it makes perfect sense ...
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